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  1. Hey! new to this forum and still feeling new to the idea of wanting to pursue medicine. I'm one of the non-traditional applicants but thought I'd post it here to hear more advice on my situation! (totally prepared to truthful, blunt opinions) A bit about me: - Did two undergraduate degrees at the time solely because I needed a more "marketable" skill set than what I had. That being said, my first UG (bsc in cell biology) has a gpa of 3.45 and second UG (bsc in nursing) has a gpa of 3.3. So basically my second degree has a even worse gpa than my first degree. - Been an emergency RN for 3 years in a rural setting since then and still in love with my job. - lately been "plagued" with the desire to pursue medicine. truly admire the level of autonomy and independence a physician can work with and most importantly would like to see changes being implemented in rural healthcare. (won't go into details but very hard to do from a nursing perspective) - did one year of research in a basic science lab 4 years ago yet had no publications - haven't done the MCAT but willing to take my time to study for it. The ultra low GPA will shut me out but I'm thinking perhaps scoring well on the MCAT along with my job experiences can earn me a chance? I've also been thinking of getting involved in a nursing research project to keep me in touch with the research side of science. Although all the preparation for an application towards med school will definitely require me to go part-time/ even casual at my current job, hence i'm running a cost-benefit analysis in my brain lately....I wouldn't mind being told the cold hard truth but I'm also posting to see if anybody out there who was in the similar boat (RN wanting to be MD) and made it? also, not overly interested in the american/intl route to become an MD at the moment as I will not be able to afford the cost. thank you, and truly appreciate all your comments!
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