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    hartk48 got a reaction from MashedPotato in Accepted/Rejected/Deferred/Waitlisted for Current Applicants   
    Leaving this for future applicants, not that it matters much if you are IP...
    GPA: 4.0
    MCAT: 511 
    Casper: crap, wrote it 14 hours after my mcat. Tried to find the middle ground while pointing out both sides of the problems. Didn’t get Mac or Ottawa so I’m assuming it wasn’t the best.
    EC and Essays: definitely my strong side, your basic premed 101 volunteerism, worked minimum wage jobs from highschool till application, academic based scholarship and very strong research background
    Interview: was a blast. Loved every second of it and definitely the best part of this crazy premed journey. Be ready to think on your feet, think critically and back up what you mean. Reflect on your experiences, know “contemporary” issues in medicine and the Dal curriculum. 
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    hartk48 reacted to Intermediate in TPR online access extension   
    1st call : $400/4months of extension
    2nd call through the satisfaction guarantee:  9 months (270 days) extension for free.
    Cheers guys
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    hartk48 got a reaction from Intermediate in TPR online access extension   
    I know at least 4 people who extended their course without a problem, just give them a call.
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    hartk48 reacted to Butterfly_ in Decision day   
    I definitely hope it’s earlier than later. Of the entire application process, I find this waiting period the most excruciating. 
    Best of luck to all!
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    hartk48 reacted to IMislove in Next round of invites   
    I agree. Like we know it sucks to wait so long, but must we have to continuously worry when the next wave is or pestering them? If you end up getting one and have a conflict, they will try to accomodate it. Act like you won’t get it and continue on with your life, that’s what any working individual will do while waiting to hear back for another job offer, interview, etc. You will hear back eventually, would be nice to hear all in one day but they do not do that. We’re in the home stretch now, patience my friends.
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    hartk48 reacted to MD.VA in Countdown to decisions [doomsday]   
    I finished the last season just last week but I started on season 3 (the best season IMO). I'll keep the Office in mind after I go back and watch the first 2 seasons. ALTERNATIVELY they just added Gossip Girl to Netflix..... it goes great with ice cream.
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    hartk48 reacted to MD.VA in Next round of invites   
    They should have a meter showing how many application they've gone through and how many they still have left. UofT if you're reading this, pls consider. It would prevent every singe "so at this point if I haven't heard anything should I assume I've been rejected?" post.
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    hartk48 got a reaction from Slickrick in Next round of invites   
    While it is easily to put the responsibility on the applicant, with how competitive it is, I don't think it is fair or logical to expect people to prepare. I know many, many amazing applicants that have been rejected and I am preparing for mine too.
    I would much prefer to have everyone wait a little longer than putting certain (randomly chosen, I don't think uft is targeting anyone fyi) people at a disadvantage. 
    I am also making this argument for **Uft's own self interest**.... they want to select for the best of people, but with some having more time, they are making this unfair/
    Your last point, definitely, any applicant would be happy to get an interview even its a week before. But again, going back to uft's interest, its illogical. While certain individuals may perform well under such short notice, I doubt how many people will (I know I wont be able to pull it off)
    I do understand that it is very easy for me to criticize the system, and that UfT is probably working very hard to score all the applications in a timely manner but that is just my opinion 
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    hartk48 reacted to Eudaimonia in Next round of invites   
    I understand your frustration and agree that it's unfair for those that don't get advance notice. I'm also someone who feels much more comfortable with lots of prep time and can't be motivated to prepare unless I'm pretty sure I'll be invited, probably like the majority of people. 
    There is no perfect system to catch all the best candidates as there is much subjectivity in even assessing our qualities, but that's the game 
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    hartk48 got a reaction from Readyforthis2018 in Countdown to decisions [doomsday]   
    When you finish friends I recommend the office 
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    hartk48 reacted to MD.VA in Countdown to decisions [doomsday]   
    I prefer drowning my worries in ice cream and Friends.
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    hartk48 got a reaction from Doctorofmydreams in Caught between two provinces...   
    commenting because I have the same exact dilemma. 
    Edit: we need help.... 
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    hartk48 reacted to nontradmunmed in Accepted, waitlisted, rejected 2017-2018 (actual stats start on P8)   
    Got mine 45 mins ago.
    for stats purposes: 
    Non-trad (have a phd, no science background, way older that y'all and I have a kid)
    GPA was crap in first 2 years of undergrad then I dropped out, worked for 3 years, and went back getting all As through to a phd. 
    Lots of work experience in shelters, women's centers, and non-profits internationally and in Canada. 
    Lots of volunteer experience in harm reduction, anti-poverty, and a bunch of other stuff.
    MCAT was a hardcore squeaker at 500. 
    Seriously people if i I can do it you all can. Never quit! It's my second time applying and last year I didn't even get an interview.
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    hartk48 got a reaction from Nibbler in Date Speculation?   
    Thank you ❤️ That means a lot. If I did it, you can too
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    hartk48 reacted to Nibbler in Date Speculation?   
    Yeah same here my hands were shaking. Congrats on your acceptance hartk48, I see you on here all the time!! Im glad your hard work finally paid off 
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    hartk48 got a reaction from pekingduck in Date Speculation?   
    They need to improve their email system, it took me 5 minutes to find my banner ID because I was shaking. With such a vague email header I thought I was rejected.
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    hartk48 got a reaction from PT2MD in Date Speculation?   
    They need to improve their email system, it took me 5 minutes to find my banner ID because I was shaking. With such a vague email header I thought I was rejected.
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    hartk48 reacted to MDhopeful1 in Date Speculation?   
    Reading this sub has put me on an emotional rollecoaster loll. Does Dal typically send the letters in the morning or the afternoon?
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    hartk48 reacted to HeHeHe in Date Speculation?   
    They said the same thing to me. I think it’s going to be next week 
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    hartk48 got a reaction from HeHeHe in Date Speculation?   
    I did call them and they said there might be a chance it will earlier than pervious years
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    hartk48 reacted to Nibbler in Date Speculation?   
    So I decided id actually try this and I found the group! It was created Friday I'm pretty sure it's legit. They haven't added anyone yet though so it might not mean anything.

    Ommmmg I'm on pins and needles. Even though I'm an OOP and my chances are slim I'm just so excited to finally find out, the wait is more agonizing than anything else.

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    hartk48 reacted to Premed_Girl in Best Science Materials??   
    I was actually doing the AAMC old tests' verbal section and I did indeed find them fairly easy! Thank you so much for your help! I will purchase the NS 108 passage books, and will do Altius FLs as well. Thanks again!
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    hartk48 got a reaction from Premed_Girl in Best Science Materials??   
    Did mostly tests, in the beginning I used to do fullengths over the course of two days just to prevent burnout (which is a real thing)- same timing as the official but paused after cars. 
    with regards to workbooks - I did all of NS 108 passages and EK 101 passages of the old which I recommend you do both. With regards to the new EK 101 passages (including the CARS book) I have to say I am torn apart - while I bought all of them I barely touched them at all as they were very difficult BUT you will see one or two passages of this caliber on each section. This will be the difference between a 129 to 132 in my opinion.
    With regards to the old AAMC tests, the "new" aamc question packs (not to be confused with the section banks) are copy pasted passages from old aamc practice tests just rebranded. So to answer that question, definitely do it, but save it for later and also know that these are on the "easier" side. 
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    hartk48 reacted to LeafsFan89 in Date Speculation?   
    Ok Residency Matching is over, you can tell us now! Please.....
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