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  1. hartk48

    WD on transcript vs bad grade?

    Since you are deep into the course term, irregardless of whether you need orgo or not to apply to ottawa doesn't matter at this point. You are still faced with the decision of withdrawing or receiving what you may think is a bad grade. If I were you, I would lean towards staying with the course. If you drop, we can say for certain that your full course load eligibility is gone and that you will have a WD on your transcript. You stay and you may have a bad grade but at least you will have a full course load to save you. I Just to clarify... is your cGPA your raw gpa or wGPA? why are you so sure you will do poorly?
  2. If you take courses without graduating, they will count for that degree. Just make sure to take a full course load so the fifth year actually counts! I wouldn't start a whole undergrad just yet... its a lot of commitment? are your 3rd and 4th year grades high?
  3. hartk48

    Dropping out of Dental School

    I really don't want to go on a tangent, because that's not the point of the thread.. but I really don't think you can say medicine is "easier" and I want that flushed out before you make any irreversible decisions. Full discourse, I haven't looked into any dental school curriculum, nor do I want too so I will stay away from commenting on dental schools. While some programs are "part-time" the expectation is that you will study on your own... which takes away from your full time vs part time argument. We also have to prepare for tutorials and simulated patients (taking history, physical exams, etc..) which takes a lot time. With regards to stress.. sorry to break it to you, but you will find that here as well. While it is just a pass or fail, exams are not that easy and aside from that I sincerely hope you will strive for high marks because I personally wouldn't want a doctor that just passed (which again, adds stress).
  4. hartk48

    Dropping out of Dental School

    I second everything that has been said earlier.. but for the sake of argument, how is dentistry harder than med?
  5. My pleasure! Good luck on your interview
  6. Doubt you'll have to resubmit, because your picture has been uploaded onto the server
  7. hartk48

    Should I fight for marks??

    Do not feel bad about inquiring... just remember to be polite and understand that mistakes can happen, and that TA's are really busy! Good luck
  8. hartk48

    Interviews 2019

    Hope fot the best, prepare for the worst ❤️
  9. hartk48

    Premed - Western vs McMaster

    Nailed it. Its sort of like what came first, the chicken or the egg? Since demand is high for these programs (for some reason....) they can choose the "best" candidates, which would have most likely gotten in to med school regardless of the program.
  10. hartk48

    Interview Prep

    Make sure to also join https://www.facebook.com/groups/1495293174104281/ for updates and information. Good luck!
  11. hartk48

    Interviews 2019

    Congratulations everyone for receiving an interview! If you didn't this year, DO NOT give up. Heres a link for our interview page / ask a med student: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1495293174104281/ GOOD LUCK!
  12. hartk48

    How competitive is OOP?

    Your stats pass the needed minimums for an interview. Definitely apply if you have a maritime connection.
  13. hartk48

    Meeting CASPER cutoff

    Thats awesome to hear, I am so excited for all of you!
  14. hartk48

    Meeting CASPER cutoff

    Dont be shy to call admissions, Carolyn is a gem. She told me last year when CASPer cut-offs rejection emails came out...
  15. hartk48


    if you know it gets beaten to death every year... why not use the search function?