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  1. Hey Guys. I just got an invite at 12:55 PM. But the shocking thing was that it is for March 26th...so I am feeling very anxious right now...
  2. Does anyone know how U of T med actually processes our applications? I am assuming it is completely different from McMaster and Queens which use a normal ranking scheme - i.e., review everyone's applications, rank, then invite top 500-600. I heard something about batches, but don't really understand it...i.e., is my application only ranked relative to those in my batch?
  3. Don't. And they won't tell you. Instead they will say what they told me..."We may send invites up until 2 weeks before the interview date." Looking back into the interview/regrets from 2016, people have interview stamps up until March 24th for the April 10th interview. So remain hopeful
  4. Simply ask questions you truly want to know the answer to. I have 3 questions, but it would be nice to ask a program related question, and one personal question related to your needs (e.g., do I need a car for the first 2 years of the program?)
  5. I don't think you missed an email. Even I didn't get anything. This is my second time interviewing at Queens, and last year, they sent us an interview information email 2 days before our actual interview to tell us about the type of stations, etc., but I don't know why they didn't this year. Maybe they are late in the process. Regardless, my whole interview last year lasted for 1.5 hours. After the MMI, they walk you downstairs into a large lecture room, and one by one people get called for personal interviews. I got called in 10 minutes. This lasts for 20 minutes, and then you can ask questions. Hope this helps.
  6. fyi: Last year, the invites came on Jan 29th which was a Friday. The timestamp I had was 3:55 PM EASTERN time zone. If not today, then maybe the invites will come this Friday - February 3rd... Best wishes to all my brothers and sisters.
  7. I went back and checked all the time stamps for waitlist offers from both queens and U of T, and they are the same (i.e., 2:20 pm +/ 20 minutes - Ontario time zone). Now because the first waitlist batch to receive offers receives one week (i.e., 7 days exactly) to accept the offer, this means that they had until 2:20 pm (May 31st) to accept the offer. If you recall, we all received an offer or waitlist offer around 9 am on may 10th, and those with an offer were given 2 weeks to accept. Technically, that period ended at 9 am May 24th. Being that offers for waitlisters went out around 2:20 pm which is 5 hours after the deadline to accept 1st round offers, the waitlist offers for us should come around 5 hours after 2:20 pm (i.e., 7:20 pm). This is not possible because they stop working at 5 pm. So we will most likely get offers tomorrow. A point to note would be that if no one posts news of offers in the U of T waitlist, you shouldn't expect anything from Queens either both medical schools sent out their offers for waitlisters around the same time
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