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  1. Last year, they were sent out on January 10th but previous years have been later in January.
  2. Really hope it's today! We just want to know!!! Good luck everyone
  3. Definitely stay away from academic!!! Do something that affected someone else's life, not just a failure that affected you personally.
  4. Hi everyone, I'm a non-trad applicant, studying for the MCAT a second time. I'm feeling really run-down, unmotivated, and I'm looking to start an online accountability group for some of us to come together and chat about our studying progress every week. Good vibes only! Looking to create a group where people are compassionate, feel included and supported (we want to be doctors, after all). Please let me know if you're interested. I'm writing late August. -Ig
  5. I hope that means that there is someone who hasn't decided and there will be another offer sent out!
  6. I was curious about this last year so I had sent them an email and they responded saying yes. I'm sure if you emailed and asked if they are keeping the same questions, they would tell you.
  7. I hope one of those offers was someone who either reads or posts here! For everyone else - keep your head up and keep trying. "It takes twenty years to make an overnight success."
  8. "Dear Applicant, The following movement has occurred on the ranked waitlist for the Entering class of 2017: The class now has 58 confirmed learners. At this time we are awaiting response from the remaining 6 offers that have been already sent out. We made 12 additional offers from the waitlist to date. Therefore, 29 applicants remain on the waitlist. You will receive another update in 1 week or prior to that if the class reaches 64 confirmed learners."
  9. Thank you!! And a sincere congratulations to HappyAndHopeful! Just like on Survivor, even if you don't win the prize, the person you become through enduring physical and emotional pain in the process is worth more than anything. I hope everyone gets a chance to get outside this weekend because nature really does show you how tiny you are and how little med school really means in the grand scheme of things. We are all successful and worthy people, regardless of what happens this week. Best of luck and happy weekend, y'all.
  10. Thank you for the updates!! Those are some good numbers.... it seems strange that not more people have received offers. Hopefully after the deadline on Tuesday, it will really get rolling. Stay hopeful, friends!
  11. Hello! First time waitlister here..... ....this sucks, a lot. HOWEVER, we should take the time this weekend to reflect on the fact that we were top 105 out of 2089 applicants. That means we were top 5%! Go us I know this means less without an actual offer of admission but I know many people who either did not get interviews, or did not get wait listed. Let's keep the hope alive! Happy Saturday!
  12. I'm not sure if you meant characters but the questions are measure in 1500 characters, not words. Huge difference.... unfortunately. To answer your question, I would suggest saying as much as you can. Go until the very last character. Never know how they score it or what they want to hear so say as much as you can.
  13. With a perfect GPA, it'll depend on your extracurriculars, volunteering, and essay. A "few" extra-curriculars won't cut it for NOSM. Also, the "context score" that gives you points for where you've lived is calculated based on where you've spent the majority of your life. So, if you've lived in Northern Ontario for under 4 years, it won't help you because you're from Southern Ontario and (presumably) have lived there most of your life. It's not impossible to get in from Southern Ontario but the rest of your application and interview better be a heck of a lot better than some of your Nothern Ontario/Francophone/Aboriginal peers. I'd suggest really mentioning the fact that you want to stay in the North with your essays and doing as many extracurriculars you can from now to application. However, something like 98% of last year's NOSM class was from the North or other rural places. If you don't have any of NOSM's demographic check marks (rural, Francophone, Aboriginal, from N/O), it might better to focus your efforts on applying to other schools or finding one that favours people from your area.
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