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  1. I can confirm of 3 friends who heard back from UofT (all invites) on Friday Feb 14th. All of their interviews are on March 1st. The next wave will be for March 8th (smaller, however, since it's a half day)
  2. Of the 9 people I know who applied to UofT, 7 of them have not heard back yet. Of the 2 who heard back, 1 got an invite, and the other rejected. So, I think there is still a lot of people waiting to hear back (myself included).
  3. As echoed in the previous posts, UofC and UofA evaluate apps very differently. As a result, many people end up receiving an interview to one instead of the other, and this changes year to year. As or myself, I got an interview to UofC in 2018 with 90th percentile in most categories. In 2019 I didn’t receive an interview and scored around the 50th percentile. This year I didn’t receive an invite from UofC but I did get one from UofA (first time applying to UofA).
  4. I'm interested in MMI practice, if anyone could add me to the group.
  5. Result: Invite GPA: 4.0 MCAT: 510 (128, 126, 128, 128) Current Degree: Finished UG in 2016 Geography: IP Extra-curricular: I think above-average, although I got rejected from Western, Ottawa and UBC. PM for details. In 2017 I got an interview to Calgary with a 123 CARS and scored in the 90th percentile in most attributes. In 2018 I didn't get a single interview to any med schools and I scored in the 50th percentile in most of Calgary's attributes. At this point, I think it's more random than anything. CASPer: No invite to Ottawa. Didn't apply to Mac. But I felt good about it. My first interview this year. I really did not think I had a chance after getting rejected from the other schools. In fact, I took a job offer because I didn't think I would need the time to prep for interviews anymore. Looks like I will not be taking that job after all haha.
  6. Status: Regrets Time Stamp: Feb 3 Location: IP Stream: English MCAT: 510 (128/126/128/129) cGPA/2yr GPA: 3.92 (2 year) Current year: Finished UG in 2016 ECs: Lots of volunteering (president of club, + exec of multiple others), hospital volunteering (direct patient interaction), manager of a non profit organization, worked with indigenous communities, piano awards, government awards, no pubs. looks like the cut-off is 127 for CARS this year. The one year I apply to Queen's lol
  7. wondering the same thing (rejected with 126 CARS)
  8. oh okay great. Thought it was totally gonna be in March. /s
  9. Time Stamp: Jan 30 10:34 PM Invite/reject: Reject IP/OOP: OOP SWOMEN (Y/N): ACCESS Applicant 2YGPA: 3.9something MCAT (CHEM/CARS/BIO/PSYCH): 128/126/128 Essays (X/8): Wrote them all in one day so I’m not surprised. I thought the experiences were interesting but I guess not.
  10. TIME STAMP: 3:13PMResult: Regrets GPA: 4.00MCAT: 126 CARS ECs: I’d like to think they are strong but beginning to think otherwise after getting rejected from UBC as well (Although OOP for UBC). Interestingly I got an interview to UofC a couple years ago with a 123 CARS and scored 90th percentile in most categories. I increased my CARS to 126 and I ended up not getting an interview despite my EC’s being pretty similar + some more ...Year: Finished UG in 2016Geography : IP
  11. In 2018, I got the invite on Friday January 19th so it hasn't been Tuesdays every year! Hopefully that clears things up further EDIT: Also to further clarify, it is true that I have applied in the past, so the tab could be there for that reason. I did not get an interview last year though.
  12. Just an FYI, interviews will most likely come on Thursday January 30th because the scheduler opens the next business day as per previous years.
  13. Double post because literally 2 minutes after I screenshotted, the caption under the tab changed to this: Not sure what any of this means though. But I wonder what everyone else is seeing on their application.
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