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  1. samc5


    I think U of A being close to family and support networks would be my priority for choosing a school with a choice.
  2. samc5

    MCAT Cut Off Estimate

    If you're above 127 in each section you're probably safe
  3. I still have cringe moments from my queens MMI every other one was so much chiller, this was so intense.
  4. For OOP 600~ applicants they choose 60 based on the 250 word maritime connections essay (as long as you meet requirements with your GPA and likely MCAT score 125+ you should be fine), it's all based on how well you word your connection essay but definitely doable!
  5. They stopped to look at the clock for mine, I think they were just conscious of the time limit so they could get through everything with all of us so maybe had to cut in when our answers were taking too long. If we answered like MMI style (5-7 minute monologue) they would only be able to ask 3 maybe 4 questions!
  6. samc5

    Going to Queen's as OOP

    Not from Vancouver but from the other coast Halifax to Queen's!
  7. samc5

    Please switch spots!!!

    Same here will compensate for the inconvenience it would be greatly appreciated!
  8. samc5

    skype interview prep

    also interested!
  9. Hey, anyone want to meet up for interview prep (MMI/panel) in Halifax/Dalhousie?
  10. You're definitely on the right track, its clear you've given this a lot of thought and planning, I did graduate school and I'm just applying now at 25 so not that far off in age. It seems you have very strong community and extra curriculars so it's all about being able to express that on the lovely ABS/essays, CANMED is your friend for this. Your weighted GPA is good enough for most schools but U of T and Mac use cGA (weighted for U of T if full course load over all years) so be careful of that. I believe the competitive average for Mac is 3.8~ cGPA and 3.9~ for U of T. All you can really do to be competitive and apply is to do your best on the MCAT and see what schools are possible with your scores, you have a strong 2 year GPA, references really only apply for U of T, the other schools are more pass/fail or not even considered (Dal). U of T, Mac, Queens and Dalhousie aren't very heavy MCAT schools you're mostly looking at doing okay overall in the sciences and trying to do as best as you can in CARS for Mac, maybe try a practice test (full-length) to get an idea of where you're starting at and how much you need to improve to get a timeline, but it's very doable to get the scores needed for those schools the main thing that will probably give you trouble is CARS for Mac.I would really just focus on the MCAT as much as you can at this point imo its better to take it a little earlier if you're prepped and to give you space for a re-take if needed in case anything happens on test day, I was sick on my first test which made it a lot harder. Watch out because Dal has an earlier MCAT schedule then Ontario schools.
  11. samc5

    Interview Prep

    Hey I’d be down for prepping also live in Halifax!
  12. Is the deadline for residency start in May? I thought it was one year from application deadline around august?
  13. I think when you're assessed as a graduate student the weighting for GPA is lowered (ex if in the undergrad stream your gpa is 70% of your score it may only be weighed 50% in the graduate stream), and then an increased weighting on your academic CV (publication record is one of the ways to assess) academic references, personal essays etc.