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  1. I believe that means your 3 years of full-timed study must be while you're enrolled in and working towards a Bachelor's degree. As opposed to someone who does full-time coursework as a "non-degree" student (i.e. Their credits aren't going towards earning a Bachelor's degree). Hope that makes sense
  2. IDK... interest groups, networking and specialty shadowing all start from Day 1. :/ Missing that might jeopardize matching or interest exploration for a fair number of people. I really hope we won't come to that though. :/
  3. Haha I'm glad I'm not alone. I tried that and "view page source" recently Nothing yet. But hey we can all keep an eye on that lol
  4. I think when they say "list of excellence" it just means the ranking list of candidates, from which they send out offers to the top 168 (or something). And the rest will be waitlisted. The only exception to that is if you had a really poor interview in which case you won't be ranked on this list at all (but I think these cases would be rarer...?)
  5. Haha I know. But even if that's the case. Lots of people will still need to wait until the rest of Ontario send out their results, and those of us who would be on the waitlist at Ottawa would still need to wait til May for there to be any movement. It's just nerve-racking either way haha
  6. depending on how many awards your school gets and how many people apply for them. They are often competitive and a transcript with straight As will help because they're based solely on GPA. You don't have to have any prior research experience really and most kids who get them are going into 2nd or 3rd year. You do have to have a supervisor's support in order submit the application so I guess you just need to meet up with a prof and convince them.
  7. Haha I so identify with you! I took the MCAT already so I can't even study for that lol. But yeah I got to the "I only had time to shake hands with 1 interviewer when I left, is that bad?"-stage already
  8. might be a weird question... But what's everyone been up to these days to deal with the wait ? I normally would have work/classes but now I'm holed up inside and WFM and I'm having a loooooot of free time to overthink . Just wanna know that I'm not alone in this lol
  9. Haha also there's this, on their website: "Following the interview, preliminary rank order lists are prepared based on a combined score using the WGPA and the interview performance (a poor interview may not be ranked). In the event of ties in the final scores, candidates with the highest WGPA will be ranked higher. The admissions committee may take other factors into consideration when ranking each candidate." Here praying my GPA will tide me over
  10. TIME STAMP: 2:24 pm Interview Date (MD or MD/PhD): MD Result: Regrets cGPA/wGPA: 3.96/ineligible for wGPA MCAT: 524 ECs: Almost 4 years of research (mostly paid through employment or awards, Honours thesis) - 2 posters and 2 presentations but no journal pubs yet. Lots of academic awards and scholarship money from high school and uni. Hospital volunteer (1 year, ongoing). Various short-term volunteering (4-6 month) in teaching underrepresented students, student cultural committee, public health campaigns. Part-time employment outside the lab (5 years). Good enough for Ottawa. Essays: spent about a month writing and had close friends (one MD student) review them. Felt like I was very honest, personal and genuine with my answers. Year: Finishing up 4th year UG. Geography: IP Kinda prepared myself for this having waited this long. Still stings though. I genuinely wonder what more/else I could have done to improve my chances here... I really gave it my all. Hopefully I'll have some good news in May and won't have to find out.
  11. OP was asking about pre-interview tho Yeah post-interview is most likely interview scores plus GPA as tie breakers. They do mention Adcom might take "other factors" into consideration so a little bit of ambiguity there.
  12. Hard to say since they don't publish or discuss it. Their website says Excellence of marks (i.e. wGPA) plus non-academic assessment (CASPer, ABS and LORs), but the interview package says (GPA + CASPer only) so who knows. But then they also requires verifier details on the ABS (unlike McMaster which doesn't care and also only looks at GPA and CASPer (and CARS)), so they must use the ABS in the scoring somehow!
  13. You have done some amazing things here and I hope you know and are proud of that. It is also great that you have job offers from Silicon Valley so you can at least have a backup while trying to pursue med here. A few options I can think of: - Western Med doesn't care about your first UG at all now that you've had a second UG degree. So as long as it fits their course load requirements and those years that fit these requirements are above 3.7, you're good to go. Also have to pass the MCAT hurdle though. Have you taken it? - UofT looks favourably upon graduate degrees, especially those with high productivity and relevance to medicine like yours. If you manage to explain this well in your sketch and essays, you might have a shot there too even with a modest GPA. - Queens Med will likely be your best bet from what I've heard. They will only look at your most recent 2 UG years so you don't have to worry about your first UG at all. They also look at MCAT as a cut-off so as long as you're above those, you'll be considered (this fluctuates from year to year and they don't publish it but aim for 127+ on all sections to be safe). After you've crossed the GPA (which is a non-issue for people with graduate degrees apparently since the cut-off for those are very low plus the whole 2-year GPA thing) and the MCAT, then they ONLY look at your autobiographical sketch to determine your ranking for interview invites so as long as you can show yourself well on it, you have a decent chance at getting the interview. And given your CV, I don't have much doubt about the depth and breadth of your experiences. - Lastly, McGill also gives you some advantages for completing a PhD and the upward trend of your GPAs, as well as your extensive CV. However, if you're out of province, they only have 10 spots in their program and it will be brutally competitive. Have you considered doing med school in the States? with a CV like yours and the upward trend of your GPA (which is looked upon favourably by US MD schools), as long as you have a decent MCAT, you'll have a great chance at many mid-tier schools and you can comfortably match back to Canada for your residency afterwards. Hope this helps a little. And approaching 30 is definitely not an obstacle to getting into med at all if that is something you're truly passionate about! If anything, you will go into school and residency with a lot more life experiences and better ability to connect with your parents than your youngster peers.
  14. There have certainly been people who got rejected that were above all cut-offs this cycle. But very few posted on here...
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