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  1. TIME STAMP: 11:50am PST Result: Accepted to IMP (first choice) Early or Regular Deadline: Regular AGPA: ~87% MCAT: 527 ECs: Diverse experiences including leadership experience and working with marginalized populations Geography: IP Interview: Really didn't know how I did, apparently good enough!
  2. I didn't notice any clocks in the rooms, and personally, I wore a watch. However, I didn't even think of glancing at the watch even once during my actual interview. I think it's better to focus on flowing well versus timing your answers.
  3. TIME STAMP: Jan 19 9:18 am PST Interview Date: Feb. 24 Result: Invite wGPA: 3.80 (yikes, just made the OOP cutoff) MCAT: 132 CARS ECs: About 50/50 personal life experiences/hobbies and service/volunteer positions, not much was to do with medicine Year: 4th year undergrad Geography :OOP
  4. How does the ratio of students to preceptors compare at the VFMP vs IMP vs SMP? Do you get more exposure to clinical instructors at the satellite sites?
  5. Hey! I just created a new thread with the link, join up! (https://www.facebook.com/groups/310025279516123/)
  6. Just created a new thread with the link! (https://www.facebook.com/groups/310025279516123/)
  7. Join here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/310025279516123/
  8. Has anyone started a facebook group for MMI practice near UBC? If so, add me! If not, PM me your profiles and I'll get the ball rolling
  9. This entire thread could be a case study designed by UBC med to investigate neuroticism... nothing like a conspiracy theory to get fired up on a Thursday morning #staywoke
  10. inb4 they troll us all and send them out on Friday
  11. Thanks for the information! Could you give a couple examples of "low-mid tier" US med schools? I'm relatively new to the admissions process and it would be great to have a few schools to base the rest of my information hunting off of
  12. Hello, I'm wondering which US and Canadian med schools weigh the MCAT most highly in the admissions process? I recently took the MCAT and scored a 132/132/132/131, this is the first cycle I'll be applying to med school. I am a Canadian applicant (BC resident). Thanks!
  13. Hello, I'm looking for someone to study for the MCAT with in Montreal. In my experience, studying with a like-minded person helps both parties stay motivated and on track. I have just began studying, my test date is August 20th. Thanks!