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  1. I am pretty sure everyone gets the interview, even the ones that dropped the application or the ones that haven't done the prereqs
  2. it doesn't matter what degree you go for, as long as you complete the prereqs
  3. I am currently in macewan going into second year, I talked to Rae and it looks like it doesn't matter as long as the prereqs are satisfied. However warning, if you are in macewan, you need to sign up for classes early as the class sizes are small here compared to the uofa. And classes tend to fill up faster than others. For example, there is only one microbiology class here and the seats are limited, so try to enroll as fast as you can. Also, there aren't many courses available here like pharmacology and some earth science courses. I will stay in macewan for one more year and then apply, good luck! I just realized that Im a bit too late to answer this question lol
  4. Just wondering what were everyones experiences going into pharmacy? Volunteer? Extracurricular? Thanks!
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