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  1. I called and the lady said she doesn’t know.
  2. Does anyone know if professional doctorate degrees count towards the agpa?
  3. Once the stats for this year are released we will have a better understanding of how Casper affected this. Those with a Casper score of -1.5 don’t go to a file review.
  4. Does this apply to all doctorate professional degrees?
  5. A max rural score gives you a 1.1 multiplyer. So you would need a z score of .91 instead of 1 to get an interview. So you could score .5 points lower on the mcat probably.
  6. My hunch tells my every 4 points above 520 is a z score point. So 528 gives you a z score of 2. If multiply by .5 it becomes 1 which is enough for an interview.... assuming that your other 2 components aren’t negative.
  7. Also, your mcat z score gets multiplied by .5, casper by .3 and gpa by .2. It looks like from previous years that if you have an overall z score of + 1 or more gives you and interview.
  8. I wonder how the ses multiplyer works for negative z scores?
  9. You need a z score of 3 on Casper maybe greater. Your scores are converted to z scores. The average applicant for oop has about 520 mcat and 4.3 Agpa. So your z score is 0 for mcat and negative for agpa. It’s probably -1. The z score of interviews applicants is about 1 for each category. You multiply your z score the weighting for that component. Casper is normally distributed. Good luck!!
  10. Do you know if Ottawa counts those grades?
  11. AMCAS does not include those grades in your gpa and omsas doesn’t wither. But some omsas schools will include it.
  12. I manged to get my hands on 50 aamc vr passages from 1990-1. Do you think these are too old to do or still useful?
  13. Last year I took 18 half year courses and 2 of those were pass/fail. So will my top 8 course be used for the gpa assessment since I took 2 pass fail course or will my top 10 courses be used? Thanks
  14. Usask added 6 more seats this years so the average will probably drop a bit.
  15. Not that is matter but accepted, GPA=95%, OAT=400,
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