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  1. Oh I think the page name is actually McMaster MD Admissions Here's the link to the post I mentioned https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2599327560183511&id=226453564137601
  2. Depends on the schools I think... McMaster doesn't look at your Grad GPA at all, just giving you a bonus in pre-interview decision. I think it's the same for UofT: they just put you in a different applicant pool. But I'm not sure about other schools so I'd check with each to make sure before I let my GPA go
  3. I follow their Facebook page and they posted that 3 hours ago
  4. Mcmaster MD just posted that they had sent out the acknowledgement email for this year's applications. Has anyone not received the email yet or just me?
  5. McMaster apparently will allocate your geographic status based on your ABS, not your permanent addresses. With that being said, that ABS only goes back to age 16 whereas the geographic status consideration goes all the way to age 14. But McMaster will send out a confirmation e-mail in late November which will state what status they have on you, and if you think it's incorrect, you can let them know then.
  6. I'd probably refer him to a refugee advocacy group where he can get some pro bono legal representations and offer to vouch for his personal qualities either through a letter or in person if possible in an immigration court : the person he is, the things he had to overcome to get here and the contributions he is making to the Canadian society and the community he's in here. But I would not engage in an illegal activity such as this. I would also try to explain to him that it is better to be honest now than try to defraud the government any further. I guess it would also depend on what kind of follow-up questions there are but this was my initial thought in a 5-minute time frame.
  7. hey I'm in no way an expert on CASPer but I can give you my thoughts
  8. I would but not before I did some solid practice on CARS first but also wait until January to see if you're getting interviews first
  9. "The approved-jurisdiction route is for international medical graduates who have completed specialty training outside Canada or the United States in an approved jurisdiction. There are 29 international jurisdictions that the Royal College has assessed and deemed to have met Royal College standards. Training in one of the approved jurisdictions does not automatically confer eligibility to the certification exams. Training must be assessed by the Royal College to confirm that it is substantially equivalent to Canadian training and has been satisfactorily completed. Also, not all specialties are approved in each jurisdiction. For graduates of these jurisdictions, the Royal College will assess their training to determine whether they have successfully met the Royal College training requirements. If the training is deemed comparable and acceptable, the international medical graduates are ruled eligible to take the Royal College certification exam. Success at the certification exam leads to Royal College certification." Which means that if you have done your training in these jurisdictions then you are eligible to sit the certification exam and getting a license. The others might have to check the https://search.wdoms.org/ and look at the Sponsor Note from Canada to see if the medical degree is even recognised. But chances are you might have to go through the same hurdles as the rest of freshly graduated international medical graduates and get re-matched and re-trained in residencies. Ontario has a good organisation that has a lot of resources and info regarding IMGs and licensing route though (http://www.healthforceontario.ca/en/Home/All_Programs/Access_Centre/Services_for_IEHPs/Sessions/Orientation_Sessions/Physicians_(IMGs)_-_Ontario) and anything you find on there will be a lot more up-to-date than what you'll probs find on here too.
  10. http://www.royalcollege.ca/rcsite/credentials-exams/exam-eligibility/assessment-routes-international-medical-graduates-e http://www.royalcollege.ca/rcsite/credentials-exams/exam-eligibility/assessment-imgs/jurisdiction/accepted-jurisdictions-e Seems that the College does not have Pakistan in its list of approved jurisdiction. So certification is possible but definitely not immediate or easy
  11. Hi there. I would retake the MCAT anyways if I were you. For context, I applied back in 2017 as an out-of-province only to McMaster since I was finishing my 3-year undergrad In Australia. At the time, I had a 3.94 GPA and a 128 CARS. And although I felt good about the CASPer (having practiced and done an MMI at an Australian med school), I didn't end up getting an invitation. I'm telling you this just to hopefully give you an idea of how competitive it is at McMaster as an OOP applicant. UCalgary might appear "forgiving" on the outside but they put extremely heavy weights on ECs too. Retaking the MCAT and making sure you could make great improvements on those scores would really open up more doors, especially given you an in-province advantage at Alberta, Calgary and UBC as well.
  12. UBC has a strong preference for In-Province applicants, but UofT and Queen's definitely don't care and I don't think they even make a distinction between students from here or the US, except for your A and A+ counting as 4.0 in the US-scale, but OMSAS would convert your A to a 3.90 instead. But despite that, your GPA and MCAT are solid so you stand just as good a chance of getting invited as everyone else with those stats in Canada to UofT and Queen's! But honestly, only that much is known. Queen's is notorious for having really non-transparent admissions practices and seems to be very EC-based. Your GPA is a little bit on the lower side for UofT but I still think you're really competitive with decent ECs and research. That GPA from UPenn is great though! So I don't doubt you'll be getting into a first-tier school in the States anyway? Good luck!
  13. Your CARS is great. But your GPA is just around Mac's admissions average. I'd say you still need to have done average to above average in CASPer to get an interview as an IP applicant. But honestly, with CASPer scores not being released, there's no way to know for sure.
  14. I think as long as you can get someone to verify your activity, it should be fine. Also make sure to write your description on the ABS strategically to maybe highlight the experience?
  15. I mean if you look at McMaster and their admission stats, their incoming classes are always hugely disproportionately from In Province as well. But they also don't apply advantage to being IP post-interview either and the huge difference just really comes down to their pre-interview quota of 10% OOP. I suspect it would be the same for Western, where their MCAT cut-offs are kept constant from year to year for SWOMEN and they adjust MCAT cut-offs for non-SWOMEN to fit their certain unpublished quota, which then results in the disproportionate admission of SWOMEN post-interview.
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