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  1. HappyAndHopeful


    I would contact whoever your school’s contact for immunization requirements is, and get them done ASAP. It seems like most schools require them to be done in order to participate in any clinical activities.
  2. HappyAndHopeful

    English vs French Stream Residency

    You’re definitely still eligible to apply for English residencies if you’re in the French program! I know a few people who have done this, and it’s worked out great for them
  3. HappyAndHopeful

    uOttawa Medicine Scholarships

    No problem! I would say there are a good mix of both. In the last few years, they combined a lot of them into one application so it makes applying easier. The two main ones (at least this past year) were the Multiple Financial Needs Bursaries and the Community Involvement Awards - those both require one application, but include many different awards you're considered for. One is more based off of financial need, and the other is more based off of community involvement. There are a lot of other ones that aren't included in these applications that fit under each category, too
  4. HappyAndHopeful

    2 full year course in General Biology?

    My university's biology courses were structured a bit differently, so I ended up contacting Dianne (and sent her the course descriptions) to confirm whether or not the ones I had taken would satisfy the requirements. If you're in doubt, she's very helpful with that!
  5. HappyAndHopeful

    uOttawa Medicine Scholarships

    There are deadlines throughout the year for different ones, but the main ones are due either at the end of September or end of October. They will send an email towards the end of the summer with information about the scholarships and bursaries, how to apply, and when the deadlines are
  6. HappyAndHopeful

    working while in medschool?

    That's awesome! It wouldn't hurt to try it out for the first few weeks of medical school and see how it goes before you make any decisions. Best of luck
  7. HappyAndHopeful

    working while in medschool?

    Would it be possible to maybe work one day instead of two? The weekdays can get very busy, especially at certain times of the year, so it's nice to be able to have some down time on the weekend and sleep in. I think it's doable, but I wouldn't necessarily recommend it for fear of taking on too much.
  8. HappyAndHopeful

    deadline for registration?

    The deadline to apply for the MD program is usually October 1st every year (same with all of the other Ontario schools). I'm not sure what the deadline is for completion of grad requirements though, so I would double check on that with Chantal or Diane
  9. HappyAndHopeful

    CASPER Prep

    Like others have said, I also reflected a lot on my experiences, and tried to think of times when I went through a hard time, participated in a group/collaborated, faced an ethical dilemma, had to solve a problem, etc. I also read the first few chapters of Doing Right, which I felt gave me a really good grasp on how to approach/solve ethical dilemmas. I did the practices questions that are on the CASPer website as well, and I found that gave me a really good idea of what to expect in terms of formatting. There are also some sample questions and answers on YouTube from some of the prep companies (to note with those though, I found the sample answers to be very long - mine were 3-5 sentences each). When taking the actual test, I tried to pause for a few seconds to think about what I wanted to say and how I wanted to say it. I also quickly read the second and third question before I started typing the first answer, just to make sure I didn't repeat myself. I found that doing both of those things really helped me be concise and well organized, as opposed to spewing out whatever came to mind and ultimately having a disorganized answer. Try to have fun with it, too! I tried to be excited about finding out which scenarios and questions I was going to be presented with, and I felt like that helped to take the pressure off. Good luck!
  10. HappyAndHopeful

    First year pre-clerkship evening schedule

    For us in first year, it was Thursdays. Class starts at 8:00 am, with a lunch break from 12:30-1:30 or 12:30-2:30, and then we have our physical skills session until 4:30. Most other days are 8:30-12:30. The second year schedule is mostly the same as first year, but their long day is a different day of the week.
  11. HappyAndHopeful

    Sending Final Transcript

    I think having your University send it directly would be just fine, too. My University put mine in a sealed and stamped envelope, and I wanted to mail it with tracking. It wasn’t a problem last year, but I think sending it either way works!
  12. HappyAndHopeful

    Sending Final Transcript

    Last year, I picked mine up from my University registrar’s office and then mailed it to the admissions office. I feel like I remember reading not to use the OMSAS tool, but I’d check your admissions package to make sure.
  13. HappyAndHopeful

    Waitlist Support Thread - 2018

    Since they usually go through quite a few people on the waitlist, I would be very surprised if they finished calling people tomorrow. So try not to worry if you haven’t heard by then! Good luck
  14. HappyAndHopeful

    Acceptance by May 22! SOS

    Double check your acceptance package, but I’m pretty sure everything has to be received by the deadline. If you send it today with a courier, it should arrive by Tuesday (i.e. overnight shipping). But you can also bring it in to the admissions office in person.
  15. HappyAndHopeful

    uOttawa Interview 2018 Discussion

    Since all the emails go out today, I would call the admissions office tomorrow. Good luck