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  1. Does anyone else have this status in their BearTracks? When I check the “Outstanding Items”, it shows “Spoken English Proficiency” as Incomplete. It doesn’t even make sense because I’m a Canadian Citizen, went to an English high school and University in Canada.. I contacted the admissions and got a generic “please check beartracks for the outstanding item” reply. Does anyone else have this status?
  2. Last year the cut-off seemed to be 126 for CARS. I honestly think it's unlikely to be lowered to 125 but it's definitely a possibility.
  3. I would say you’re almost sure to get an invite 2 days later if you didn’t get rejected. But there have been allegedly cases of people getting rejected later as well - I’m inclined to say they are rare exceptions
  4. Rejections are usually sent out on the first Monday of December, so that would be December 2nd this year. Invites are sent out a couple days later, so Dec 4th this year. Although in some years they have sent them out on the second week of December. So that’s also possible
  5. The pros of taking it in January outweigh the cons. Think about the “worst” case scenario, you rewrite the MCAT, but you end up getting an interview and eventually accepted. Is that even a bad scenario? No, you got accepted and I’m sure the fact that you retook there MCAT won’t even bother you one bit. Now think of the best scenario, you retake the MCAT and you don’t receive any interviews. Now you’re going to thank yourself for saving your ass and having rewritten it. Now think of the real worst scenario. You don’t rewrite the MCAT and you don’t get any interviews. Now you’re left with nothing. You’re going to be cursing yourself for not having retaken it. If you just bring up your science sections to at least 125, you open many doors (UBC, UofA, UofT, possibly Queens). I rewrote the MCAT 3 times from 124/121/124/125 on My first attempt to 128/126/128/128 on my third attempt. You can do it, and you will appreciate having done it.
  6. It might be that SWOMEN applicants are more likely to accept their offer of admission compared to non-SWOMEN applicants. It makes sense since SWOMEN’s typically reside near Western and would probably prefer going to that school whereas non-SWOMEN applicants are from elsewhere and more likely to decline their offers in favour of other schools.
  7. The academic reference could only be provided by professors right? I never understood how a professor could speak about your abilities when all they know is you got an A+ in their class...
  8. Your chances would be better if you did a 2nd undergrad in Ontario, but it is still the most competitive province. Even with a very good GPA you'll still need a higher CARS for Western, and most likely Mac, as well as most out of province medical schools. Even then, you'll still be competing with ~3000-5000 applicants for ontario med schools. You benefit a lot more by moving to another province. The best province to move to would be Yukon as it will give you IP status for MULTIPLE provinces (Alberta, BC, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Memorial, etc..). The next best would be Saskatchewan as they have the highest acceptance rate in Canada for IP applicants. Alberta has two medical schools which would also be a good idea for IP status but they are both quite competitive. BC has a really lax residency requirement of 6 months so it's the easiest place to move to and their IP acceptance ratio is quite high.
  9. I'm not a med student yet but I do wonder if those who don't match applied only to the big cities like Toronto and Vancouver. Don't you get to apply to as many programs as you wish? I would imagine that if I'm gunning for plastic surgery, for example, I would apply to as many locations as possible because matching even to a rural residency is better than not matching at all.
  10. Your 4th year is all pass/fail courses? And it seems you have many other P/F courses throughout your undergrad. Many med schools will not count those years as full courseload. Your GPA is too low for UofT and Ottawa. Your GPA is fine for western but you’ll most likely need a 128 in CARS. It’s still worth applying because cut offs change every year and it could possibly come down to 127, although not very likely. You’re fine for Queens both GPA and MCAT wise, but you’ll have to find out if you are eligible considering your pass/fail courses. I think you have a shot here. your GPA is low for Mac, and your CARS is 2 points below the average. I don’t think you have a shot here but I would still apply. If you absolutely destroy CASPer, you may have a chance. Who knows. But I wouldn’t bank on it. You are not eligible for UBC (GPA below cut off), Alberta & Calgary (CARS below cut off). With a 128 in CARS you could have a shot with Western, and Alberta schools. I think your best course of action is moving to another province for IP status AND doing a second undergrad there.
  11. They asked me to change a few of my verifiers because they were Gmail accounts. They wanted to make sure I provide a professional email for them. They also asked me to clarify and give more info about one of my entries in my high performance area section. No idea what it all means. But I think at the very least it means I haven’t been outright rejected yet if they are asking all these questions haha
  12. UBC has been all over my stuff... I’ve had 4 of my verifiers contacted, 1 of them was contacted today. UBC has also been contacting me to clarify some of my entries and has been asking for more information regarding 3 of my verifiers
  13. I'd argue that it's easier to meet people in med school or undergrad or any school when you compare it to not being in school. I have been out of school for 2 years now and my encounters with women have diminished greatly. I used to have more friends in undergrad, and found my ex who I was in a 3 year relationship with from there. School fosters a social circle, and as hard as med school is, I still think it makes connections more available to you than when you are out of school and rely on old friends or tinder/bumble.
  14. UofA is the least transparent medical school in Canada. Everyone thinks Queens is a black box but I don't think that is the case (GPA + MCAT are cut-off based, then you are evaluated competitively based on your ABS and CAF - simple). But we have absolutely no idea how MCAT, GPA, CASPer or the Personal Activites section are evaluated at UofA. They could all be cut-off based, or they could all be competitive-based, or a mix of both.
  15. What’s sad is kids go to school to have a future and it’s crushed for so many because the system is so competitive. Learning is great but won’t pay the bills unless you make a job out of it.
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