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  1. Yeees! So happy to hear the waitlist is still moving for you guys, don't lose hope!
  2. I definitely agree with medorbust99. The Toronto reps at the University/Dundas location (where a lot of the major hospitals are) are fantastic. I specifically dealt with Viktoriya Maslova. Very patient, did a great job fielding my questions, and not pushy at all.
  3. Similar to MLK, been around the forums for a while but have never posted. This place has been super helpful (and perhaps a bit of an unhealthy obsession at times haha) but thought I'd contribute to this thread (finally!) Waitlisted Timestamp: May 10 (8:21 am), accepted to Niagara campus (May 27, 1pm) GPA: 3.59 VR: 128 Casper: Was straight forward with my responses, didn't answer all of the questions completely but felt it went decently overall! Interview: Felt like it was representative of me which is all you can really ask for! Was rough toughing out these past few weeks, but glad to be off the waitlist. 3 application cycles, along with 3 MCATS later, I'm glad to be done! Best of luck to all those still on the waitlist, I'm sure I'll be seeing you guys soon
  4. Long time lurker as well, accepted off the wait-list earlier today (around 1pm). Looking forward to meeting the rest of the class!
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