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  1. I know several brilliant people who went to Ireland because it is only 6 years of medical school and they wanted a shorter route. They are now working as internists, Cardiologists, and surgeons at various Canadian hospitals. People who choose to go to Ireland, States are NO less competitive than individuals who are doing med school in Canada. In fact, I would even argue that they are more competitive because they were able to make it here in Canada despite being labelled and stigmatized by ignorant people as an IMG.
  2. I am also quite introverted, yet I have made several close friends because I joined activities that I'm interested in and met with people who share similar interests. The best advice I would give is don't be shy and reach out to people and you will make friends. Don't hesitate to initiative friendships, and eventually you will find people that you like and don't mind being close to I go to U of C, so I have been in medical school for 3 months now and over time I interacted a lot with certain people and we became close friends. You will make friend eventually, just wait until you have to do school work together.. and over time, you will find your group of people Best of luck
  3. I got in after 3 application cycles; The first two ones I was rejected, but last application cycle, I was accepted to 3 schools haha. I don't think being a re-applicant is bad, unless the school red flag you or something. TLDR : I don't think schools care how many times you apply Cheers, EP
  4. End Poverty

    What's On Your Mind?

    I just sold my first oil painting. So happy
  5. Thank you for your advice, ZBL I really appreciate it because I am NOT familiar at all with the US system. I'm working on figuring out what I want, but it is difficult because I have not done a lot of the course content in school yet and I don't want to make a pre-mature decission. Hopefully, by the time, I do Course 2, I'll be more decisive. When I talked to my academic counsellor, she was telling me to still keep my options open at this point, and she was saying that even if I want Derm then I can still make it even if I make my decision to pursue it late in my first year. So, I definitely agree with you that my best chances is to do it in Canada.
  6. End Poverty

    (UofC) Anyone Willing to Read my Top 10?

    I can edit it, and u don't have to pay for my time. I have a midterm next week, but I can read it afterwards ( if you are still interested) PM me and I will probably read it on Friday of next week.
  7. End Poverty

    MCAT rewrite is it worth it?

    Your score is amazing, you don't need to rewrite
  8. I clumped 2-3 activities together, and I don't think it was a problem Best of Luck
  9. Thank you so much for taking the time to write the detailed response, Edict . I really appreciate it . I am actually studying for the USMLE as I am studying for my school exams, so it is not too bad. I will definitely shadow more to try to figure out what I really want and I will be doing more research about the different options for pursuing Derm in Canada and US ( If I am still interested in it and I can't see myself doing anything else).
  10. Thank you for your reply, Edict. I go to U of C and I don't think we can get an enrichment year . I was wondering if we have to do electives in the US if we would like to match there? I'm honestly mainly writing the USMLE in case I want to do a dermatology residency ( it is in my top 3 list of residencies that I'm currently interested in), but I'm concerned that I may not have enough time to build my resume for CARMS because I am still not 100% sure if dermatology is my top choice residency. I'm usually really good with standardized exams and I feel that if all I need to get dermatology residency in US is scoring extremely well on USMLEs, then I can definitely do that :). I feel that writing the USMLE would allow me to keep my options open. I also think that writing the exam while the material is fresh in my mind is easier than writing it later and possible having to re-study the material that I might have forgotten. It's a good way to review everything before clerckship. My dilemma is that I am currently interested in Derm, internal medicine, OB/GYN and I have not decided yet which option is what I really would like to pursue for the rest of my life, and I'm writing the USMLE to keep my options open.
  11. Yes, I'm doing it for residency and to keep my options open
  12. When is the best time to write the USMLE in 3 year medical school program? After 1st year ?
  13. End Poverty

    What do people wear for class?

    You can wear whatever you want ( nobody really cares especially when it is lectures), but I always try to look put together. It also really depends on your personality and if you are able to wake up early enough so that you have 15-20 mins to do ur hair, put some makeup, dress up nicely. It would be a good idea to invest in blazers ( black, grey, and navy one), blouses ( neutral colors), skirts, and dress pants !! I dress semi-formally on most days, even when it is lectures because I always wake up super early and have time to dress up. My favourite places to shop for professional/semi-formal clothing: aritzia, banana republic, gap, Rw&co, rickis, h&m
  14. End Poverty

    My chances for Queen's?

