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    hartk48 reacted to Baljinderthecrow in Worth a shot for OOP?   
    My GPA is slightly higher than yours and my MCAT is slightly lower but I am still applying and am from Ontario. The way I see it, when you apply you have >0% of acceptance but not applying = 0% chance of acceptance. Btw, can I ask how you converted your GPA into the MUN GPA? 
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    hartk48 reacted to NLengr in Essay Questions   
    Just use my answer above. Hahaha
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    hartk48 reacted to ArchEnemy in Tattoo perception?!??!?!?!?!   
    Medicine is still very much a conservative profession. Yes your patients may not mind it, but that does not mean that your supervisors/administrators will not. Especially with a full sleeve.
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    hartk48 got a reaction from DrOzuma in Change in # of sketch entries?   
    I dont think the new limit it will make it or break it for anyone, this just puts pressure on people to think twice about the fluff that they put (I was guilty of that too).
     Formal education doesn't add much to your application... who cares where you went to high school or uni?
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    hartk48 reacted to ellorie in Let's Discuss Finances   
    I believe OSAP does and so do federal/Canada loans. 
    Alberta does not
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    hartk48 reacted to Edict in Let's Discuss Finances   
    The federal part of the OSAP loan which is more than half starts accruing interest immediately after you graduate, the ontario part starts accruing interest 6 months after you graduate. All in all, it is generally better to pay off your OSAP with your LOC immediately after graduation although the benefit of doing so isn't really that great until the Ontario part starts charging interest. If you end up doing family medicine, you may qualify for a loan forgiveness program for doing some rural rotations or something like that. 
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    hartk48 got a reaction from hwhit in OOP GPA requirement   
    "Each year assessed" meaning your last two years if you are an undergraduate. If you graduate you can have your best three years assesed. 
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    hartk48 got a reaction from whaddup in Stamina for MCAT Studying   
    Take Kaplan`s diagnostic and FL1 scores with a grain of salt. If you dont mind sharing, how did you do on your last MCAT, and the kaplan tests?
    With regards to CARS, the earlier the better, but you can definitely improve within 3 months, I would say that atleast 50% of your study time should go to CARS - as this will also improve your score on all sections.
    With respect to staying on track, I had a day counter to test day, seeing it everyday go down would give me a mini heart attack and the motivation to study. I blocked myself off all social media and studied at the library. Depending on where you are at, I would say you should set a goal to finish content review in 30ish days, then 60-70 days of doing tests and cars passages with reviewing gaps of knowledge.
    I highly recommend you visit S D N or R E D D I T, as they have dedicated and significantly larger MCAT subforums. Feel free to PM me aswell.
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    hartk48 reacted to Maggie19 in Another "what are my chances?" thread   
    Just checked, I feel silly now haha
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    hartk48 got a reaction from Maggie19 in Another "what are my chances?" thread   
    checking their website is always a good idea :p
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    hartk48 reacted to Nibbler in Accepted/Rejected/Waitlisted??? (for current applicants)   
    Result: ACCEPTED!!!!!!
    Timestamp: 8:45AM
    GPA: 3.53 cGPA / 3.96 wGPA
    MCAT: 515
    ECs: Diverse/Unique feel free to PM me
    Interviews: I had two interviews this cycle. The fact that this was my second interview really primed me for this one. I felt like the MMI was shaky but I stuck with all my answers and the panel was so friendly and supportive. I felt like I was in a movie the whole time I was at Queen's, loved talking to all the M1's
    Year: Graduated HBSc last year
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    hartk48 reacted to beepboopbot in Official May 8 Countdown Thread   
    My moms like: you want eggs? You want bread? You want rice? You want breakfast? You want water?
    Me: no no no no I want emails :((((((((
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    hartk48 reacted to Eudaimonia in Official May 8 Countdown Thread   
    Hey guys anxiety and uncertainty will be at an all time high as you experience all your post interview feelings at once this morning, especially as you see the initial notifications being rolled out. Only a couple hours to go, things will work out, sooner or later. 
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    hartk48 reacted to Eudaimonia in Official May 8 Countdown Thread   
    @hartk48 Nevermind I just checked that page (forgot what even SAM was, didn't check earlier because I also forgot my password) and it'll be more of a one-way communication method to OMSAS. So looks like no refreshing is needed if you've got email notifications on
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    hartk48 reacted to Eudaimonia in Official May 8 Countdown Thread   
    Wait there should be a page on OMSAS so you can accept offers! I read it's the SAM page. But I'd just wait for your email instead of refreshing OMSAS
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    hartk48 got a reaction from cookacola in Official May 8 Countdown Thread   
    one page less to refresh! haha thank you  
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    hartk48 reacted to cookacola in Official May 8 Countdown Thread   
    its just an email, wont say accepted on omsas
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    hartk48 reacted to CantConcentrate in 2018 UofT Interview Video   
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    hartk48 reacted to Nibbler in Accepted/Rejected/Deferred/Waitlisted for Current Applicants   
    Time Stamp: April 12, 2:00PM 

    With tears in my eyes... ACCEPTED!!!!!!!! (OOP WL)

    GPA: 3.9 MCAT: 515

    Essay: I tried my hardest on this section bc im not very confident in my essay writing but ended up having to rush it more than I thought I would have to due to work. Weakest section by far really recommend taking extra time on this!!

