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  1. not the first time this doctor has been accused of sexual misconduct. If you google his name, not too long ago he was accused along with another doc who at the time was a plastic surgery resident. Both were acquitted, his friend actually recently got re-instated by the college in order to continue his plastics residency
  2. https://medicine.wustl.edu/news/deadly-heart-rhythm-halted-noninvasive-radiation-therapy/ game changer? Cardiology encroaching on the use of radiation vs radiation oncology potentially expanding its scope? man is it interesting. There's a handful of benign stuff right now that rad oncs see (i.e trigem neuralgia, AVMs, heterotropic ossification, duputreyns contractures) on a pretty rare basis. Talking to an older staff today, he said they used to look at radiation for inflammatory conditions (ex. rheumatoid, ank spond) decades ago and obviously those results turned out negative. Makes you wonder though if there are other things that people just haven't thought of yet radiation cardiologists and cardiac radiation fellowships anyone? hahaha! Having seen what cardiology did to cardiac sx., wouldn't be surprised if they tried taking this under their scope too (assuming this does end up being a game changing therapy of course, still many many years of research to be done before we can even remotely consider this in clinical practice)
  3. Any rad onc residents on here have an opinion about proton therapy? Theoretically seems like the next amazing thing but the economic costs are hard to justify given we do pretty well with xray photons already. Have any of the residents heard any plans for it to come to their centers? i'd imagine toronto to be likely the first place it would show up should it ever even come here
  4. Currently in my last year of medical school. CaRMs coming up soon and this is definitely a specialty I am interested in. Great lifestyle, technical aspects of the specialty very interesting. \ Something I haven't been able to get a sense of though is how much do rad oncs typically make. I've been to hesitant to ask this while on a couple electives. I've read previous posts in this page about estimates and I was just wondering if anyone has updated info or just numbers from rad oncs first hand. My decision is not all about the money of course, I just wanna get a better sense of what my financial prospects could be since I've already discussed the obvious negative about rad onc with residents and staff already (job market!)
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