    I had a wGPA close to yours, 96th MCAT percentile ( above 127 in all sections), and good ECs and was accepted So, u definitely have a chance, just do well on your MCAT and you will probably get an interview.
  15. In regards to the Albertan schools GPA calculations, they only drop 1 year, and they are quite EC heavy pre-interview ( both U of C, and now U of A). What will your GPA be if they just dropped 1 year? How do you think your EC compare to others? U of C and U of A really value long-term community work. Do you 've long-term community work? What other ECs other than sports do you have? You need quite a comprehensive list of ECs to score well in EC section at both U of C and U of A. In addition, if you are applying to U of A, you have to do CASPer, and write an essay about an adversity you overcame. Post-interview, they really weigh interviews. If you can do well in the ECs and interview well at U of C and U of A, you definitely have a chance. Your MCAT score is less than the average for accepted students at both U of A and U of C, so you need to re-write for your score to be a competitive IP score. Before you go to the North-- make sure your stats are actually competitive as an IP applicant? I know 2 individuals from Ontario who were doing their MSc in AB and after 1 or 2 yr they were considered IP applicants, and in the end they ended up getting into Ontarian schools, and not the Albertan schools (both of them had high GPA/ MCAT though). So, I 'm not sure if it was really worth it for them to move to AB? Each medical school looks for a different profile of applicants, make sure you know what each school is looking for before you move North. The Albertan schools tend to be slightly more subjective than Ontarian schools, because they weigh ECs heavily. There are no certain academic thresholds, that will guarantee you an interview at U of C or U of A. With every application cycle there is variability in terms of how your EC scores is assessed ( check Dr. Walker's blog about how ECs are assessed in Calgary), so you may get an interview 1 yr and not the subsequent year because of the way your ECs was assessed by the reviewers. TLDR: I think it is a good idea if you move North BUT also make sure you will be competitive as an IP applicant. It is not worth it to move, if you will not tweak your application to make it more competitive to the schools that you are applying to. If you 've questions about AB schools, feel free to PM. I will try my best to help you.
  16. End Poverty

    top 10

    I'm not exactly sure what the admissions committees at U of C exactly look for, but here is some advice that you may find useful ( or not): 1. Write about experience that allowed you to significantly make a difference in your community. Long term commitments are desirable. - how this activity affected the people around you ( ex. you tutored /helped kids from low income families who would otherwise be unable to afford a tutor,...etc.) 2. Write about things that allow you to be unique candidate ( hobbies, passions/interests) 3. Speak about how you developed personally and professionally. 4. Write about how the activity affected you . ( ex. maybe the activity made you more knowledgable about social issues, tell the reviewer what you learned/developed from your activities ...etc.). 5. Why did you choose this particular activity? Is it related to a struggle/ adversity/ barrier that you faced? 6. Check out Canmed competencies and incorporate canmeds into your response. Best of luck!! 
  17. You can definitely get in next year. Work on developing great stories that show case your strength. Before my interviews, I prepared around ~15 stories and I was lucky because I was able to use the stories I prepared in all of my interviews
  18. End Poverty

    Family with Obstetrics vs. Obs/Gyn

    Sorry to revive an old thread, but does anyone know how many on call shifts does the average Obs/Gyn resident does per year? Is there any chart that compares the number of on call days that the residents in the different speciality have to do per year?
  19. I'm also from AB, and I had a GPA on the lower end. Last year, I applied to U of C, U of A, and Queen's and got in at all these schools. I was very hesitant about applying to Queen's because I did not think I'll be competitive as OOP applicant , but I applied anyways. I highly recommend/encourage you to apply to these 3 schools because you Do have a shot there. Make sure you write your ECs well as the Albertan schools and Queen's weigh them very heavily. Focus on incorporating canmeds competencies and writing about the difference you made through your ECs. Best of Luck!!
  20. End Poverty

    Chances for queens?

    Do not worry about your GPA from earlier years, they don't care about it. They 'll only look at the last two years. I think it would be a good idea to re-write the MCAT :). There are wonderful MCAT resources on reddit :)!! Khan academy also is great, and on reddit you can find the khan academy notes :)!!
  21. That's great! Thank you so much for your reply, Shematoma !!
  22. End Poverty

    CMA backpacks

    According to orientation schedule, we get it on July 4.
  23. End Poverty

    CMA backpacks

    July 4 (?)
  24. Does anyone know if you get the $500 bonus if you do not plan on using the LOC?
  25. I totally see your sentiment about how there are so many individuals who are unhappy with medicine, but I honestly feel that happiness and joy is an inner state, more so than an outer state. With any career, including medicine, there will be various difficulties, doubts, uncertainties, but the key is to accept those uncertainties, and to have faith and trust that you are going to make it and to not to dwell too much on the negatives but embrace the positives ( I maybe very naive though, as I will only start medicine in 2 weeks, but I know a LOT of people who are very satisfied with medicine despite it's challenges and difficulties). Don't dwell on the thought that you may fail out, instead focus on the thought that you got into two schools for a reason and you have more than what it takes to succeed. Your thoughts really do determine your behaviour. I also got into several schools, and I was concerned that I made the wrong decision by choosing a 3 year program because I think a 4 year program gives you the time to learn and have strong background. So I think you made the right choice by choosing a 4 year year program, it gives you Summers off to cool off and travel and to enjoy life. Just like you, I was also concerned about how difficult it is that I won't have any income until I'm 26, but I decided to not dwell on that thought and to learn to be content with a simple life style and to be very content/ happy and enjoy what I have in the moment. I also won't forsake my hobbies, family or friends during medicine, and I won't let medicine ever become one of the main priorities in my life or ever consume me. I will always schedule time to spend with the people that I love, and my family and friends and to take care of myself physically / emotionally/ mentally/spiritually/ relationally . I don't think it is wise to let a career consume you so make sure you stay balanced in all areas of your life in med school: academically/ career wise, in your relationships, in your spiritual/emotional/mental well being.