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  1. I'm trying to decide on the best route to increase my GPA to apply.. hoping anyone would know how the Ireland dental schools will look at a "special year" full-time outside my first degree, or if I should just get into a second degree. If I do really well in the special year would that even be considered or would that be a waste of time and money that I should have put into starting a second degree? Super confused, any help is appreciated! Thanks
  2. How "low" were their GPAs? I consider a low GPA like a 3.1.. were they getting in with that?
  3. toothfairy_

    Dental School Questions

    similar question about the best route to improve my GPA.. I personally feel like a master's program is a waste of money and time for me, there's nothing I'm really interested in doing for another two+ years before applying to dental schools again. Would taking new senior level undergraduate courses be enough to improve things without having to get into a master's program?
  4. Did any of you also apply to Melbourne DDS?
  5. I would consider taking CS 2033 - the continuation for 1033. If you did well in the first year course you will definitely do well in the second year course. I found the concepts even easier to grasp and the three projects are relatively the same except that the final website project is more advanced but a lot of fun. I finished with a 92 in the course. Hope this helps!
  6. toothfairy_

    Uofmelbourne Dds 2017 Intake

    did you graduate and then find out you didn't meet it?!
  7. This forum is for anyone who has applied to the University of Melbourne, Australia DDS program for the 2017 intake!