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  1. Basically I`m procrastinating from studying for the national licensing exam by offering my services to answer questions anyone applying, or thinking of applying, to PT school! Feel free to reply here or direct message me about interviews or life in PT school, etc. Anyone from Northern Ontario applying this time around?
  2. There's a few older posts from this from previous years that have a lot of good information! I would kind of disagree with Rehab4Life though, there is a ton of great clinics and hospitals all over Ontario so whichever school you choose in Ontario there would be great placement. Yes, Toronto has the benefit of having larger hospitals right beside the university so you might be able to see more intense stuff on placement but I know people who have done placements in smaller cities in Ontario even and have heard that they were great experiences.
  3. There is a few older posts for this you can find from previous years; I had asked the same question. But what I found last year in a nutshell was Queens had a bigger focus on cardiorespiratory while Western had a bigger focus on orthopaedics. When I made my decision last year between Western, Queens and UofT it was really based on program focuses and the city that I wanted to live in most. I ended up going with Western and have 0 regrets, my class is great, but I`d be surprised if Queens or UofT students wouldn't be saying the same thing.
  4. Here’s my opinion: OT is a competitive program too. It is not an easy admission. OT does happen to have a lower average gpa acceptance but a 3.6 isnt that competitive, especially if you dont have any OT experience. As for out of province, i dont think 3.6 is competitive for any PT program. My advice would be to take some time to improve your gpa and volunteer to find what you want to do with your life in terms of career and work towards that. It’ll be easier to focus experience and learn what you need for the greatest chance of acceptance for one program instead of applying to all PT OT and Optometry school.
  5. Can confirm Western PT has the exact same set up as UofT for cadaveric dissections and that I also thought it was an extremely helpful way to learn anatomy
  6. This is all from my personal experience but, I was with RBC. With a professional program acceptance letter (PT) I was offered 65 thousand student LOC with no previous history. OSAP also gave me grant for tuition that was around ($9200). I wouldn’t worry too much about it. If you get into PT or OT in Ontario most people Ive talked to also had no issue getting OSAP or a student LOC like myself. Good luck with applications!
  7. I got accepted into Queens and Western last year and had a bunch of experience in different outpatient clinics and a hospital shadowing and volunteering as a PTA, as well as volunteering with individuals with disabilities and some athletic training stuff. It seems like most of my class had a bunch of experience like I did but I know a few people who did not have much directly related physical therapy experience
  8. This information will vary depending on what school you apply to and what the applicant pool is this year. But last year I think UofT and Mac were around a 3.81/ 3.82 for interviews
  9. Acceptances wont go out untll mid-May but I found last year that interviews were all over the place. So I couldn`t tell you exact when interview invites go out, sorry
  10. When looking at average GPA of a term the grades are all converted to a 4.0 scale and then averaged so it will be 3.8!
  11. I had a similar question which I asked ORPAS last year and they said that when reviewing for some reason the links don`t work but I was told the schools will be able to see the link just fine. I ended up having no issues last year so should be okay as long as you double check the link is actually pasted correctly. Good luck!
  12. Yes they do! Once the deadline passes, they`ll calculate everyone`s sGPA, cGPA and then its available back on ORPAS for you to double check that it`s correct. People have found errors in the past, so please double check your ORPAS calculated GPAs. Good Luck everyone!
  13. Current 1st year PT here. Its great that you have personal experience but I wouldn`t focus on it in personal submissions. Sure schools want to see you have personal experience, but they also want to see that you have a great understanding of what the profession is and that you`re making an informed decision getting into the profession. My recommendation would be to share that you have experience but incorporate that into why you want to get into the profession and your knowledge of it. Also, you`re right about sharing experiences with clients. Sharing past experiences with clients can be useful, but its a tricky thing to do because keeping professional and personal relationships separate can get increasingly difficult if the PT is excessively disclosing information. One recommendation would be to explain how your experience will help you empathize with your client, instead of sharing your experience with the client. I haven`t been on this forum for a while since starting first year due to time restrictions but I`m happy to answer anyone`s questions. It just may take me a while to answer them. I may not be able to answer every question but I was, however, fairly successful in applications last year so I think I have a decent idea of what to expect.
  14. I've volunteered in some private clinics and one of the best things that you could do that I found in my experiences is to send an email either to the clinic owner or as PTapplicant2017 said to email one of the PTs working there and just explain yourself, like your reasons for wanting to volunteer in their clinic and what you have to offer! I found most PTs were happy to have a student follow them for a bit or help around their clinic. The hardest part I found was just getting connected with a PT
  15. It means they will take your average GPA from an entire year and weight that as the remaining half credits needed. Everyone`s is different but for example, they took 4 half credits from my fall term in 4th year, 12 half credits from my 3rd year, and then averaged all of my 2nd year courses to get an average GPA which was then used in the place of 4 half credits. Kind of confusing sorry, but I hope you understood what I was saying or someone else can answer that question better!
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