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  1. For some of the questions I don't even know if I can put a verifier... like who do I choose as a verifier for what I would do if I wasn't accepted?? Or what I have enjoyed learning in the past 2 years?
  2. Not sure if the rules have changed this year, but I definitely know of 2 people who started a pharmacy degree at Dal ( within the last year) and dropped out after 1st year as they were accepted to Dal med. Also, I know someone from my town who dropped out of the masters program after being accepted at U of Ottawa. There was also a physician who was accepted into another professional program and dropped it at the end of first or second year, however this would have been several years ago. I'd still recommend contacting the schools to find out just incase the rules changed.
  3. Thanks! I wish they gave out the stats for just non-Northern Ontario applicants...
  4. Hello! Admissions Questionnaire: What are the questions? Is it like an essay? Any help would be appreciated Thanks
  5. Hello, I'm a non-trad, looking for someone to study (esp. Bio and Psych) with for the MCAT in Halifax. Thanks!
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