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  1. if you re-read his post you'll see that he was talking about people choosing to stay and live at home for undergrad + any post-grad/masters + medical school + even residency...it does not matter what culture you are from there comes a point when enough is enough and you need to be independent and try and be an adult. And this is coming from someone from one of the most family orientated cultures in the world.
  2. YesIcan55

    Money during med school?

    not sure why this is such a pervasive line of thinking on this forum.. almost all medical school students I know work part-time in some way.
  3. YesIcan55

    Continue applying

    I said nothing that was "inflammatory" in my post...I just said facts based on the interview stats but ok ...
  4. I have heard from some people saying that in certain specialities and/or academic centres having a PhD really helps in getting an academic position later on as staff...but what I am wondering is does the publication record matter of the PhD matter or simply just possing the PhD what matters? What if the PhD is in the social sciences and not related in any way to medicine/basic sciences?
  5. I should have been more clear. "A dentist I spoke to really emphasized the need to get into a competitive undergrad with a strong reputation/program, and that this would help me immensely - not only in terms of the schools seeing that, but also in terms of the mindset of the other students around me." <----- that is what I was referring to
  6. lmao that dentist literally gave you the worst possible advice
  7. YesIcan55

    Ireland vs. Australia

    If you want "inspiration" I know of a couple of people who literally applied 5 times with no interviews, then on 6th attempt got an interview then got in. Not saying this will be you as you only applied twice and this is an extreme case....but don't give up on Canada now...work on what you need to (GPA, MCAT, EC's), move provinces, start a new UG/master's, etc as opposed to calling it quits here. If you keep trying and continue to improve yourself, you will get into a Canadian medical school eventually.
  8. YesIcan55

    Ireland vs. Australia

    big mistake to go abroad after applying twice. The average Canadian medical student applied 3 times (as per Dr. Ian Walker- director of admissions at UofC)...so going abroad after applying twice is too soon....trust me you will regret this decision. Work on your improving your app and reapply while living life.
  9. YesIcan55

    Ireland vs. Australia

    how many times have you applied to Canadian medical schools? if the answer is under 4 times, do not go to either.
  10. no problem, again according to UofC's admissions director he actually encourages applicants to pursue alternative career paths...because med is uncertain and life is short...don't put your life on hold for med, pursue another path and continue applying. When I first started applying to med I had the "med or die attitude", I had no plan B, and also had the fear that any work towards a Plan B will hurt me....this is the worst attitude to have. Even though I have begun work towards an alternative path I still have med is my dream and Plan A...and my alternative career is only giving me the experiences that allow me to be a more mature med student one day. Plus, being in the PA program is great! I am sure you will gain a lot of cool experiences, and useful knowledge, clinical experience, reference letters, etc
  11. the easy solution is to take the PA offer and continue to reapply to med...contrary to what you see on this forum of the many offers that come to those in their first application cycle straight from third year/fourth year UG the average Canadian medical student had to apply 3 times to get accepted (according to UofC's admissions director)...and it is not uncommon to see some apply 4+ times. What do those applicants do in the 3 or 4+ cycles? They pursue an alternative career path while still reapplying to med. It's great you got accepted to a PA program. I encourage you to pursue this path will all your heart while still applying for med!
  12. As someone who has been applying for 4 straight years and still yet to be accepted, I can empathize with you. It is heartbreaking seeing people that you applied with and practised with in your first cycle be finished medical school before you are even accepted. I am not going to lie to you. The feeling sucks and it takes a huge toll on your self-esteem. What keeps me coming back year after year is how badly I want this, coupled with the success stories of people who have gotten in after 5, 6, or 7 tries! I personally know multiple people who fall in that group and seeing them achieve their dreams after so many attempts motivates me to keep trying. In the end, no one is going to care how long it took you to get in (either starting undergrad later like you, or being rejected multiple times, or both, etc)...people will care about having a caring, smart, great doctor which you can be!
  13. YesIcan55

    Admitted but never kissed a girl

    this is the most cringe story/advice I have ever heard. OP please ignore this
  14. YesIcan55

    Continue applying

    masters won't do anything for that GPA. you need to do a second undergrad and kill it.