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  1. Does uoft give any snacks before or after the interview/tour etc?
  2. what is your gpa for each individual year? Did every year have a full course load? how long did u spend on your essays? Anyone else review? Are you certain your references think very highly of you in all categories?
  3. billy55555

    Please help with school list for USMD!!

    Boost your Casper for Ottawa and mac. Suspect that held u back. I'm suggesting u look within as a high GPA student does not fit the profile of most canadian USA medschool applicants. Also the repeat MCAT hurts you in most USA schools that average out the scores. Good for you to maximize chances but also reflect why you are not getting the invites you expected or offers after being interviewed...
  4. billy55555

    Please help with school list for USMD!!

    What is your MCAT#2 score breakdown and which province do you reside? your last 3 years of 4.0 (OMSAS?) should get you an invite to Ottawa, Queens, UofT. What am I missing here?
  5. billy55555

    Post-interview discussion

    how did you know they were indeed 2 doctors? Did you ask them?
  6. billy55555

    524 Mcat - Science Grad - Ama

    how many of the Kaplan FLs did u take ? Did you do AAMC unscored, FL1 and FL2 ? FLs from other companies ? Would u be willing to share your aamc FLs scores ?
  7. billy55555

    Good MCAT, low CARS

    for the mcat criterion is it the total MCAT score or individual sections like CARS ?
  8. my bad . I misread Western
  9. how sure are you of the mcat cutoffs for queens 129 cars ?? Is that rumour or fact ?
  10. billy55555

    MMI, Casper and MCAT Prep Books for sale

    do u still have the casper sim available ?
  11. billy55555

    CASPer Prep?

    how low was the CARS to motivate others ?
  12. billy55555

    Tpr Fls And Mcat Practice Tests

    MDHopefullyMe, would you be willing to share your MCAT test scores ? I'm going to follow your Kaplan book plan + TPR for P/S so wondering how well it worked with your real test. I've read many of your posts. good luck with your interviews many thanks Bill
  13. billy55555

    Toronto's GPA weighting formula

    Can you remove more than 1 course in a given year with the 3 or 4 drops or is it maximum 1 drop per course year ? Wondering if I can drop my three worst courses that were in my first year of study....