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  1. 100% agreed, it's absolutely disgusting and shameful. If this thread was about a male doctor who had sex with his female cancer patient in the hospital, broke up with her, stopped treating her, and then started sleeping with his coworkers...No one would reference anything that he accomplished or how talented they were even if they were the smartest and most talented doctor in the history of the world, but this thread would be filled with hate (and rightfully so)....in fact anyone who would dare bring up his talent or skill as a doctor would be villifed themselves ..
  2. I sincerely hope you're trolling at this point. I don't care if she is your sister for has the cure for cancer in her mind for God's sake. What she did is absolutely disgusting on all levels....but what is more sickening is people like you with comments like this... I only wish to imagine how this doctor will be vilified (rightfully so) if the exact same case happened and he was a male..and how many comments like this we would get (oh poor woman, she cant practice medicine, she's such an awesome person who is so smart but she made just a mistake, oh its not surprising, she decided to fricken sleep with her cancer patient....in the hospital... then end the relationship and be with a coworker....I'm at a loss of words. Shame on you.
  3. YesIcan55

    MD application and CASPer

    This is the third year they are asking for CASPer.......
  4. lol talking to a 39-year-old doctor is in fact very far from the admission process...considering that schools literally change policies/selection standards every 1-2 years...McMaster is very upfront with what they look for when inviting those to interview/acceptance and saying they are holistic/non-trad friendly is the furthest thing from reality
  5. CASPER is not a "holistic/EC" type metric its a one hour test lmao
  6. that couldn't be further from the truth...McMaster does not consider EC's/references/volunteering/employment etc in any part of their admission process...and they also consider every course you have ever taken for their GPA calculation with no weighting/drops...so they are anything but a holistic process that cares about anything other than academics lol
  7. so many things wrong with this post....firstly just as the above poster said if you "landed your dream job" then be happy and run with it ... plus it is kind of weird how you immediately put the "max income" in brackets and then said you want to do medicine...hmm, there are people on this board with great qualifications who still haven't received admission after several years of applications and degrees, so don't assume you will get in the first time... and finally before planning a timeline for kids maybe its more logical to look for a partner, see if you click, develop a long-term relationship, etc and then discuss as a team when/if to have kids....because as you know it is a two-way game..
  8. YesIcan55


    This is one of those posts that seems so satirical that they put in those MMI Music Videos about applicants on premed101....
  9. YesIcan55

    Income and Lifestyle

    This thread is so comical and sad....a family doctor makes in the top 1% of income earners in Canada...so if you are struggling so much....what about the 99% of Canada...which make up 99% of your patients...this thread is exactly why its dangerous to let in 20 or 21 year olds to medical school from third or fourth year undergrad with no sense of the realities of the working world...
  10. YesIcan55

    wGPA rounding?

    I hope you're trolling, if not then ...
  11. Why is everyone still giving this person the time of the day? They are 99% a troll and assuming they aren't a troll the level of immaturity and short-sightedness they are showing regarding Casper is comical and shouldn't be entertained.
  12. I sincerely hope you aren't in medical school because you sound like a major dick.
  13. YesIcan55

    Worried About Debt

    some people come out of undergrad with more than 30K in debt, wow...not sure if there are more trolls here lately or this is real post
  14. Not every household in Canada is dual income for a variety of reasons....second of all lets go by assuming that they are. Making 80K a year as a dual income while trying to raise 2-3 kids and think about buying a house? Good luck. The vast majority of Canadians are not privileged. I am sorry if I took out my frustrations on you. I just wish medical schools did more to consider applicants with more diverse life paths instead of just looking at numbers when sadly many people who are let in to the system have money as a big motivator and look down on other professionals/citzens while many others are let out. It is a constant cycle where the privileged like to maintain their position and make the system harder for others to enter and making it easier for people like themselves to get in. The only people that suffer the most are the patients who will directly or indirectly have providers who cant relate and emphasize with them.