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  1. Incoming neuro R1, this book is excellent. Received this book as a gift, I've been sifting through it for a few weeks now. I'm just kicking myself for not having known about this prior to rotations. I'll write something a little more concrete once I've done the book justice by reading it cover-to-cover, but hats off @e_is_hv!
  2. Ah, sorry I guess I was misinformed. You're right Commons, I went in and spoke to a rep today and he hasn't heard of any Canadian med student LOC requiring a guarantor. Thanks
  3. Does CIBC still require a guarantor on their student LOCs? Its the one thing that's making me hesitant to go forward with them.
  4. Hey guys I'm currently selling the latest editions of these books: Doing Right - Philip C. Hebert - 3rd Edition Medical School Interviews - Olivier Picard, George Lee - 2nd Edition Both are in great condition. Looking for $100 for both (open to offers). I'm currently quite free so I'd be happy to meet up asap. Thanks!
  5. Slightly off topic but I figured I'd ask, Say one graduates from a Canadian Medical school and then goes on to do their residency in the States. What would they then have to do to come back and practice in Canada? Would they be privileged in any regard due to completing med school in Canada? Thanks!
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