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    Oooo free ipad.. Sounds nice
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    Have people started applying for LOCs already? I was under the impression that we'd need our proof of enrolment (that we'll get after registering in the courses later this summer) to apply for it. On another note, from what I've seen, it seems like CIBC has the best LOC in terms of gross amounts. CIBC offering (up to) $350k, BMO $325k, TD $300k, RBC $275k, Scotia: Unknown. What do you all think?
  3. How often do students take time off during the year? According to the FAQ, they warn us to "please be aware that longer absences of more than 2-days or re-occurring absences are unlikely to be excused for any reason". Do all students really attend almost every class or is this worded a bit more formal than it actually is? I understand that many of the lectures are recorded but is it the same for CBL or other course components?
  4. Hi! Thanks for doing this for us! Does medical school feel more stressful (more stuff to learn) or less stressful (grades don't matter as much) than undergrad? How many hours per week would you say you studied throughout the year? What was your weekly class schedule like? Thanks!
  5. Timestamp: 11:56 PST Accepted VFMP (1st Choice) Early or Regular Deadline: Regular AGPA: ~92.5% MCAT: 519 Year: 3rd Year ECs: Felt like I could have done a lot more -> Had more empty entries than I wanted. I still had a moderate variety of volunteering, leadership, and hobbies/interests though with hundreds of hours in each. Geography: IP Interview: Around 3 where I was very pleased with my performance, 3 that I felt were average to below average, and the rest in between. Looking forward to meeting you some of you come this August! It'll be an exciting time for all of us!!!
  6. Yep, VFMP is out!
  7. Troll Edit: You don't get your scores back if you're accepted
  8. Are all waitlists out now?
  9. They don't give a score. They only give "Below Average", "Average", and "Above Average".
  10. 31+27 doesn't add up to the OOP interview threshold though?
  11. Can another person confirm?
  12. Does anyone know if the rejections are staggered in any way or do they send it all out in one go?
  13. Keep in mind Calgary's frigid weather.
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    Just to add to this though, the AGPA calculation will not come into effect until you apply with your degree already completed (applying after your fourth year).
  15. Was the listed release date also early May last year?