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  1. Applied: Queen's, McGill, Dalhousie (All PT) Rejected: McGill, Dalhousie Accepted: Queen's SGPA: 3.72 Experiences: 2500 hrs working as kin in physio clinic, ~100 hours working as exercise instructor for seniors, ~100 hours volunteering at physio clinic + ~100 hours volunteering at spinal cord rehab centre, competitive triathlete, worked at summer camp for 5 years, leadership/mentor roles in undergrad. This was my THIRD year trying to get in to PT school! I know it can be devastating not getting in, but keep working towards it if you really want it. In those 2 years, I took a few online courses through Athabasca to hit the GPA cut-offs for Queen's, and also worked/volunteered to boost the resume. Keep working toward it if it's what you want!
  2. In a very similar boat as you, basically at a 3.7 sGPA..especially because of 1 bad course I took 3rd year/1st sem. I'm in the process of taking courses with Athabasca to upgrade the gpa. Ontario schools will only remove the average of 3rd yr, as others have said before (ex. if upgrade 3 courses, they will avg out 3rd yr worth 7 courses and NOT the 10). But, it says on Dalhousie physio website that it actually takes out 3rd year 1st sem if 5 additional courses are taken (which in both of our cases, is quite good). I hope this helps!
  3. Any idea of the cut-off for the physio GPA this year, to get into the top 300 apps?
  4. Does anyone mind sharing their GPA for OOP to get an interview? Curious as to what the cut-off is.
  5. Hi PT2018Hopeful and OThopeful18, Thanks for the help. I thought they calculated it like that, but wasn't 100% sure. I'll look at my different options for this. I have a decent cGPA (3.43), so I think it will be good enough for Queen's and potentially McGill for next year. I think I have decent experiences too, but will obviously try to boost these for next year's applications. I will also look into upgrading my GPA so I'll be able to hit the cut-offs for other schools (but I feel like I would have to take several courses to do so, which may be a good idea in the long run). If anyone else has any input, it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks again!
  6. Hi everyone, Congrats to everyone who has been accepted! Like many people on this forum I'm sure, I didn't get in this year and am planning to re-apply next year to PT schools. The biggest problem for me is my sub-GPA, and have seen several posts on this forum about upgrading their GPA through Athabasca online courses or taking a 5th year. My sub-GPA is a 3.67 and is like this term by term: (5 half-credits per term) 3rd year, 1st sem: 3.36 (due to a "C" in one course) 3rd year, 2nd sem: 3.86 4th year, 1st sem: 3.74 4th year, 2nd sem: 3.70 So currently my sub-GPA is a 3.67, and i would like to increase it to at least a 3.75 for next year I'm thinking (currently good enough for Queen's and Mcgill PT probably, but would like to get it to the Western PT cut-off for next year too). I'm just a bit confused on how people have upgraded their GPA so significantly through these courses. For instance, if I took 5 additional courses this summer/fall, would it take out my bad 3rd year, 1st semester GPA (or would it simply do the average calculation of all of 3rd year, similar to what they did this year for second year)? Is there any way to replace that "C" grade? Or is there anything else that people recommend to increase my sub-GPA to what it needs to be? Thank you in advance!
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