    ECs: Research for a couple of years in Biology and Humanities (no pubs but impact was significant curriculum changes to 2 large uni courses), curriculum design assistant (published 2 interactive books), digital media assistant (mostly videography), undergrad TA for 2 terms,1300+ hrs of paid mentorship and tutoring, Crohns/Colitis volunteer, some unique placement experiences, cofounder of a startup.

    Interview: First interview of my life so I had a lot of trouble sleeping the night before. I felt like most of the sections were okay, 2 stations I felt really good on, but there was a station I completely bombed because I didnt read the prompt correctly and there wasn't enough time to save it.

    My total score was 77.63

    I am a non-trad applicant and ive worked through so many failures and uncertainties its hard to describe how amazing this feels. I was put on academic probation after first year because I couldn't handle this idea of trying to out-compete my peers, the anxiety was too much and I was too scared to reach out for help. It took a break from uni for 1.5 years for me to be able to face my fears and accept being vulnerable/reaching out for help. I told myself that if this didn't happen for me this year, I would have to start pursuing a realistic backup. At a time where my family has been struggling, being able to call my momma and update her with this is unbelievable. 

    This process almost feels like its designed to test your constitution constantly, I can't tell you how many times I nearly gave up. Don't let the process make you forget your own intrinsic value in this world, we all mean so much more than an application!!!
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    hartk48 reacted to HoopDreams in 1/4 life crisis: MD, grad school, or nursing for a better lifestyle   
    in the last week after failing by 1% to qualify for my pilot's license That dream is unrealistic after being abused by my boss Forced to graduate with no extra terms due to financial reasons do something with a supervisor that I know is mentally healthy under staying silent of the abusive actions of the higher ranks Hi PenguinMa,

    I don't have all the answers but I am just a little older than you and I believe you seem bitter about many aspects of your life.
    First, you are very young and you seem to be all over the place : research, pilot, army, medical school, nursing, etc.
    Find a purpose but be realistic. Don't think too far.

    From the quotes I pointed out, you seem to have encountered people that did not help you attain medical school.
    Some were arrogant, some were unfair and some did not care about you.
    The reality is that life is full of people that act this way.
    Despite that, you need to take control of your life and your actions.
    You need to stop feeling like a victim.
    I am not saying that what might have happened to you is fair.
    I don't think life is made to be fair, you just try your best to work and make it fair your own way.
    I believe that you should take some time to reflect and decide what is it that you want out of life.
    Meet nurses, doctors, pilots and people from the military. 
    Assess your strengths and weaknesses.
    And move on from whatever happened in the past.
    Best of luck my friend.
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    hartk48 reacted to js660327 in Accepted/Rejected/Deferred/Waitlisted for Current Applicants   
    Accepted off the IP waitlist
    GPA: 3.9
    MCAT: 515 
    Casper: Always hate writing it, most stressful part of the entire application as far as I'm concerned.
    EC and Essays: Worked hard on my essay this year, had lots of people I trust proof-read it... ended up doing slightly worse compared to last year haha!
    Interview: Always a good time. MMI is a fun way to interview, just remember to shake it off if you have a bad station. I could barely talk in coherent sentences for one and I still made it.
    Score: 66.97
    So very excited. I started shaking and crying when I got my email, my limbs went numb which made it rather difficult to reply to the email haha. Never, ever, EVER give up if this is something you want. Third time was the charm for me  
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    hartk48 got a reaction from MashedPotato in Accepted/Rejected/Deferred/Waitlisted for Current Applicants   
    Leaving this for future applicants, not that it matters much if you are IP...
    GPA: 4.0
    MCAT: 511 
    Casper: crap, wrote it 14 hours after my mcat. Tried to find the middle ground while pointing out both sides of the problems. Didn’t get Mac or Ottawa so I’m assuming it wasn’t the best.
    EC and Essays: definitely my strong side, your basic premed 101 volunteerism, worked minimum wage jobs from highschool till application, academic based scholarship and very strong research background
    Interview: was a blast. Loved every second of it and definitely the best part of this crazy premed journey. Be ready to think on your feet, think critically and back up what you mean. Reflect on your experiences, know “contemporary” issues in medicine and the Dal curriculum. 
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    hartk48 got a reaction from Spring_1234 in Potential Date for NB Acceptances   
    HAAA waitlisteeeeeeed wohooooooooo, will be taking myself off the list. 
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    hartk48 reacted to codo00191 in Potential Date for NB Acceptances   
    Haha ya by the sound of her voice i was not the only one to call today. 
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    hartk48 reacted to codo00191 in Potential Date for NB Acceptances   
    Yup this Friday. The lady was very clear lol and very annoyed haha.
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