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  1. That's great! Thank you so much for your reply, Shematoma !!
  2. Dr. End Poverty

    CMA backpacks

    According to orientation schedule, we get it on July 4.
  3. Dr. End Poverty

    CMA backpacks

    July 4 (?)
  4. Does anyone know if you get the $500 bonus if you do not plan on using the LOC?
  5. I totally see your sentiment about how there are so many individuals who are unhappy with medicine, but I honestly feel that happiness and joy is an inner state, more so than an outer state. With any career, including medicine, there will be various difficulties, doubts, uncertainties, but the key is to accept those uncertainties, and to have faith and trust that you are going to make it and to not to dwell too much on the negatives but embrace the positives ( I maybe very naive though, as I will only start medicine in 2 weeks, but I know a LOT of people who are very satisfied with medicine despite it's challenges and difficulties). Don't dwell on the thought that you may fail out, instead focus on the thought that you got into two schools for a reason and you have more than what it takes to succeed. Your thoughts really do determine your behaviour. I also got into several schools, and I was concerned that I made the wrong decision by choosing a 3 year program because I think a 4 year program gives you the time to learn and have strong background. So I think you made the right choice by choosing a 4 year year program, it gives you Summers off to cool off and travel and to enjoy life. Just like you, I was also concerned about how difficult it is that I won't have any income until I'm 26, but I decided to not dwell on that thought and to learn to be content with a simple life style and to be very content/ happy and enjoy what I have in the moment. I also won't forsake my hobbies, family or friends during medicine, and I won't let medicine ever become one of the main priorities in my life or ever consume me. I will always schedule time to spend with the people that I love, and my family and friends and to take care of myself physically / emotionally/ mentally/spiritually/ relationally . I don't think it is wise to let a career consume you so make sure you stay balanced in all areas of your life in med school: academically/ career wise, in your relationships, in your spiritual/emotional/mental well being.
  6. Dr. End Poverty

    How do you study in med school?

    One of my relatives gave me Toronto Notes for my 24th birthday gift saying that I will need it in med school but I'm not sure if that's true. It's a humongous book, but apparently, it is really helpful
  7. Dr. End Poverty

    How do you study in med school?

    Check out the Girly MD channel, she answers a lot of your questions
  8. Dr. End Poverty

    IP vs OOP

    Ok, I did not know that, they must make a lot of money
  9. Dr. End Poverty

    IP vs OOP

    I am not very familiar with Queen's application evaluation rules but I thought that your IP and OOP status matters before the interview, but once you get the interview, they only care about your interview performance and not whether you are IP or OOP applicant. I might be completely wrong though!!
  10. Dr. End Poverty

    Dentistry vs Optometry

    I maybe quite naive but why are these two careers not comparable? I honestly would 've picked optometry over dentistry. I don't want to lean forward all day and I don't want to look at teeth all day. Comparing these two careers is like comparing apples to oranges!! I think the OP should do what they like
  11. Dr. End Poverty

    Back at square one...

    Try applying to Queen's as an OOP. I'm also from AB and I applied to Queen's and got in w/ much lower stats. I also felt that the interview style in Queen's was easier than U of C. Different school assess candidates differently and you may get lucky and get into a school if you apply more broadly. Best of luck!! If you've any specific questions, feel free to PM me.
  12. Dr. End Poverty

    Back at square one...

    U of C has a biomedical technology 1 year master's program ( They look mainly at your GPA. You need a GPA of 3.8 to be competitive, so you will definitely get in).
  13. Re-writing the MCAT is a good idea if you will be applying OOP. I'm not sure how does Queen's weighs the MCAT though(?). My MCAT was in the 96th percentile but I had to make up for a relatively lower wGPA(~3.85). With your GPA, it may be okay if you've slightly lower MCAT.
  14. Dr. End Poverty

    Waitlist Support Thread

    I believe they've sent you are too low on WL e-mail, so if you haven't received anything there might be some hope.
  15. Dr. End Poverty

    Really Need Advice Please! :(

    PM your e-mail address and I'll send you a document of Cdn friendly schools that a friend of mine gave me few years ago I'm not sure if it still accurate though