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  1. Xbox Skully

    U of Sas GPA Calculation

    Usask added 6 more seats this years so the average will probably drop a bit.
  2. Xbox Skully

    Waterloo Accepted/ Rejected 2018

    Not that is matter but accepted, GPA=95%, OAT=400, declined offer
  3. Well it’s not my problem anyways. I was just trying to help out family. I’m sure they will think of something.
  4. I have a question for a family member. So I go to dal dental and my family member is oop. Would that be a decent enough tie to the maritimes to get an interview?
  5. Xbox Skully

    NOSM as an IP applicant from an urban area?

  6. I got into dal with a 4.0/4.0 gpa , 70/90 dat and 29/35 interview. My ecs were pretty good imo. I think the oop schools are really competitive. Good luck!!
  7. Xbox Skully

    The slow decay of dentistry

    Because of how few seats those programs have.
  8. Xbox Skully

    The slow decay of dentistry

    Do you think the dental specialties are immune to the saturation?
  9. I believe Dal looks at past 2 years and the top 3 prerequisite high science courses. I think they also look at ECs So work on those.
  10. Xbox Skully

    Anything RE: Dal Invites?

    What are people doing for housing?
  11. Xbox Skully

    Dentistry vs Optometry

    That’s for the advice guys
  12. I am from Ontario and have been accepted to optometry and dentistry in Canada. I got into an oop dental school and am not sure which program to attend.
  13. York isn’t a terrible school except for all the strikes. I took chemistry at York and got into Waterloo optometry and dal dentistry. One thing I liked about York is the environment is not overly competitive compared to other schools. Good luck