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  1. Hi All, I just came back here to post because I remember how stressful the waiting game is. Two years ago, the waitlist was still in thirds. I was on the top third but didn't hear that I got accepted until June 7. I know that that date has already passed, but there is usually movement throughout June. Good luck to everyone.
  2. My advice is to do whichever you are more interested in. It is four years of your life, and it’s so much more enjoyable when you look forward to classes, enjoy reading or research or class content. Take classes that are interesting rather than just easy. The UofS cares about your average— to an extent— but achieving an 85 in either of those colleges is very doable.
  3. I don't know about this year's but last year's white coat was on September 29th.
  4. Hi, i just got in this year with a 502. I also had ~87-88 average. However I think it is the lowest score posted on this website that was accepted and last year there were a significant number of scores posted here that were lower that were accepted. It seems to me that the trend is going up. But that is all speculation. I think with your scores you would likely get an interview and then it really depends on how strong your interview is. If you think you can improve your score on a second try and practice test scores indicate improvement, I would definitely suggest re-writing it for a stronger application. If you don't think you would improve, apply with your current score and prepare well for an interview. Hope that helps.
  5. As a history student, my degrees do not fit with the traditional UAA categories. I actually don't have any of the pre-reqs that were required in previous years. I did not write a letter because the criteria used to invite candidates for an interview did not consider the classes that have been taken; they only consider marks received in the undergraduate classes. So I didn't see a benefit to writing anything. Hope that answers some of your questions. Good luck.
  6. I just got accepted off the waitlist. So its moving! (IP Applicant)
  7. I am very excited to report that I got accepted off the waitlist. Good luck to those waiting!
  8. Hi const, Sounds like you are on a pretty solid academic tragectory now, well done. In terms of finding out if you stand a chance, I think there are lots of things to consider. First, if you calculate you undergraduate average- including the first two years, do you meet the minimum GPA requirement? If you do, then, what is your MCAT score? Your MCAT score can help to offset your average to some degree. Unfortunately, the U of S doesn't consider academic achievement/CV details so your research will not be of much use to you. However, if you do well on the MCAT and get over the minimum requirement for GPA then you stand a good shot of getting an interview at least. Also, FYI, If you finish your master's before December, they will remove your lowest transcript grade. hope that helps.
  9. Does anyone know if there was any movement yesterday?
  10. I think you should be fine if you have the verification in print. If you want to be sure, call them, but I don't think it is necessary. Up until this point the admissions office has not verified receiving documents etc.
  11. IP Status: Waitlisted 1/3 GPA: ~87 MCAT: 502 Interview: always hard to judge, but I thought it went alright minus one station. Here's hoping
  12. If your average is over the minimum 80-something % indicated on the website, you get the UAA check mark and they care 100% about your MCAT percentile. The actual UAA doesn't matter as long as you meet the minimum.
  13. Also got confirmation that my application will continue to be processed. IP Time: 1:06 sask time
  14. You are judged against the 24 people that your interviewer assessed. Not your circuit but one other one as well.
  15. I am in province and I had a reference contacted today!!!! Seems very early...
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