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  1. I recall reading that med students at WRC get UPass transit pass incl with tuition? Is this still true?
  2. How much time do 3rd year med students at Kitchener campus spend in the med school vs local hospitals (grand river, st Mary's) vs other cities nearby (Guelph, Cambridge etc). I'm mostly interest between November until August in your final year
  3. Anyone have an update on current cell plan deals for med students?
  4. Even if it is before accepting their offer?
  5. Does mac accomodate switching a campus before starting med school? What if you find a student willing to swap with you , will mac admin do it?
  6. What is mf1 and why did u have to move after mf1? Do you not have a choice to live in the same apt close to your campus for all 3 years?
  7. billy55555


    me too. Didn't really know anyone. I just went to class, library and back home. All worked out well in later years
  8. Does primary author vs least on the list make a difference for above criterion?
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