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  1. if you login to this page https://www.med.dal.ca/medix_public/admissions/application/ does everyone see the upload government issued photo ID options?
  2. I think U of A being close to family and support networks would be my priority for choosing a school with a choice.
  3. If you're above 127 in each section you're probably safe
  4. I still have cringe moments from my queens MMI every other one was so much chiller, this was so intense.
  5. For OOP 600~ applicants they choose 60 based on the 250 word maritime connections essay (as long as you meet requirements with your GPA and likely MCAT score 125+ you should be fine), it's all based on how well you word your connection essay but definitely doable!
  6. They stopped to look at the clock for mine, I think they were just conscious of the time limit so they could get through everything with all of us so maybe had to cut in when our answers were taking too long. If we answered like MMI style (5-7 minute monologue) they would only be able to ask 3 maybe 4 questions!
  7. Not from Vancouver but from the other coast Halifax to Queen's!
  8. Same here will compensate for the inconvenience it would be greatly appreciated!
  9. Hey, anyone want to meet up for interview prep (MMI/panel) in Halifax/Dalhousie?
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