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  1. https://www.mcgill.ca/medadmissions/fr/postuler/exigences/elements/preuve-de-citoyennete-ou-de-residence I think the first situation applies to you. So I think yes
  2. Est-ce possible que tu as également coché MD-PhD et non MDCM régulier ? c'est le seul programme pour lequel les lettres de référence sont requises. EDIT: je viens de voir l'EDIT :p
  3. Hi, When is the Casper deadline for Ottawa ? I'm not able to see it anywhere
  4. To add on to @Frederick Sanger answer, just make sure that the summer labs schedules don't overlap. In my experience, a lot of them do which limits the amount of courses you could actually take.
  5. Same boat! I am also redoing pre-reqs along with my M.Sc. and work and I have had moments of despair... So you're not alone in this :p
  6. I am not in Med school yet and I am a francophone who learned English as I grew older. There are 3 main things that helped me learn the language: 1- I used to watch lots of movies and soap operas in English with the translation at the bottom and I would imitate their pronunciation. In your case, you could try to watch medical shows like Grey's anatomy in French. I have a feeling it would help. 2- I did a one month intensive English immersion with the program Explore which in my case helped so much to improve my communication skills. There are similar programs offered for Anglophones here in Quebec to learn French. 3- This is the main one, always practice new words that you learned with francophones. Don't be shy and use it as much as you can (on the bus, make an order in French at a restaurant etc.). When people see that you try to speak their language they tend to want to help you! I feel that self consciousness is the biggest barrier for people when it comes to learning communication skills. They are afraid to be judged. If you are able to surmount this, it will facilitate your learning ! Good luck !
  7. Tu as de très très fortes chances de décrocher une entrevue. Si tu pérformes bien en entrevues et si tes sciences pre-reqs sont bons, OUI.
  8. Some of us did. I was told by the admission that they received a higher number of ranking requests this year.
  9. Even though she doesn't speak about medicine per say, I found her message valuable and thought I'd share it with my fellow candidates. It might help some of you cope with rejection and to not give up on your dream even when it seems unattainable.
  10. I got my refusal at 9:00. It's utterly devastating because we give it our all and seek every opportunity to improve ourselves on an academic and personal level, yet we still get disappointing news. Being a doctor is all I have ever wanted since a long long time, and I worked so hard to get to where I am right now, but it's just not the right time yet. To whomever will receive decieving news today, know that it's not a matter of your competence or capacities. We are all excellent and unique candidates, and a lot of factors come into play, such as luck or having a bad day. Do not lose sight of who you are and keep your chin up.
  11. Oh I'm sorry... :/. Idk if a letter of EC would apply to your situation but you should totally get informed for next year.
  12. "The number of positions available is contingent on the number of attritions from the regular stream of the MDCM program in previous years, which may include years where there are no positions available." https://www.mcgill.ca/medadmissions/programs/mdcm-img
  13. Not necessarily. Last year, we recieved the answers on the 26th and the target week was the 26th. However, we Med-P invites surely coming out on the 25th, we could expect them to be delayed of a day or two. Imo
  14. For MDCM too ? Or only DMD ?
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