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  1. Coldery

    MMI prep at UofA?

    I'm interested!
  2. How ill-advised is it to switch universities going into one's third year? I know there are implications in terms of having to discontinue volunteering experiences and the lack of effect enrolling in a more prestigious program has in the eyes of the adcoms. However, is having to discontinue volunteer positions really that bad if they already did some volunteering in their first two years and are planning on doing more for the next two? I say this because I hear that adcoms tend to value commitment to volunteer positions highly such that 200 hours in 1 activity is seen as more important than 100 hours in 2 separate activities. For reference, my friend is currently enrolled in a general degree program at the UofC and is planning on transferring into the UWO BMSC program.
  3. 250 characters for the descriptions, 1000 characters for the impacts.
  4. TIME STAMP: 11:05AM PST Interview Invite or Regrets: Invite Early or Regular Deadline: Regular GPA or AGPA (if applicable): ~92.5% MCAT (CPBS / CARS / BBFL / PSBB): 519 (130/127/130/132) Current Degree (UG/Bachelors/Masters/PhD): 3rd Year BSc Geography (IP/OOP): IP Extracurricular Activities (awards, achievements, volunteering, employment, research, etc.): Will update after final exams are over. Estimated NAQ: >16.5 Estimated AQ: ~34.5 (Based on AQ equation) TFR: >51.12 First-time applicant. I am excited to meet some of you soon!
  5. It is possible but your odds shoot up significantly if you make it through today as I am anticipating that the majority of the rejections will have been sent out by then.
  6. 5:20 PST? Why not 5:30? lol Edit: nvm..
  7. Honestly though... the idea that a few rejections were sent out later in the week last year is really irking me. There is no certainty in our interview placement until Friday.
  8. Does it send you an email notification when the invite result is out or do you have to manually check the OAS portal?
  9. Coldery

    OOP Averages

    Can you have a 98% AGPA? Unless you attended UBC for your undergrad (in which case the percentages would be taken straight off your transcript) the conversion scale caps off at 95% (A+).
  10. Hey guys, Just curious about the nature of overseas medical schools (Ireland specifically) and the chances of returning to Canada for a residency as an IMG. According to CARMS match statistics, it seems like the total match percentage for European IMGs sits at around 41% (Final participation = 415, Matched = 172). I feel like there could be more subtleties which may include non-Canadian IMGs which may distort this statistic (with a higher level of importance given to Canadian IMGs) so I'd like to have that clarified if possible. This may also be a question which has been answered 20+ times before so I apologize in advance. Thanks, Coldery
  11. It's gonna be a long wait until interview invites come out in February...
  12. Would it really be valid to assume that people who had verifiers contacted early submitted better applications? The first verifications were supposedly made no more than one business day after the submission deadline. If they could somehow filter through almost 2000 applications within about a day that would be a reasonable conclusion but I doubt that that's the case. This theory could hold true if verifiers were contacted within a month of application deadline but surely not within a week, let alone a day. (Unless they have an algorithm that somehow filters for really good entries???) 14th - Friday - Submission Deadline 15th - Saturday - No one working 16th - Sunday - No one working 17th - Monday - Certain verifiers contacted
  13. Hey guys! Are any of you aware of a cutoff date for the Top 10 activities such that you won't be able to document anything that happened after it (ex. hours)?
  14. Coldery

    Online degree

    I believe they should as long as they are an accredited post-secondary institution (ex. Athabasca University). How they will assess it in the "Global Assessment of Academic Merit" is another thing. You should contact them to make sure that this is the case.
  15. Coldery

    Rejection thoughts and MCAT retake?

    Sorry! I didn't notice that August 25's situation does not generalize to the others. Gratefully, that'll grant me another week to study!