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  1. RiderSx

    Discrepancy in GPA Calculation

    Your cumulative GPA will not necessarily correspond to the OMSAS GPA. Only the grade achieved in each course will correspond to the OMSAS Chart. Reason for this is the OMSAS Scale is not linear like percentages. Also note that the online calculator may not be accurate with course weights. You should calculate your own GPA on an excel spreadsheet. Input each course, # of credits, and the grade achieved based on the OMSAS chart. This also helps you narrow down your wGPA for each specific school. Your cGPA is useless to most med schools. Almost every school drops a certain number of credits, takes only your best or last 2 years, etc...
  2. Hi all, I think it's important to note the importance a good CARS score plays into admission for most medical schools. I have compiled a very very simple chart that demonstrates the minimum CARS score you should be aiming for to be competitive. Data is based on OOP residency. So, if you are IP for any of these schools, this chart may not be helpful! For some of these schools (i.e., Mac, Manitoba, Saskatchewan) a lower CARS score may still be okay but must be supplemented with either a higher total MCAT score or GPA. But do note that for most of these schools you must have the stated CARS score in order to not get screened out! Obviously, this is just a general guide,. There are many parts of your application that also play a part in getting the actual interview, but I think it's a good idea to see what CARS score to aim for when you're writing the MCAT. An important takeaway from this is that If you are in Ontario, a 128 will take you a lot further than a 127.
  3. It's very competitive for OOP to get an interview at Mac. Only 10% of interview invites are given to OOP. Your GPA is above average, but your CARS is below average. I would say it's still worth applying but you'll definitely need to perform way above average on CASPer.
  4. RiderSx

    What are my chances?

    CARS is the demise of many Canadian applicants. It’s a beast that’s totally different from all 3 other sections on the MCAT. Some people are naturally good at CARS and score very high with little to no practice. Some find it very difficult to improve and take a long time to make any progress. I’d try a couple of CARS practice tests (TPRH, EK 101, UWorld, and Khan Academy passages are good resources) and see where you’re at and move forward from there. The general consensus is that the more CARS practice you do the better, and that starting slow initially (untimed) is a good idea to develop a proper strategy. But you must make sure to practice doing passages timed as soon as you have a strategy developed. There are numerous different strategies out there. I can’t recommend a single one because one might work for one person and not the other. The best you can do is do these passages, and do a thorough review of why you got any questions wrong. Make notes of what you did wrong, what you should have done to grasp the main idea, what you should have highlighted, what mislead you in the answer choices, what strategy would have helped you pick the right question. Go on redd-it, there is a lot of CARS strategies promoted by high CARS scorers. Check them out, try them out, but take them with a grain of salt.
  5. RiderSx

    What are my chances?

    You're good for Queens and Western GPA-wise, but you'll need 126+ in CARS for Queens and 127+ CARS for Western. Mac GPA average is 3.8+ but it is possible to get an interview if you get 129+ in CARS and kill CASPer. You are below the cut-off for Ottawa, and too low for UofT unless your wGPA is somehow above 3.85. You will need a 128 in CARS for UofA and Calgary. So you must make sure you get at least 126 or higher in CARS for any chance.
  6. Don't give up, no matter what. It's sometimes extremely difficult being motivated to persevere through all the hardship when you see so many others with amazing stats and qualifications getting into med school like it's a piece of cake. A friend of mine who got into med school after 5 years of applying once said "if you want it bad enough you'll get it", no wiser thing has ever been said, in my opinion. My first year in uni was an absolute mess, with a GPA way lower than yours (<3.00), my first attempt on the MCAT was below 500. I had ZERO EC's in my first two years of university and ZERO research.. Many people told me to give up, "cut your losses and go into another career". But they don't understand! They don't understand how badly we want this. They don't understand the pain and misery we are willing to go through to get into med school. So I didn't listen. I repaired my GPA, I retook the MCAT and I became heavily involved in research and EC's. I got two interviews last year to an Ontario and Alberta med school. I didn't get into med school yet, so my story hasn't concluded yet. I am retaking the MCAT a third time, still persevering, still not giving up. You can do it too!
  7. Number of applications to a medical school is most often reflective of the minimum competitive metrics required for eligibility. McMaster gets the most applications (~5000) every year because they have a very low GPA and MCAT Cut-off and very easy course-load requirements (many nursing students who have multiple pass/fail courses, and those who had nontraditional undergrad courseloads are able to apply). Although the average CARS is 129 it hasn't stopped the flood of applications to their program. Queens has the second highest number of applications (~4500) because they do not post their GPA and MCAT cut-offs. Over 2000 applicants apply to Queens EVERY year who do not even meet their GPA or MCAT cut-off (This is posted on their website). Ottawa gets about 4000 applicants because they do not require the MCAT and their GPA minimum is 3.5. They do not post their GPA cut-offs online and they do not share stats of accepted applicants online, so the 3.9+ GPA Averages are not known to many applicants who don't investigate these schools thoroughly. Western only gets about 2500 applications mainly because of their strict course-load requirements and very high CARS cut-offs which is clearly published on their website. Toronto gets around 3000 applications and it is a little lower than the others mostly because of their insanely high GPA averages that's clearly posted on their website. If UofT really wants more applicants and is in any way concerned about the caliber of the students they accept, they should reduce the emphasis on GPA. A 1 point drop in the MCAT requirement is very trivial in making an actual impact in the number and quality of applicants they are going to get.
  8. MCAT Cut-Off has officially been lowered to a minimum of 499 where any one section could be 124 and all other sections must be 125 or higher.
  9. “ What happens to my application if I do not qualify for the Social Accountability Initiative? If you do not qualify for the reserved seats, your application will be processed as a general application for the stream/program you would be applying to (Francophone, Anglophone, Indigenous, or MD/PhD)“ I think this implies that you would be considered under the general stream if you don’t get accepted through the LSES stream. Although it could also mean that they will only consider you for the general stream if you don’t QUALIFY for the LSES stream. Which in that case you’d be screwed competing for only 2 seats. But I think this is the unlikely scenario.
  10. If I'm understanding it right, if you qualify for the LSES you are essentially put in TWO separate streams where if you don't get accepted through the LSES stream you will be considered under your general stream. I'm finding the eligibility requirement for the LSES a little too broad. I wouldn't be surprised if many applicants became eligible for it.
  11. If your concern is whether it would apply to the current cycle, the answer would be absolutely not. Medical schools would never subject already accepted/waitlisted applicants to new eligibility criteria mid-cycle.
  12. RiderSx

