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  1. you only need 3 credits of stats so I wouldn't go for Stats I & II. Any course that is stat-based (bio,psyc,math) is fine.
  2. I don’t think that’s accurate. Based on the admissions video from last year, the post interview formula is 50% Interview, 50% pre-interview file-review. The file review is more than just GPA
  3. I went from 90th percentile in 2 sections to 50th and I barely changed the entries. And I'm sure this cannot be fully due to a more competitive applicant pool (going from 90th to 50th is a huge drop that would require 100s of applicants being evaluated higher). Goes to show how subjective this process is.
  4. Before you submit the essay, do check how many credits you had in your first year. UofT will accept anything between 28-30 credits as full-courseload. If you're still below that, go ahead with the AEE.
  5. Unfortunately, yes. You require 3 units in biochemistry now to fulfill the requirement.
  6. Nice to see you back Mr. Duck! So to clarify, post-interview, if you are in the LSES stream you compete for the 2 reserved seats. If unsuccessful, you are reassessed against the general anglophone stream. However, what is the process pre-interview? is there no LSES/Anglophone distinction pre-interview? If there is, would you be re-assessed for an Anglophone interview if you do not receive one as an LSES applicant? From what I understand MD/PhD applicants would be reassessed for the MD stream both pre and post-interview if they are not selected for MD/PhD at each stage.
  7. The only Canadian med school that requires organic chem is Ottawa. But for the US, almost all MD and DO schools require organic with a lab.
  8. It also might help to remember that Western does not get a lot of applications (around ~2000) and many of those don't even meet the MCAT cut-off. So you are not competing with 5000 applicants like you would be for Mac.
  9. No, unfortunately that is not the case. CASPer and MMI select for those who either truly have the target attributes or those that are able to convince the system that they have those attributes. Also, the attributes do not necessarily have any relation to whether you are perverted, racist, etc... I am not surprised by this. After several application cycles, I have learned that getting into med school has a lot to do with conveying the "right" persona. It does not matter so much if you are a homophobic, misogynist, racist asshole; if the interviewer believes you are a wholesome applicant they will admit you. I personally know several people who have these despicable qualities and still got accepted to an Ontario med school because they prepared well for the interview, said the right things at the right time, and portrayed themselves the right way. Of course, the interviewers cannot necessarily be blamed for letting these applicants in (after all, they are not all expert psychiatrists), but the selection process is standardized in a sense that it targets very specific attributes that can be learned, faked, and possibly mastered. For example, consider John; he is a perverted asshole who harasses women. He also has prepared well for the MMI with many months of prep. He knows how to approach each station and the kind of reasoning expected of him in his responses. He is also very confident, has a nice smile and articulates himself very well. When MMI comes around, he performs well and gets accepted. Meanwhile, another applicant, Alex, is a very respectable man. He treats others with respect, is a good listener, and an open-minded person in general. But he is not as confident as John, and he doesn't articulate himself very well. He also doesn't prepare well for the MMI. when the day comes, he doesn't consider all sides of the argument to each scenario. He doesn't get accepted. I'm not saying that the MMI is completely flawed, and that every asshole gets through the system. There are tons of qualified applicants with amazing personalities who make it in, but the truth is that the system is not perfect and that at the end of the day, getting an acceptance to medical school is in no way a determinant of who is a good person and who is not. It is simply another test that you must pass.
  10. I believe that information is dated and they have not updated it yet. The new prereq requirements are stated both on the OMSAS app guide and on ottawa's website. I'd give OMSAS a call and confirm though.
  11. I believe 3.84 is below Ottawa’s cut-off if OP is applying anglophone - it would just be a waste of money to apply. But it might be a good idea for OP to contact Ottawa and ask about the specific cut-off.
  12. Your GPA is too low for Ottawa unless you’re applying to the French stream. It’s completely fine for western, however. They only use a cut-off that’s been 3.7 historically and a higher GPA wouldn’t matter.
  13. MCAT studying has got to me. Thanks for the catch, good sir.
  14. I think I came off a bit too certain with my predictions. The lower MCAT threshold must logically make more applicants eligible, but as you said it might not be a drastic difference. As for a GPA rise, I was under the impression that more applicants means more competitive (as has been the trend for many years) metrics, especially at UofT because GPA and ABS/Essays are the only factors differentiating between applicants!
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