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  1. Even though she doesn't speak about medicine per say, I found her message valuable and thought I'd share it with my fellow candidates. It might help some of you cope with rejection and to not give up on your dream even when it seems unattainable.
  2. I got my refusal at 9:00. It's utterly devastating because we give it our all and seek every opportunity to improve ourselves on an academic and personal level, yet we still get disappointing news. Being a doctor is all I have ever wanted since a long long time, and I worked so hard to get to where I am right now, but it's just not the right time yet. To whomever will receive decieving news today, know that it's not a matter of your competence or capacities. We are all excellent and unique candidates, and a lot of factors come into play, such as luck or having a bad day. Do not lose sight of who you are and keep your chin up.
  3. Oh I'm sorry... :/. Idk if a letter of EC would apply to your situation but you should totally get informed for next year.
  4. MEDusa

    IMG program target date

    "The number of positions available is contingent on the number of attritions from the regular stream of the MDCM program in previous years, which may include years where there are no positions available." https://www.mcgill.ca/medadmissions/programs/mdcm-img
  5. Not necessarily. Last year, we recieved the answers on the 26th and the target week was the 26th. However, we Med-P invites surely coming out on the 25th, we could expect them to be delayed of a day or two. Imo
  6. MEDusa

    DMD mcgill

    For MDCM too ? Or only DMD ?
  7. Most of the tasks they would give you is data entry which doesn't really represent research as a whole(and could be quiet boring). How about you commit to a 3 or 4 months internship? You will get the hang of it much better
  8. MEDusa

    Keep calm and wait

    Hey guys, As a some of us wait for answers that are coming up in less than two weeks, I wanted to know how some of you have delt with the waiting time. What are your strategies to calm down and to stop thinking about how the interview went. Personally, it took me until now to calm down and to stop having flashbacks of cringy moments of my interview. I started yoga which enabled me to let got of stressful and negative thoughts. I'm not much of spiritual person, but I found that mindfulness helped me a lot.
  9. MEDusa

    Q&a With Mcgill Med Ambassadors

    E-mail admincoor.med@mcgill.ca to ask if it's not too late. I think you have like a 10 days ouvrables to submit the rest of your documents after the deadline. If it's not too late, you will just need to update it on Minerva. Good luck!
  10. MEDusa

    Q&a With Mcgill Med Ambassadors

    If you are applying for premed and the deadline hasn't passed, you just submit a new version on Minerva, they will get notified and will take it into consideration. If you've applied for the MDCM, I doubt it's relevant by now since the interviews had passed already, but you won't lose anything for submitting it anyway.
  11. MEDusa

    TB +

    Thank's for the info. Do you have to suspend your internships until you're declared clear again ? Also, I've always wondered why don't they just do blood test instead ? Since the skin test is most likely to give false positives for BCG vaccinated people.
  12. MEDusa

    TB +

    I had decided to get my vaccines up to date before hearing from the admissions since I was born in a different country. Turns out that the PDD test came out positive, but I had the BCG vaccine when I was 2 wks old. Now I need a follow up with pneumo to see if I'm clear. I have no active TB symptoms. My question is: weather if it's positive and I go under antibiotherapy or of its negative, will I have to always get tested ? Is it something serious that I will have to document everytime ? Or once I'm clear, we move on?
  13. MEDusa

    VERL de McGill

    4-5 c'est idéal. Venant de quelqu'un dont ses références se sont fait contacter, tu es mieux de mettre ceux que tu connais vraiment bien. Ils ne contactent pas tout le monde, mais tu ne sais pas les quels qu'ils vont contacter.
  14. MEDusa

    The extent of confidentiality

    This is exactly what I was thinking too. I don't mind them discussing my case, because if I were them, I would want to keep the whole team in the loop to provide the most personalized care possible, but I would keep it to myself unless the patient is ready to share that info with me too. It literally took me 10 years to ever bring my issues up to anybody and It took that specific doctor for me to feel safe and comfortable to talk, but when that nurse just started reciting my life without me directly telling them, I just felt vulnerable and exposed...
  15. Premièrement, ce n'est pas l'admission qui corrige le Casper. Ce sont des évaluateurs de Casper qui le corrigent et envoient les résultats à ton institution. Un exemple de mauvaise gestion de temps serait d'écrire une seule phrase pour les trois questions. Il y a beaucoup d'enjeux qui peuvent influencer la "quantité" d'une réponse, notamment ta rapidité d'écriture et ça en soit, n'a rien à voir avec la gestion du temps. Je seconde @PharmaLife par rapport au fait que ça se peut que tu aies répondu à une question indirectement vu que la plupart des questions sont entre-reliées et se complètent. Tu as 5 minutes pour répondre à 3 questions et c'est fait pour que tu écrives la première chose à laquelle tu as pensé. C'est fait pour que tu n'aies pas le temps de changer d'avis. Honnêtement, dans 5 minutes, tu as sois l'option d'écrire trois moyennes à bonnes réponses ou soit d'écrire une ou deux réponses plus concises et manquer la dernière. Dans les deux cas, tu as beaucoup de chances d'obtenir tous tes points. La qualité de la réponse compte pour beaucoup plus que la quantité. De mon expérience, j'ai fait le Casper l'année dernière pour McGill en français ( le même test demandé par UdeM) et j'ai manqué de temps pour quelques questions. J'ai été convoquée pour les entrevues et mon rang pour le Casper était de 30 sur 812 candidats. J'ai aussi été tellement préoccupée par la qualité de mes réponses et j'en ai beaucoup ruminé, mais comme tu vois, la préoccupation ne corrèle pas avec l'échec, surtout pour ce genre de tests. Mis à part mon expérience, je l'avais aussi lu dans un livre de la compagnie Bemo dans la section du Casper. Je sais que c'est stressant de penser à tout ça, mais essai de vivre ta vie et garde-toi occupé(e) par des activités ou l'école. Dis-toi que tu as fait du mieux que tu pouvais dans les circonstances données . Bon courage