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  1. Having personal experience in the field will help you a TON - in applications and interview. With regards to GPA, I am not 100% sure that your pharmacy GPA will not be considered, there could be a chance that it will, I would look into that. Sounds like you have a decent shot at NOSM, so definitely apply there & outside Ontario. Good luck on your MCAT - make sure to visit /r/mcat and S D N
  2. hartk48

    Casper SIM for the mind

    Definitely reccomend
  3. I would lean towards being "Received" by the deadline...
  4. Dont bother to register (and paying for a course just yet), mention it in the application that you intend to take the course. If you are lucky to get an interview, then deal with it. Note that you will have until april 2019 to actually complete it though... you can take the course prior to interviews, but that's your call. Hopefully your two prior English courses will satisfy the requirement anyway so in short, apply!
  5. exactly so dont stress about it @Hoodie
  6. hartk48

    EC mun application

    worst case scenario you can put a friend - I had no choice but to do that for a few items. I called the med schools to confirm if this is OK, as far as I remember there werent any issues If you want to be safe, maybe ask a supervisor / boss / prof who knows you or chatted with you about hiking, may offer to share a few pictures to show for it.. these are tiny things that shouldn't be a problem, when it comes to research or actual structured activities expectations will be different.
  7. yes, treated as an academic year
  8. hartk48

    EC mun application

    I would definitely mention these things- while they may not add directly to your application, they may give the reviewer some context about who you are, and perhaps make your application more "interesting" ... I don't see how hiking can hurt your application - you can mention the highlights for sake of space..
  9. do they even count into your GPA for MUN? probably not...
  10. hartk48


    most likely not... the maritime essay is scored pre-interview and the other one is done post interview
  11. "undergrad 3 - present"
  12. unless asked from admissions
  13. If I recall correctly you’ll see a confirmation that your transcripts and references have been processed. otherwise that section is used for post interview if admissions want more documents from you, like transcripts from the 2018-19 academic year..
  14. I sincerely hope that you can find a better connection.. read the comments above for starters