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  1. Accepted/Waitlisted/Regrets: Accepted In Province (IP)/Out of Province (OOP): IP AGPA (x.xx/4.5): 4.46 MCAT (xxx/528): 516 Rural/Non-Rural: Non-rural Advanced Academics (PhD, pubs, academic appointment): 0 SO RELIEVED. All the waiting has been worth it. Congrats to others who got accepted and goodluck to those who got rejected for your future applications!
  2. psk.taengoo

    Round 2: June 4

    We're on the same boat. This wait is killing me. I'm also wondering the same thing. Does anyone know roughly how many letters they sent out today?
  3. psk.taengoo

    Medically related topics

    Alternative medicine, DNR, palliative care, indigenous populations, etc.
  4. Since you'll be taking the new MCAT, there aren't any course requirements. Any degree is accepted at the U of M so if you are interested in Kinesiology, I'd say go for it. Also, I recommend you take a look at their application bulletin on their website for accurate details.
  5. psk.taengoo

    2018 MMI Format

    The only thing mentioned was that there wasn't gonna be debate or acting station
  6. psk.taengoo

    Interview Invite Thread

    Invite IP GPA: 4.33 (not applicable for AGPA) MCAT: 516
  7. psk.taengoo

    When do they get back to you?

    Interview offers will be released on Jan 8
  8. psk.taengoo

    Best Pre-med major?

    Honestly, do what interests you. Down the road studying for what you're interested in will get you a better GPA because it'll be hard to keep yourself motivated to study something you aren't interested in. I'm not a microbio major so I'm not sure what the courses are like but even if others say they are hard, if you're interested in them and put in the effort, you'll do well
  9. psk.taengoo

    MCAT Submission This week

    Yeap you should. It will show as "Received" on the application portal. Just got mine updated
  10. psk.taengoo

    When to declare graduation?

    So I declare graduation after I get the offer right?
  11. psk.taengoo

    MCAT Tips Appreciated!

    Honestly just do as much practice as you can. That's the best advice I can give you
  12. Hi everyone, I'm applying to medicine this cycle and hoping to get in. If I do get in, when do I have to declare my graduation?
  13. psk.taengoo

    Possible to do well?

    What others say doesn't matter if you put in the effort. Work hard and believe in your capabilities, you'll be fine. In the case you don't do well, remember your GPA will be adjusted to excluded your lowest grades.
  14. psk.taengoo

    Competitive AGPA?

    With reference to the past statistics, I would say somewhere around 4.2 would be considered competitive. But then again AGPA has such a small percentage compared to MCAT and interview, so just focus on doing well for MCAT for now