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  1. Following up on jojo123's post from above... Just want to offer some more words of encouragement to everyone who's waiting to hear about their acceptance tomorrow. To those who are accepted, congratulations!! Queen's is a wonderful school, and we are all so excited to meet you! To those who are rejected, PLEASE don't be too hard on yourself. You have no idea what part along the way might've bumped someone a little higher on the score sheet than you, and there's no way you'll ever know. Understand that you have made it incredibly far in the application process to medical school, and if you have the means to do so, please please please try again next year! I know so many people whose applications to med school only went better and better each year (no interviews, then one interview, then three interviews, then acceptance), so it can happen for you too! Finally, for those who make it onto the waitlist, just take a deep, deep breath, and hang in there. The waitlist can run all the way into June. DON'T give up hope no matter how pessimistic some people get on these boards. The only ones who actually know whether the waitlist is finished or not are the people in admissions here at Queen's, and they will let you know when that time comes Good luck all you applicants, we can't wait to meet you!! -another 2020
  2. Hi everyone, I just gave up my spot on the waitlist, so hopefully that moves you all up by one spot. Best of luck to you all! Don't give up hope just yet!!
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