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  1. hartk48

    Let's Discuss Finances

    Got it. Still better than nothing! Thanks
  2. hartk48

    Let's Discuss Finances

    just to be 100% clear - by graduation you mean completing residency, correct?
  3. hartk48

    Let's Discuss Finances

    Just curious... does OSAP start adding interest to the loan during residency or the interest starts applying after residency?
  4. hartk48

    OOP GPA requirement

    "Each year assessed" meaning your last two years if you are an undergraduate. If you graduate you can have your best three years assesed.
  5. hartk48

    GPA calculation concern

    The application form did the same thing for me.. a 3.9 and 4.0 was rounded down to 3.9. If you have two years of 4.0 it will raise it up..
  6. hartk48

    BC city applicant - worth it to apply?

    I never applied to NOSM but I lived in a small town for 3 years (6,000 people), the rest were in big cities... and I was told by admissions that wasn't enough.
  7. hartk48

    FAQ: What are my chances?

    My bad, skipped that line . In that case, 6th year might not be worth it given how much time you have to spend studying. Seems like you got everything in place for the upcoming cycle, hopefully you wont need to think about the application 19/20 cycle.
  8. hartk48

    FAQ: What are my chances?

    Your best odds are for Memorial. With a balanced 508+ I will be surprised if you don't get an interview. If you want to apply to Ontario schools, you will most likely need a 513+ with at least 127 on CARS. If you are aiming for Western you'll need a 129 on CARS. You should also consider Mac. UfT will be hard, but not impossible.. With regards to what to do next for your application cycle, it is a though call. If you think you can handle a full course load and get at least a 3.9 GPA, it might be worthwhile. If you want to do masters (I realize its hard to know in advance) you should do so only if you think you will be able to pump out papers.
  9. hartk48

    OOP Wait List Scores

    Rolling bases
  10. hartk48

    Stamina for MCAT Studying

    Take Kaplan`s diagnostic and FL1 scores with a grain of salt. If you dont mind sharing, how did you do on your last MCAT, and the kaplan tests? With regards to CARS, the earlier the better, but you can definitely improve within 3 months, I would say that atleast 50% of your study time should go to CARS - as this will also improve your score on all sections. With respect to staying on track, I had a day counter to test day, seeing it everyday go down would give me a mini heart attack and the motivation to study. I blocked myself off all social media and studied at the library. Depending on where you are at, I would say you should set a goal to finish content review in 30ish days, then 60-70 days of doing tests and cars passages with reviewing gaps of knowledge. I highly recommend you visit S D N or R E D D I T, as they have dedicated and significantly larger MCAT subforums. Feel free to PM me aswell.
  11. hartk48

    Kaplan 2015 vs 2018

    and please don't listen to those "high" and "low" yield crap. I remember looking at those dumb stars after my test and I was tested on multiple things which had one star... kaplan books are great in my opinion just treat everything as fair game.
  12. Did anyone here go with TD haha? all I see here is RBC and Scotiabank... if so, were you able to get any "cool" credit cards and fees waived?
  13. checking their website is always a good idea :p
  14. As an advice, you don’t necessarily need a family tie - I have spoken to a few individuals who got an invite without a family tie. If you can find a convincing reason why you want to specifically go to Dal, that can work too.
  15. Two years ago they came out at 9:30... hope that helps