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  1. It would be extremely disappointing. Although, late August is still a while away. They could postpone the start date of O-week and school to October/November. I also have a feeling that they might give the incoming students the option to defer their acceptance to next year if it’s going to be online.
  2. I'm also stuck choosing between the two. From my research, this is what I have gathered: MAM Pros - Less busy and crowded. Less traffic than downtown Toronto. Like @FBCforreal mentioned, if you're not a fan of big cities like New York, Chicago, then MAM would be more suitable. - Tight-knit community. It seems that the MAM community is very close-knit and has a "high-school" social feel. You will get to know almost everyone and will get close with people easily. (This could be a con if you prefer not to recognize everyone you see when you walk down the hallway). - More interaction with preceptors and patients. Less residents and fellows means you get closer to the attending and have more opportunity in helping with procedures. - Cheaper living costs (rent, parking, etc..) Cons - Living is not as convenient, especially if you don't have a car. You are not as close to the bars, restaurants, clubs, concerts, festivals. - Less residents and fellows means you get less teaching. For some people, the teaching component is more essential to them than being more involved with procedures. - You may have to commute to St. George for research opportunities, electives, social events (?). I've heard that although MAM has great research opportunities, St. George offers more and if research is important to you/your specialty you may have to commute to downtown for that. UofT students have Wednesdays off and there is a free shuttle that goes from MAM to St. George, so it's definitely not a big issue but it would not be as convenient as being in downtown. Neutral - 80% of MAM lectures are virtual. You go to school for all lectures (don't have to though, a lot of people just watch lectures at home) but 80% of the time, the lecturer is at the St. George campus and it's being teleconferenced to MAM. Some find that a pro, some find it a con. St. George Pros - Very convenient living. You are close to all the bars, restaurants, clubs, converts, festivals, everything. You don't need a car if you live in Toronto because everything is a walk away. Great night life. Amazing food scene. There are tons of things to do in Toronto. - You will have better research opportunities. Although that research is also available to you if you are in Mississauga, it does make it easier to be in Toronto if you're really keen on research or you're thinking of competitive specialties. - More teaching by residents and fellows. Again, this could be considered a con if you prefer to have more involvement with procedures and you want to get closer to the preceptor. - More students means opportunity to meet many more people. Toronto is also more diverse. - Beautiful campus. Kinda looks like Hogwarts! Cons - If you prefer small town living, Toronto is not very compatible. It's very busy, crowded, and loud. Traffic is probably one of the worst in the country if you intend to drive. - Personally, I have found people outside of Toronto to be nicer (lived in Toronto for 6 years). There are definitely many many nice people in Toronto, but people tend to be more stressed, busy, and at times less kind. I don't think this would apply to the medical students, however. The St. George community is very nice from what I've heard. - High cost of living. Rent is a lot more expensive than Mississauga. Also being closer to all the restaurants and bars will make it easier to spend more money.
  3. This would be for pre-interview rejections right?
  4. Oh that’s actually a good point. I also know a lot of people with only UofT invites. They further lowered their MCAT cut off this year which probably qualified even more people!
  5. What is everyone doing to pass the time? I just finished Peaky Blinders. Great series!! Looking for a new TV show to binge on. Going hiking tomorrow and I'm hoping to get back to running now that the weather is getting better.
  6. Everyone. Listen to this smart person. I watched my videos through my fingers..the amount of cringe I witnessed every 3 seconds...just not worth it haha
  7. Damn. Why is it that people are accepting their UofT offers more each year? It’s also annoying to know that they are interviewing more applicants each year even though less offers are being sent out!
  8. https://afmc.ca/sites/default/files/pdf/2020_admission-requirements_EN.pdf
  9. They interviewed 640 this year. This is stated in the AFMCA document for this year. that boils down to 116 interviews each day and 58 on March 8th, the half-day. 116x2= 232 so that’s pretty close to 240 for March 28 + 29
  10. Did anyone else upload after the 15th minute mark?? One of my videos took forever to convert to MP4 and I ended up starting the upload on the 17th minute. I’m so worried they will penalize me for this.
  11. I think you are absolutely right in that the situation here is bigger than us and we need to be patient. But I don't agree that we should sit down and shut up. There is nothing wrong with a civil conversation about the future of your life. This global pandemic does not define who we are and does not dictate the course of the rest of our life so it is understandable that people think about the future and how things now can impact them greatly. This goes not only for med applicants but for anyone out there planning their career aspirations, or anyone whose business is impacted. This pandemic does not stop our lives. We still need to stay vigilant and take things into our control in civil, respectful, and realistic ways. Of course, I am disappointed in the comments and I think many of them fail to realize how hard the school is working to make things fair but I really don't think that everyone should now sit down, shut up and let others decide things for them with absolutely no feedback from us.
  12. "Following your recording, you will have approximately 15 minutes..." This implies that the 15 minute time interval is AFTER your recording not when you access the question. Someone should email them and clarify about this. I've already been bombarding them latelyv lol.
  13. It all depends on if the question is posed INSIDE the email. If it is, then the 15 minutes time to save and upload is actually irrelevant. Honestly, this is not a proper way to reformat the interview. UofA did an amazing job interviewing 528 applicants 2 days after cancelling the in-person MMIs. It wasn't perfect and there were issues but for them to come up with a virtual panel interview in 2 days was very impressive. They even did a virtual social event within those 2 days. UofT has had weeks, and they only have ~200 remaining candidates to interview. I am sure they could have come up with something better.
  14. I am so confused. Are they going to send us the question inside the email and we have until 1 PM to come up with a response? You could literally meet up with a bunch of people, call up your boys and girls, get feedback on every question then upload your response by the deadline?? Even if people don't cheat, I can guarantee if we have that much time to prepare an answer, everyone will make multiple attempts before uploading their response - and that does NOT test for "competencies" in any way or form similar to how the in-person individuals got interviewed.
  15. Information regarding the "interview" will be emailed to us tomorrow, and we will have a chance to the test the recording and the upload.
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