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    Ha well I did
    No school is perfect at all things - for me Western had the superior imaging research lab, a better clinical program at the time and was large enough to have everything but not so big that 10 other people were trying to do my stuff. You never have any idea about what happens when you compare other options in hind sight but for what I wanted it to do the plan worked well I think and it was the correct choice. When evaluating these things you have to ignore the overall reputation of the school as a whole and focus on just the medical school. That doesn't seem easy to do for many ha
    This can quickly devolve into a this is my favourite school because of XYZ and of course people are generally loyal to their schools ha - that being said the idea that particularly in Ontario with our publicly funded schools are widely different seems illogical. I can say that med school you go to has surprisingly for many little impact on residency positions, leading ultimately to fellowships and jobs. often repeated and I find completely true - no one cares in the end where your medical training took place. No one has asked me that in years ha, and I have no idea where most of my class/people I work with went. 
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    Take the DDS!!! If you don't end up liking it, you could always reapply the next cycle - my friend did that and is at McGill for MD now!
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    I don't usually post my stats anymore since they've basically remained the same from my posts 2 years ago. I'll make an exception in this time just because of how -relatively- little data usually gets contributed here.

    TIME STAMP: Feb 21 2019,  11:17 EST 
    Interview Date: March 30
    Result: Interview (MD)
    cGPA:  3.96 (by rounding)
    MCAT: Passed cutoffs
    ECs: Filled up all 32 items this year, but I've had an interview back when I had 21/48 items. Diverse and met each of UofT's clusters quite well. 
    Essays: Spent at least 1.5 months on them, at least 400 hours. Was it overkill? To be honest, probably. I'm not a bad writer by any means, but when it comes to pieces with word limits, I believe in the importance of articulating each idea as succulently and artistically as possible. My grades did suffer but I wanted to write essays that could stand strong among a diverse audience of readers (which is to be reasonably expected of) and leave myself without regret. All of the topics strongly resonated with my experiences and I had a lot to share.
    If anything, future readers should find this observation helpful: having exchanged essay reviewing with some of my friends, I've come to realize that there isn't a single, uniform writing style that really makes the magic happen. Some of my friends briefly addressed the question within a single few sentences, then built their entire essays on how their experiences met the four clusters. Personally, I dedicated almost half my word count towards giving a thorough answer/solution before briefly sharing some personal experiences. We all got an interview. 
    Year: Graduated UG 
    Geography: OOP

    Two years ago, I did horribly on my interview. I knew my application wasn't strong: I had a weak reference, few extracurriculars and ultimately, couldn't hold up to applicants with an amazing wealth of experience behind them. I was invited during the final week and suspected that I had only marginally scraped into getting an interview. I convinced myself that the odds weren't in my favour and let myself fall. 

    Last year I didn't take my essays as seriously enough and got rejected March 16th. Firstly, the topics just didn't click with my experiences. Secondly, seeing that I already had been previously been invited, I grew extremely over-confident and complacent in my writing. I got no interviews from any school during this year.

    Each interview is a privilege. Each year, med schools get more and more amazing applications, either from those who have come back strong after a previous rejection, or new talented applicants. Perhaps I'm just on this site too often, but getting accepted 4th year doesn't seem as common as it once was. In any case, I'm extremely grateful to have another chance of making things right.  
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