    OMSAS reference letters stopped?!

    Seeing how most referees will rank you around 4-5/5 (as long as they don’t have a strongly bad opinion of the applicnt) this should make discerning between applicants based on Ref’s more of a pass/fail matter than anything. This would be a good thing for those without the strongest referees, and a bad thing for those with very strong referees - only for schools that would have used reference letters competitively. From what I understand, Ottawa and Mac were already using reference letters as pass/fail anyways.
  13. RiderSx

    Admitted but never kissed a girl

    aw man that is no hard fact. That's just lowering your standards. If you think girls won't go for you because you're not on their level of attractiveness, then they won't. It's self-fulfilling prophecy. Like I mentioned in my earlier post, your thinking and your concept of your self is far more important than physical attractiveness. Your thinking is more along the lines of desperation. If you're a baller, you will get the girl. If you're desperate and succumb to any crumb of female attention then you will get the crumbs.
  14. RiderSx

    Admitted but never kissed a girl

    Let me tell you first of all, man, you are not alone. I think you have a very good shot with girls and I would say the same about any guy regardless of how attractive they are as long as they are not creepy and cringe like whoever went and told that girl his soul and body were touched by her lmao. I'm gonna try and be as realistic as possible because I don't think people help you when they say "go with the flow", "let nature take its course", pshh that is a load of BS to make you feel better without getting you any girl! Girls don't summon out of thin air for you just because you are a nice guy, period. I would urge you to do the opposite. Don't go with the flow, create your own tide; don't let nature take its course, take nature into your own course! You don't need to become a different person, you just need to show who you are to the girl. How do you think she'll know how awesome you are? How do you think she'll appreciate your respect and confidence? You need to be noticed. She needs to think to herself, consciously or subconsciously, "Damn, this guy is proper". Earlier, you complained about how everyone tells you to be confident and you're tired of hearing that. But trust me, man, that is really it. All women are looking for a man who is confident. This is so important because although you know this already, you may not understand how it actually works. You may think you are confident (a lot of us do) but that doesn't matter! It only matters if the girl thinks you're confident, and girls are extremely good at noticing it, for it serves an evolutionary purpose after all. A women wants a man that is happy with himself, takes care of himself, prides himself in his identity and being, is self-reliant and independent, is emotionally intelligent. Being confident doesn't mean you have to be an asshole, although assholes are usually confident and that is sometimes enough to fool a girl into thinking you're worth their time. Think about the implication of that - the fact that you are confident can be more important than how nice you are. Again, I am not telling you to be an asshole, but I am giving insight into the psychology of why some women fall for the wrong guy. Until I hit 22, I wasn't interacting with a lot of women and missed out on so many beautiful, intelligent ones. I only hung out with dudes, didn't really care about how I looked. I definitely thought I was confident, but I wasn't and am sure women didn't think of me any differently. I changed my way of living after I graduated from university. I started working out and lost 45 pounds. I was physically more fit but what mattered more was how it made me feel mentally. I got a new barber who gives me the freshest fades. "I'm a stud" - that's what I think to myself (It doesn't matter if I'm an average 5,9 normal dude). When I talk to girls, I care about what they think of me but I care more about what I think of them, and that's how a confident man thinks. Why should I go with the girl who sits beside me in class when that girl across the class is way more attractive? That way of thinking alone made the girl sitting beside me automatically more attracted to me because she knows she is not my only choice. You are an awesome dude, realize it, internalize it, and then women will notice it.
  15. This is not true. OP is fine with a 129 in CARS for every school in Ontario. UWO no longer requires a 129 in CARS as they have lowered cut-offs and added an aABS section. Cut-off for this year was 128 CARS, 126 C/P, 126 B/B OP, you also have above average stats for Mac with a cGPA of 4.0. Entering stats are around 3.85 and 129 CARS. You will not benefit from a higher MCAT score for UofT (Cut-off based), Western (Cut-off based), Queens (Cut-off based) or Ottawa (no MCAT required), Dal (Cut-off based), UBC (Cut-off based pre-interview). You are above Calgary's CARS cut-off of 128 and your MCAT makes up only 10% of your application, the rest is your GPA and EC's. Again, a higher MCAT will not help you at all in any of the above mentioned schools. Also, chances of you scoring below 129 in CARS on your retake are very high. A 130 in C/P, B/B, and P/S but a 127 in CARS would hurt you way more than your current score. The ONLY schools that a higher MCAT will help with are possibly U of A as no one knows how they select applicants anymore, and Manitoba and Saskatchewan which require at least a 518+ to even get an interview. I would not re-take the MCAT at all if I were in your situation.