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  1. I'm trying to decide on the best route to increase my GPA to apply.. hoping anyone would know how the Ireland dental schools will look at a "special year" full-time outside my first degree, or if I should just get into a second degree. If I do really well in the special year would that even be considered or would that be a waste of time and money that I should have put into starting a second degree? Super confused, any help is appreciated! Thanks
  2. How "low" were their GPAs? I consider a low GPA like a 3.1.. were they getting in with that?
  3. similar question about the best route to improve my GPA.. I personally feel like a master's program is a waste of money and time for me, there's nothing I'm really interested in doing for another two+ years before applying to dental schools again. Would taking new senior level undergraduate courses be enough to improve things without having to get into a master's program?
  4. I would consider taking CS 2033 - the continuation for 1033. If you did well in the first year course you will definitely do well in the second year course. I found the concepts even easier to grasp and the three projects are relatively the same except that the final website project is more advanced but a lot of fun. I finished with a 92 in the course. Hope this helps!
  5. This forum is for anyone who has applied to the University of Melbourne, Australia DDS program for the 2017 intake!
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