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  1. Result: Invite Interview Date: March 18 2017 GPA: 3.76 Year: Completed Undergrad, no graduate school MCAT: 521 (132/126/131/132) ECs: I always thought they were pretty good as far as undergrad students went, but I never got over 30 on the NAQ score for UBC. Never got interview offers from U of C last or this year. Didn't get an offer for an interview last year at the U of A. It's just reassuring. That was my third MCAT attempt, got 31 and 516 the other two times. To those of you discouraged, keep it up! Be persistent. Never thought the U of A would send me an interview Geography: IP
  2. Result: Reject GPA: 3.77 Year: BSc. General (U of A) MCAT: 521 (126 CARS) ECs: Pretty diverse. I honestly think it's better than a good chunk of applicants at the age of 23, coming out of undergrad. Research, community-work, journalism, coaching, more research, teaching abroad for 6 months, scholarship received for my volunteer work as well. Geography: IP -- I thought my top 10 experiences were rather strong-- 3 friends who got in last year wrote them together with me (one had a similar GPA) said my write-ups were more targeted and more impressive than theirs. I'm interested to see how I scored. Can't help but feel completely bummed. Not sure my 3.77 puts me in the running for the U of A either.
  3. Rejected (OOP) gpa: ~4.2 MCAT: 521 non-rural -- My GPA wasn't great, but I figured a 521 was worth applying with. I wonder how close I got to the cut-off. My pedestrian GPA likely held me back here.
  4. I figure when it gets converted to the OMSAS GPA it'll probably drop into the 7s, but you do raise a pretty good point Shoot. I guess I'll have to apply then. Thanks so much for the help guys! Lemme know if any of y'all snagged a Queens spot with a GPA below 3.8
  5. Oh dang, no way. My cGPA is a 3.75 here at the U of A, but it went like 3.64 -->3.72--> 3.71--->3.89. My last year had only 9 courses instead of 10 though. I'll need to recalculate it. Interesting though. Do they take people below 3.8s though?
  6. Interesting. If there's a couple posters here who don't think 3.71 is prohibitively low, I'll give it a shot
  7. Hello cool, smart people. I'm an Albertan with a 3.71 OMSAS GPA over four years (worked it out last year) and I have a 521 MCAT (132/126/131/132). My ECs are decent. I'd probably throw them in as roughly average for the accepted applicant. I was just-wondering if this is anywhere close to what Queens wants from students-- cuz I'm not applying to any other Ontario schools (fucking CARS) and I don't know if it's worth it to go through the whole OMSAS thing just to make one application to Queens. Cheers!
  8. Do y'all think I should apply as OOP even though I have a 521?
  9. Wow this was helpful. Had NOOO idea CARS was just 10% of my pre interview score. Dang.
  10. Posted the breakdown above. Any ideas for that 2-3 months of impactful commitment?
  11. Feeling like I'm plateauing with CARS too. And even if I improve to like a 128 I might drop elsewhere. Just a bummer, all of my practice CARS tests indicated I was gonna crush it. And I'm not one to suffer to exam stress. But hey, c'est la vie. I think this is what I might end up doing, when you put it that way. Apply with this MCAT mark, and rewrite if I realize that I can't get in anywhere without a 127-128 in CARS
  12. This input is fantastic you guys, I seriously appreciate it. One thousand thank yous. I'm IP for Alberta, yes. My GPA went 3.62-->3.72-->3.71-->3.89
  13. Hi all, thanks for your time. I just finished receiving the scores of the 2nd attempt at the 2015 MCAT. I'm a 2015 U of Alberta (Canada) graduate who finished his undergrad with a cGPA of 3.75 (3.77 if you ignore the first year). My extracurriculars are okay. Not amazing, but not bad either. My first MCAT (after 2nd year) I got 11/10/10. Didn't apply with it. My 2nd MCAT I got 516 -- 131/126/130/129. Applied, didn't get interviews at any 8 of the medical schools I applied to here in Canada. I think my letters of reference and application itself could have been done better. My 3rd attempt I got 521. 132/126/131/132. Unfortunately I couldn't improve my CARS score, which is the reason I re-wrote it. Several schools here in Canada (especially U of Calgary, likely the one I have the highest chance of getting into thanks to my GPA) solely consider the CARS section of the MCAT in their calculations when inviting students over for interviews. I have a few months left-- I was wondering if it was worth it to rewrite the MCAT simply to boost the CARS mark, if it meant a significantly higher chance of getting an interview. Thanks for your help guys. Feel free to also contribute if you think this MCAT mark helps me to some particular American Medical schools
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