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  1. FatherFranklin

    "Tell me about yourself"

    That's true. I wasn't clear in my clarification. Panel interviews could still ask the question.
  2. FatherFranklin

    Doing a Rewrite

    Are you me? It’s insane how similar of a situation we are in right now. I am also rewriting the MCAT this August. For the same reason that it has expired for the States and my CARS is too low for Canada. My dad’s birthday is also in June LOL. I am also working part time, on weekends only. This will be my third retake. As others have said, PRACTICE TRUMPS CONTENT REVIEW. From reading many success stories, it came down to using as many representative practice resources. UWorld is getting a huge amount of praise right now. As well as taking as many FL’s as possible. I think that will work mostly for the sciences, but we are both more interested in CARS tips. I can tell you that on my second take I did 3 months of intense CARS practice. I exhausted every CARS material out there (TestingSolution, NextStep, EK, TPR, AAMC). I tried to follow TestingSolution’s 30 Day Guide. I still scored very low on CARS. This made me understand that CARS is a lot more than just practice. I was doing a lot of passages but I wasn’t utilizing an effective strategy. I can’t tell you what worked for me yet, as I’m still trying to figure that out, but my best guess is that we need a viable strategy. In pursuit of that, I am seeking resources that will make me a better reader overall. I came across **DELETED**’s CARS podcast (they are free) and they have been really helpful. He reads an entire passage and dissects every single sentence for you. He shows how to grasp the main idea, the aurhor’s biases, questions that could be asked, etc... I am also doing some philosophy reading to strengthen my comprehension, as well as my vocabulary by looking up words I don’t understand. Most people say to jus practice as many passages for CARS and that just didn’t work me last time. It could work for you, as everyone learns differently, but I am trying to build a strategy BEFORE I start hardcore CARS practice. Maybe we can keep in touch this summer and help each other out in anyway we can! You can PM me whenever
  3. FatherFranklin

    "Tell me about yourself"

    This question won’t be asked at most interviews. Ottawa has a traditional interview where you could be asked this but mostly other schools won’t ask this
  4. Just give you a little background, I'm a very energetic and generally happy guy. I'm the one that makes plans within my friends, I'm the one that loves to party. I have stayed resilient and positive throughout everything, but for some odd reason the past few weeks a wave of despair has been clouding my mind - I have never felt so defeated. My parents and friends think I'm just more moody and hot-tempered, or I'm having relationship issues. I repress it because they don't understand, they don't help. I repress it because I put everything on the line for what seems to be a waste of my young years so far. I actually have a pretty good GPA for schools that drop my first year (Ottawa 3.92, UofT, 3.91, Western 3.92, Queens 3.94, Calgary 4.0, uAlberta 4.0, UBC 90%, etc..) I did the MCAT twice (494, then 503), bombing CARS both times which is the holy grail of standards for some reason. I moved to Alberta purely for medical school, and lived pretty much on toast and ketchup for nearly two years trying to pay rent and bills on my own. It wasn't a horrible move, I got two interviews last year actually (Calgary and Ottawa). I got high-waitlisted post-interview at Ottawa and I still didn't get in. What bothered me for a while was that a homophobic, misogynistic asshole I knew got in to Ottawa - he always told me "all you gotta do is fake it till you make it". He was a smart guy, he knew the right way to answer the questions, he didn't believe a single word he was muttering to the interviewers but it got him in, and I envied him for that. At the end of the day, I know it's an unfair world so I got over it. I got no interviews from Alberta this year, and I no longer qualify for Ottawa as they now require a B or higher in every prerequisite course. I feel defeated and I'm only expressing myself here because you lot are the only ones who understand what I'm going through. But I also need your honest input because I want to give my dreams one last chance before I give up for good. The question I keep asking myself is "What is the best way to make myself competitive?". I have been putting all my chips on Canada so far, so I never took all the US prerequisites. Not a smart move, I know. 1. I am considering USDO , as I 100% don't mind living in the US for residency and thereafter. I would need to retake AND take several prerequisite courses . This would also qualify me again for Ottawa if I upgrade my prerequisite grades. 2. The other option is I redo the MCAT a third time. A 510+ MCAT would make me competitive for many Canadian schools (Western, Queens, UofT, UBC, Calgary, Alberta, etc..). My US GPA is 3.7. With a 503 MCAT and having taken all the prerequisites I believe I may have a chance at US DO schools and Ottawa. It is a risky move because my GPA is high enough for most Canadian schools as mentioned, and a 510+ MCAT would make me competitive, but having done the ordeal twice and bombing CARS, I'm inclined to give up on Canada. More than anything, I wanted to thank you for listening and caring. This community has been a huge help for me throughout the years and your responses have been keeping me going despite all the setbacks.
  5. FatherFranklin

