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  1. billy55555

    McMaster campuses

    Even if it is before accepting their offer?
  2. billy55555

    McMaster campuses

    Does mac accomodate switching a campus before starting med school? What if you find a student willing to swap with you , will mac admin do it?
  3. billy55555

    McMaster campuses

    What is mf1 and why did u have to move after mf1? Do you not have a choice to live in the same apt close to your campus for all 3 years?
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  5. billy55555


    me too. Didn't really know anyone. I just went to class, library and back home. All worked out well in later years
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  7. billy55555

    McMaster or Western?

    Western by far!
  8. billy55555

    Type of Research to do for Carms...

    Does primary author vs least on the list make a difference for above criterion?
  9. Sounds like u should favour Saskatchewan given your married. Otherwise you'll possibly put unneeded strain on marriage, her support if pregnant in future or you both need help with childcare etc...residency will work itself out but your next 4 years is the priority now with your wife.
  10. billy55555

    McMaster vs U of A??

    UofA gives you summers to do research, vacation or employment, time with friends/family... McMaster is 3 years straight no summer time off, lots of pressure without vacation time/family. I heard of McMaster students that told me they would not do it again in 3 years. Just too much pressure and not enough time to do extra research to boost applications for future residency in specialty fields. Also 2 of the 3 campuses are in small towns that use video conferencing to the main hub or you need to take long bus rides to the main hub where the large hospital resides. I'd take UofA. Nothing else to think about.
  11. congrats! which of your 3 are you picking?
  12. Congrats! Are you picking Ottawa or Mac?