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  1. A bit more info that Schulich revealed during orientation: Out of those with graduate degrees, 3 people have PhDs, and I believe most of the others are peeps with masters. Not too sure how they defined professional degrees here... Technically, B.Eng and BScN are both professional degrees? The people who were from non-Canadian schools: 2 from Oxford, 1 from Brown, 1 from Northwestern
  2. Take the DDS!!! If you don't end up liking it, you could always reapply the next cycle - my friend did that and is at McGill for MD now!
  3. Result: accepted Year: finishing undergrad PM me for other details.
  4. I have some questions about Western's MD/PhD interview. Wondering if there is any upper years that I could PM. Thanks so much!
  5. TIME STAMP: 3:12 PM, Jan 17 Interview Date: Feb 9, 2019 (MD) Feb 17 (PhD) Result: Interview cGPA: 3.98 MCAT: enough ECs: Mainly research Essays: I think not bad Year: 4th UG Geography: IP
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