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  1. In the us some schools won’t interview you if you stats are too high like SUNY, Wayne, slu and Howard on your list. They have a different system. They don’t want to wast interviews on people that are gonna go else where.
  2. What schools did you apply to and how many times did you write the mcat
  3. A bunch of us schools will screen you out if you write the mcat more than 3 times and a lot of them don’t like it when you write the mcat 3 times so just be careful. A lot of Canadians rewrite the mcat a bunch of times to get their cars score up but this screws them up for the states. Do not rewrite until your score expires.
  4. Their ed stats are lower than their rd stats. Plus there are not that many applicants applying with a doctorate degree and actually diagnosing patients and stuff. I’ve heard Waterloo has a good rep in the states.
  5. Do you think I should apply to a school ED in my third year and then differ it if I get in? Wayne and Tulane accept most ED applicants. The average mcat for Tulane ED is 506 lol.
  6. My goal is the US because I want to match into ophthalmology and the us has much more optho spots than Canada. I know a few alumni from my program the got into uoft med so that’s probably my best bet for Canada if I don’t end up getting in the states. I was thinking schools that like non traditional applicants like Dartmouth would probably be my best shot in the states. Do you know which schools like non traditional applicants?
  7. Do you think it would be foolish to rewrite the mcat? I know that us schools do not like it when applicants have multiple mcat scores. My cars score is a little on the low side but I also heard the us is the most forgiving for that section.
  8. I will be applying to us med schools in two cycles and am looking for an idea about which schools to apply to? Money is not to much of an issue; so should I just apply to all the schools that take Canadian applicants? My ugpa is 4.0 and my mcat is 517 or 131/126/129/131. I am also recieving my doctor of optometry degree from Waterloo so that should help my app. Basically I am going to go at the angle that I really like optometry but realized I would rather be an opthalmologist due to the expanded scope and surgery. My ecs are pretty good,they did get me into Waterloo optom. Any advice is much appreciated thank!
  9. I called and the lady said she doesn’t know.
  10. Does anyone know if professional doctorate degrees count towards the agpa?
  11. Once the stats for this year are released we will have a better understanding of how Casper affected this. Those with a Casper score of -1.5 don’t go to a file review.
  12. Does this apply to all doctorate professional degrees?
  13. A max rural score gives you a 1.1 multiplyer. So you would need a z score of .91 instead of 1 to get an interview. So you could score .5 points lower on the mcat probably.
  14. My hunch tells my every 4 points above 520 is a z score point. So 528 gives you a z score of 2. If multiply by .5 it becomes 1 which is enough for an interview.... assuming that your other 2 components aren’t negative.
  15. Also, your mcat z score gets multiplied by .5, casper by .3 and gpa by .2. It looks like from previous years that if you have an overall z score of + 1 or more gives you and interview.
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