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  1. How long have you been at McGill for? At what level are you? Are you just studying general medecine or any specializations?
  2. Thank you didn't think of that. I didn't apply yet that's why I came to this forum to get to know more about McGill.
  3. Bonjour, J'aimerais savoir si il y a des étudiants qui sont déjà en med à l'UDEM. J'aimerais savoir vos expériences pour savoir si elles sont meilleures que les autres écoles en médecine à Montréal et je me cherchais aussi des amis. Merci.
  4. I am looking for friends and would like to know your experience at McGill if it's better than other med schools.
  5. You have great taste in music! long live EDM!
  6. I find Tinder doesn't work that much nor goes anywhere..
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