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  1. "on track to graduate with great distinction" - haven't even finished second semester of first-year university ... lol, also in what world is the fact that your friend graduated from Dal a connection in any way...how is that relevant to you? take note of the fact that 600+ people apply for the 15 OOP seats lol
  2. YesIcan55

    too late to even consider derm?

    lot$ of people $uddenly finding their pa$$ion for derm..
  3. YesIcan55

    Dermatology -> Ophthalmology

    nothing in common between Derm and Optha....lolz OP wants to get into the #1 highest paid field as opposed to the #2 highest paid field...
  4. Why specifically say "first-time applicant" when in fact you are a second (but more likely a third time) reapplicant? no one mentions how many times they applied in their title because it is irrelevant. Also, if you are trying to be "elusive" why include such a specific and easily traceable EC like "Spent the majority of my undergrad playing varsity tennis at Western University"? Your stories don't add up dude.
  5. Being elusive and lying because you are insecure about your stats aren't the same thing...no one is here is gonna judge you because 1) no one cares 2) no one knows who you are 3) it is hard to give constructive feedback and advice when you are not being honest about your app....also it would be funny if your "gf" knew how you talked about her in such a way to others online..
  6. why include "first-time applicant" in the title...when next cycle will be your second attempt at least or actually third attempt (if you applied last year in third year UG)? there is no shame in re-applying. The average Canadian medical student has to apply 3 times before acceptance. I personally know people who took 5+ tries.
  7. YesIcan55

    McGill vs U of T Life Sciences

    neither, and don't go into those majors.
  8. tell that to my Muslim friends who experience almost daily racism in London, or do a little bit of reading into the many articles/stories of racism in London
  9. if you are Black/Brown/Muslim/Asian/not straight ... living in London is like living in the Deep South of the USA...don't know why people in London are so racist and anti anything and anyone who is not a White conservative but that's the way things are sadly.
  10. YesIcan55

    Family Medicine Salary

    to teach high school in AB you need 2 degrees....no one was comparing the how hard they were to each other... just the comparable university years....a resident makes the same that a teacher makes after the teacher did 6+ years of university....and once the 2 year FM residency is done, the income differnces are on different planets...
  11. YesIcan55

    Family Medicine Salary

    lol try and see how life is in "careers outside of medicine" and you will want to be back in medicine so fast...
  12. YesIcan55

    Family Medicine Salary

    Thank you. I do not understand where the entitlement comes from? My friend has BSc, MEd and BEd degrees and is struggling to find a full-time teaching job. He is a substitute teacher after 7 years of university education. When he finds a fulltime temporary teaching contract he will be making the same as a resident salary. Let that sink in. This is not a rare case and is only for the field of education. Don't get me started about other fields like researchers, engineers who work in retail here in AB, etc. I think the entitlement and ignorance come from 1) either growing up with rich doctor parents 2) getting into medicine right away and not having to endure other career paths and to understand the struggle.