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  1. There are many Pakistani MD taxi drivers in Canada. There are no shortcuts to becoming a doctor in Canada. Do not think that you can take the easy way out by leaving Canada to go to medical school in Pakistan. Persist and try and try and try to get into medical school in Canada. Hard truth.
  2. what is the point of this thread
  3. I have mentioned this in the earlier part of the thread...average med student had to apply 3 times as per stats, there are strong applicants who apply 5+ times before admission, so please take that into account...
  4. There are no rural programs for Plastic Surgery. Plastic Surgery is so competitive that even if you applied to all programs it wouldn't affect your chances.
  5. there are people who have gotten 2.0 GPA in 1st year and and have gotten into medical school, while there are people with 4.0 GPA in first year who have not gotten in after applying 5+ times.
  6. you're in HS and planning on moving to Sask to get IP. I was not one of the ones shitting on you for doing that. In fact, I think it is a smart thing to do, and wish I could go back in time to do that. I have the problem with Sask med students who are clearly below other Canadian med students...who try and deny or don't like when people bring up the data to show how MOST would NEVER get one interview at any other medical school in Canada. They need to thank their lucky stars they are from Sask. Second of all, you think I wanted to do all these degrees? I first started applying to medical school at the earliest chance I got when I entered third year undergrad. I have been applying for every year since...and it has been 5 years now since I first started trying. You think I wanted to prolong my lifelong dream? I was just like you back in grade 12...thinking that I want to get my MD as fast as possible, screw doing other degrees, etc. Life does not always workout that way. PS- if you are moving to Sask to get IP, you better hope and pray they don't change their criteria to get IP since many schools change that almost every year. Last of all, if you don't "want to kill yourself to get into medical school"....you need to rethink that mindset. As hard as the last few years has been for me...I know that medical school itself and residency will be much harder and stressful. Also, if you really wanted to do this, you would not mind applying for many years...unless of course you think getting an MD is some sort of pass to big money, women, etc (which it is not btw)
  7. the program has a history of being under probation btw...
  8. I would have not only gotten into medical school but GRADUATED medical school had I been Sask IP from the get-go of my applications. You can't imagine how that feels...it's also not just "slightly easier" or "less competitive" there is no comparison in the stats at Sask IP and anywhere else. This is not the case of being bitter, it's the case of pure injustice.
  9. I've lived watching med youtubers start their channel the year I applied for the first time to graduating med school and starting residency...and yet I still haven't gotten in. Trust me it's not fun and while this is an extreme example I don't wish on anybody watching all this before invites come out could make you feel like that on a smaller scale.
  10. the whole point of "distracting" yourself from invites is to live your life and NOT think about med...watching videos of med students usually makes one more anxious, and if you don't get invited you will feel a lot worse after spending time watching/thinking about "what could have been"...take this advice from a fifth time applicant..
  11. yea you just need 24 total credits for the year (so 8 courses)...this can be done by taking 4 and 4 each sem, or 5 and 3 each sem...and I guess theoretically even 6 and 2 or 7 and 1 lol
  12. You aren't ugly. I realize that came off super smug...my bad. I do agree with you that people who suggest dating apps are either women or guys who have had success with them. Then these 2 groups of people will not understand/empathize because they get so many matches. The harsh reality is that for 80% of guys, dating apps are not the way to go.
  13. lol I got 20-25 every single day when I got it for shitsandgiggles for 4 days...and I am a dude in a city with more men than women (that is so irrelevant btw lol)
  14. your cGPA of 3.4 is meaningless. People have gotten in with lower cGPA's, of course assuming that their specific wGPA is high enough for that specific school. Your wGPA is good to go for UWO, Queens, and UofC. The cutoff for Ottawa English stream is 3.87, so you do not meet that. So, I would just try and shoot my shot for those 3 schools, good luck.
  15. As someone who's parents are from a third world country where admission to dental/mental school is an absolute joke and filled with so much nepotism and corruption your head will spin...the stereotype will never end. There is truth in the stereotype....at least in Canada getting into these professional schools we take the best of the best university students...not any slump from a third world high school..
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