    Calgary Interview Invites 2018/2019

    Reject IP, 4.0 GPA 503 MCAT Sad day
  6. Mine is still “submitted on” last year they sent out all the invites on January 19th but we gotta wait until February 11th this time. More waiting, and less time to prepare for interviews
  7. Man this sucks. Now if we get an interview the chances of acceptance are lower because there are more interviewees.
  8. FatherFranklin

    2018 Applicants, Where are you?

    Last year we got the interviews on January 19th, so maybe a little earlier hopefully!
  9. FatherFranklin

    Really struggling with the Top 10s

    I got an interview last year with a 123 in CARS from Calgary (I'm IP). My overall MCAT is also very low. So my Top 10 must have been strong to make up for the very low MCAT. I only skimmed through the CANMeds. What I did was write 10 stories that impacted me each in a specific way. In the description section I was very specific with exactly what I did and what my responsibilities were. In the impact section I wrote a story and attempted a narrative with very little regard to CANmed competencies. I talked about what I really gained from each experience (i.e., how I learned I could make a difference before medical school, or why I really want to pursue medicine, etc.). I think conveying what it felt like and what it taught you to be a leader is a lot more effective than repeatedly saying "I learned to be a leader, blah blah". Also, there is no one way to write the Top 10. I bet you there was someone who used CANMeds as a bible, and someone who didn't use it at all and still got an invite. What it really comes down to is how much does that person like you, and thinks you're fit for a career as a doctor. Can you put yourself in the shoes of the adcom, reading your own essay and going "wow, this guy really deserves an interview at the least".? Those are my own thoughts writing the top 10 usually.
  10. totally fine. It's a little more stressful because you'll be paranoid about internet or servers going down but I submitted mine last year a few hours before the deadline and got an interview. Planning to do the same this year lol. Just make sure your transcript, references, and MCAT verification is already DONE.
  11. FatherFranklin

    Waitlist Support Thread - 2018

    CONGRATS! Do you mind telling us your waitlist time stamp? Was it 7:45 or 7:46?
  12. FatherFranklin

    Waitlist Support Thread - 2018

    The only thing I’m certain about all of this is that we are not certain about anything. For all we know, there could be 20 people on the call queue or 5, or 40. All we can do is hope it’a a high #. Either way, we will know by the end of this week. Try not to think about it too much and focus on other things
  13. FatherFranklin

    Waitlist Support Thread - 2018

    I just called their office. I believe it was Diane who picked up. She said the class is not full and they still have a number of calls to make next week as Chantal is STILL away. She said Chantal should be back on Tuesday and that’s when we can expect the calls to be made.
  14. FatherFranklin

    Waitlist Support Thread - 2018

    It just makes no sense how not even one offer was posted here. There is bound to be SOME movement at least. It’s very unlikely that all the seats are taken. Besides that, the class-is-full email hasn’t been sent out. if someone could be a hero and call them tomorrow and see what’s going on (whether they’re done with the bulk of the waitlist and class is nearly full or not) it would be a huge favour
  15. FatherFranklin

    Waitlist Support Thread - 2018

    And what’s your GPA if you don’t mind me asking? Did you get the offer this week or last Friday?