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  1. I would warn anyone to think long and hard before posting these kind of things on these forums. Keeping these things to yourself would be benefitial imo. These forums, medical schools, and the academic world in general is sooo radically far left someone on these forums may report you and you'll get blacklisted from all the med schools in Canada for even bringing something like this up LOLOL
  2. I must say I have to disagree with vast majority of people on here. Optometrists make much more than that. In fact, them making 70k doesn't even make sense mathematically. They get paid approximately 70 per patient for covered patients and they regularly charge 100 for an eye exam. Even seeing 15 patients per day and working 300 days a year is 250k after overhead. For some reason the salaries of optometry are grossly under exaggerated. I know many optometrists that make above 250k just working at an optical for someone else. The richest people that I personally know are optometrists -- they all clear over a mil per year. Opticals profit SIGNIFICANTLY more than family med clinics if you sell glasses. The only BIG downside of optometry is the future doesn't look too good with saturation (In fact, saturation is already an issue) and there is no room for mobility incase someone wants to switch to something else in the future. Additionally med has better prestige if you care about that sort of thing, but that depends on the person.
  3. Hey guys forgive me as I'm not too knowledgable on the carms process! However, isn't it possible to just apply to residency again the next year? Or does that somehow reduce your chances of matching to the residency you want? It seems like if you're already in med it's a 10-15 year process so an extra year wouldn't hurt too much. I think that's better than going into a residency you don't want. Right?
  4. How early can you register for the mcat? How many months prior to the write date?
  5. Hi everyone, I have a quick question. I know in the US a lot of medical schools audio/video record and post lectures online during the first 2 years of med school -- so physically attending isn't mandatory. I'm wondering if this is the case with Canadian medical schools as well?
  6. Which medical school do you go to? Do medical schools in Canada record and post lectures online so that you don't have to go to school (a lot of the American schools do this)?
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