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  1. LOL idk about another ethnicities but it's pretty common in Chinese names. Like Wang/Weng/Wu/Zhang/Zheng
  2. honestly, nobody can possibly comment on that with certainty. From the outside looking in, it seems very unlikely, especially at UofT where GPA is counted competitively both before and after the interview. But I would really suggest either doing additional undergrad years, or maybe even doing a one-year Masters (if I'm not wrong, UofT considers that to be in the graduate stream already). It also depends on if you qualify for wGPA at all, what you write in your essays, and your reference letters. But as you already know, 3 factors seem to be key at UofT pre-interview: GPA, graduate degrees, and your ECs. And you're essentially eliminating all three factors in your question, except maybe the ECs part. Not everyone who got interviewed at UofT have publications or world-changing experiences, so it really comes down to how you write about them in your ABS and essays to reflect on those activities as well. And if you feel like you're lacking in your GPA, then you might just need to make up for it in other areas... There are some well-rounded people on the UofT threads who nail all components yet fail to get interview. So to be lackluster on all fronts is a very hard position to be in. They did mention, though, that applications below 3.8 (or 3.7 for graduate applicants) is not competitive (i.e. you're unlikely to be able to compensate for that with other parts of your application). Hope some of this helps!
  3. Black/Indigenous Students Application Program I think?
  4. At least half given that half of the interview days have been posted now
  5. Status: Regrets Time Stamp: 12:36 Location: IP Stream: MD MCAT: 524 cGPA/2yr GPA: 4.0 Current year: 5th year UG ECs: good enough for Ottawa (see my post there for details) but I don't think it's outstanding - pretty average compared to what Queen's has historically looked for.
  6. Just noticed this on their Interview Dates page. Fingers crossed this is why I still haven't heard anything yet "With the exception of applicants to the MD/PhD Program, applicants with substantial travel distances to Toronto (determined by the mailing address that you have provided on your OMSAS application) will be invited to attend an interview date that is later in the cycle. This may include the interview dates in March and/or April."
  7. Yeah they just stated that in the email. But I emailed them already. Turns out, my previous undergrad degree that I did overseas with a cGPA of 4.0 wasn't considered at all since it was 3-year (I was on track to enter a fourth Honours year but couldn't afford to - I assumed my best years (with proper course loads and levels) here would have satisfied their GPA requirement already). And then my second degree (honours) right now just doesn't satisfy the level requirement, which I knew already. Just a bit shocked they completely disregarded my first undergrad is all. Oh well counting Queen's and UofT now!
  8. Just got rejected because my "academic grades fall below minimum".... But they're not. . Should I e-mail them back?
  9. Is anyone else still waiting? I have checked all my mail folders but still nothing They're not manning the phone either.
  10. May I ask what e-mail address they're sending it through? I still haven't received anything yet :/
  11. From last year's thread it seems to be rolling for both....
  12. FYI in today's admission update video, they did mention that they do keep a "small" number of applicants waiting up until 3-4 days before the March 28th/29th interview day in case any invited applicants do decline the invitations. So yeah, an unofficial "waitlist"....
  13. Oh yea that might be it. I responded almost immediately
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