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  1. Only Mac has OOP requirements. You are considered the same as an Ontarian applicant to all other schools. Ottawa has a separate gpa cut off for out of province but it is mostly inconsequential. Western has a separate stream for southwestern Ontario applicants that makes it even tougher for the general Ontario population.
  2. TIME STAMP: 1:30 PM PST Interview Invite or Regrets: Regrets Early or Regular Deadline: Regular GPA or AGPA (if applicable): 90.1% MCAT (CPBS / CARS / BBFL / PSBB): 510 Current Degree (UG/Bachelors/Masters/PhD): UG Complete Geography (IP/OOP): OOP Extracurricular Activities (awards, achievements, volunteering, employment, research, etc.): I think strong. Founder/President of a successful organization, awards from the government, multiple piano awards, general manager of a non profit organization, distinguished student leader (invited to uni's president's office and the chair of several departments for focus group meetings), worked with schizophrenia and dementia patients, volunteer trainer and program coordinator at a hospital, project coordinator for aboriginal events, etc.. Good luck to everyone else EDIT: also unable to access application status on OAS
  3. Comforting to know that they received the highest number of OOP applications ever this year.......
  4. Early applicants are also rejected on Monday! No invites are sent on Monday at all - based on previous years at least.
  5. The invite/regret thread is already up: I'm also wondering if they do actually send any rejections after Monday. Either way, Monday is going to be extremely nerve-wracking!
  6. Yup. My bet is that the email will be sent out next week and rejections will come on Monday December 9th.
  7. The most important thing is your GPA. It doesn’t matter at all what program you do. Go to an easy university and take easy courses. You don’t need to do any chem or bio courses except the ones required as prerequisites. You can study for the MCAT without taking a lot of science courses. I did all this and was able to get a high GPA and MCAT score. Another thing to consider is your geographical location. If you’re from Ontario, you’re in the most competitive environment for MD admission. If you do your undergrad in Saskatchewan, BC or Alberta, you’ll be considered an in province applicant to those med schools and your chances will be much higher for admission. Start volunteering in first year and do meaningful things, and do them for as long as you can. Don’t just volunteer in a club for 4 months. Try to do continue it throughout your entire undergrad. Read books, keep yourself sharp. It’s a good hobby and it does help with CARS section of the MCAT. You don’t worry about residency at all until you are actually in med school. Finally, make sure you have considered other careers before going for med. You will be in school for 4 years after your 4 years of undergrad, and then 2-6 years of residency. Your life will be very stressful in med school and residency, very little downtime. If you want a cushy 40h/week job, med is not the choice. You will be working much more than that + on call. But if you are okay with all that, and can’t imagine doing anything else, go for it!
  8. Alright so if we don’t get an email next week, we’ll know that invite/regrets will be sent out the week of dec 9th!
  9. Does anyone else have this status in their BearTracks? When I check the “Outstanding Items”, it shows “Spoken English Proficiency” as Incomplete. It doesn’t even make sense because I’m a Canadian Citizen, went to an English high school and University in Canada.. I contacted the admissions and got a generic “please check beartracks for the outstanding item” reply. Does anyone else have this status?
  10. Last year the cut-off seemed to be 126 for CARS. I honestly think it's unlikely to be lowered to 125 but it's definitely a possibility.
  11. I would say you’re almost sure to get an invite 2 days later if you didn’t get rejected. But there have been allegedly cases of people getting rejected later as well - I’m inclined to say they are rare exceptions
  12. Rejections are usually sent out on the first Monday of December, so that would be December 2nd this year. Invites are sent out a couple days later, so Dec 4th this year. Although in some years they have sent them out on the second week of December. So that’s also possible
  13. The pros of taking it in January outweigh the cons. Think about the “worst” case scenario, you rewrite the MCAT, but you end up getting an interview and eventually accepted. Is that even a bad scenario? No, you got accepted and I’m sure the fact that you retook there MCAT won’t even bother you one bit. Now think of the best scenario, you retake the MCAT and you don’t receive any interviews. Now you’re going to thank yourself for saving your ass and having rewritten it. Now think of the real worst scenario. You don’t rewrite the MCAT and you don’t get any interviews. Now you’re left with nothing. You’re going to be cursing yourself for not having retaken it. If you just bring up your science sections to at least 125, you open many doors (UBC, UofA, UofT, possibly Queens). I rewrote the MCAT 3 times from 124/121/124/125 on My first attempt to 128/126/128/128 on my third attempt. You can do it, and you will appreciate having done it.
  14. It might be that SWOMEN applicants are more likely to accept their offer of admission compared to non-SWOMEN applicants. It makes sense since SWOMEN’s typically reside near Western and would probably prefer going to that school whereas non-SWOMEN applicants are from elsewhere and more likely to decline their offers in favour of other schools.
  15. The academic reference could only be provided by professors right? I never understood how a professor could speak about your abilities when all they know is you got an A+ in their class...
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