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  1. If my memory is correct, it was these cone shaped cups outside every station, so you definitely don't want to end up carrying it with you.
  2. Just put in mind that you have between June and September to submit a request for a substitution if you are planning on applying next year.
  3. MEDusa

    The extent of confidentiality

    Was on the waitlist for 10 years before I got a family doctor and I'm not changing her anytime soon and you are totally right, I should not complicate things. However, is it limit unethical in you POV ? It's just for my own personal knowledge..
  4. If you have time and money, why not. It would give you less things to worry about during the interview.
  5. Did all except for chimie organique (that one I did in UdeS and got granted too).
  6. MEDusa

    The extent of confidentiality

    So last Autumn, I was going through a rough patch and had family issues which created a lot of anxiety. I consulted my family doctor because I kept having random panic attacks and in the process I told her about my family issues. Then a week ago, I see a nurse from the same hospital which I have never seen before and he asks me about my anxiety and then he says " ahhh you're that girl who had family issues" and then he started listing the issues. I was a little unsettled... I don't know if they spoke about my case for the sake of a follow up or more if I was the discussion of a lunch break. In this case, what was the extent of confidentiality with my family doctor? Did they really have to discuss my personal issues in order to come up with a treatment? If not, what can I do in this kind of situation?
  7. They accepted it for me
  8. On their website, it says that a pre-req GPA of 3.4 or above is considered competitive. However, the average pre-req GPA is around 3.8. So aim for that or above.
  9. They do, post-interview. interview is worth 80% and science Pre-req ( Cegep) is worth 20% .
  10. MEDusa

    Prep companies for McGill MMI

    It's probably a misspelled "coaching"
  11. MEDusa


    No, it's very random and rare. No , usually it's very rare and they pick applicants randomly. So far there are 3 verifiers that got called from my list that I know of.
  12. MEDusa


    Sorry It's verifiers. I will edit my post
  13. MEDusa


    So one of my verifiers just got a call from Mcgill. Has anyone else had any of their verifiers receive a phone call from Mcgill ? Also, does anyone know if that affects, in any way possible, my application ?