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  1. Yes, I did. As did all of my other friends. You can only work in min wage job after a university degree for so long (6 months tops...) before realizing that you need to get further education.
  2. sorry to break it to you but yes. Upon completion of my BSc in the same field I went to the mall to hand out my resume to retail shops along with a few other friends...everyone I know who didnt go back to school to get further education is working retail or a min wage job. Even entry level lab tech positions are hard to get without connections and often want a master's...I can't say that it was surprising but the whole BSc in Bio/Biomed/Life sciences etc thing being useless is a cold hard truth.
  3. 1. The admissions team does not care what degree you do or how doing a particular degree will show passion for medicine. 2. A master's is NOT a good back up. A good friend of mine worked hard to finish his 2.5 year long M.Sc. last week. He just got offered a part-time lab tech position making $2 above min wage. Unless you want to continue to a PhD and a post-doc and enter the hell that is getting work in academia STAY AWAY. And even if you decide that is the path you want...a master's on its on means nothing and you still need additional schooling, etc. Do a second undergrad in something that will get you a job (nursing, engineering, comp sci, education, etc). That is the most honest advice you will get.
  4. I remember when trolls would put genuine effort in their posts..
  5. the average age of 23 is not common. UofC/UofA/UBC for instance have average ages of 25-26. The average med student has to apply 3 times is not unsupported...check out Dr.Ian Walker from UofC (former head of admissions) as well as the current head of admissions who quote official data...the reason that Western has such a low average age is because they only really look at GPA/MCAT and have a high % of those accepted from the interview stage compared to other schools as well as SWOMEN....so as long as you are SWOMEN and/or meet the GPA/MCAT cutoffs you are in as long as your interview is fine. Check out the UBC/UofA/UofC threads to read about people applying 5+ times to no avail. The situation is different at different schools.
  6. Thank you. I don't want to go to the US for many reasons. I do not have the funds and don't want to be 400+K in debt. I have family that I want to be close to. I am also quite happy with my career path now and if med does not work out, I will take that path. I have wanted med for many years...I did a standard BSc in Bio like many...after rejection time and time again, I realized that I need to move my life forward. I finished a master's in my field...which I did solely to improve my chances of getting in. After realizing that was to no avail...I then started and now a few months away from finishing an undergrad in an unrelated but employable field. I did this third degree because I wanted to move my life forward, if med does not work out. I have started from being an excited, happy person about med to someone that is disillusioned and greatly cynical about this process. Maybe I was one of the unlucky ones...but I think of the many friends I have who are in the same boat, applying year after year. For some, this process is smooth and works out right away. They do not have to go through the hell that others like myself do. This is all part of life and worse things could happen..PS I get really disheartened when someone like the above brings up that someone must be lacking in me to have to go through this so many times...I have a 4.0 in my masters, second undergrad, and a good (but not quite 4.0) in my first degree....extensive EC's....I come from very humble SES as well...average MCAT for where I am applying as well.. I have spent years analyzing things, thinking about and trying to do almost every conceivable thing to improve my chances of admission....from writing the MCAT 4 times to get a high score....doing 3 degrees.....working multiple jobs/varied EC's...spending more than a thousand on interview prep...etc....but now I am at peace. I threw some apps for this 5th cycle for the hell of it. I do not think I will and can handle the pain of going through this for the 6th time next year...this is a life long dream but has cost me too much....not just money-wise but on my self-esteem....self-worth...relationships with loved ones...etc. Anyone that has gotten into med on their first or second try , etc reading this consider yourself blessed.
  7. don't know if you are being "sarcastic" but luck is a huge part of admission....and those that do not acknowledge that are disingenuous.
  8. no, their goal should be to pick a major that leads to a decent job...considering most that apply never get in....and those that do normally get in after a few tries (ie...what are you gonna do in the meantime?)...while of course trying to get the highest possible GPA. I know far too many people who majored in things like life science who are left miserable after realizing that they can't do anything after graduation...
  9. do you want me to link an official statement/stat from the director of admissions of UofC Med who said the average med student applied 3 times? I'm not pulling random numbers up. I am also not going to share my stats but I will see my stats are not below the average at where I applied. Just because those that you know were the lucky ones does not change reality. Check this forum itself for the multiple people in each school's acceptance threads who applied 4+ times....
  10. I'm on my fifth attempt right now and I don't have any part of my application that is "grossly weak".....I'm not an outlier as I know 10+ people who took 4+ attempts to get in. Ignorance is bliss buddy.
  11. neither are good options as the cold hard truth is that the vast majority of those applying to med will never get in (and if they do the average number of attempts is 3 according to stats)...they are not good options as they do NOT have any good employment opportunities. I strongly recommend choosing something else.
  12. There are many Pakistani MD taxi drivers in Canada. There are no shortcuts to becoming a doctor in Canada. Do not think that you can take the easy way out by leaving Canada to go to medical school in Pakistan. Persist and try and try and try to get into medical school in Canada. Hard truth.
  13. what is the point of this thread
  14. I have mentioned this in the earlier part of the thread...average med student had to apply 3 times as per stats, there are strong applicants who apply 5+ times before admission, so please take that into account...
  15. There are no rural programs for Plastic Surgery. Plastic Surgery is so competitive that even if you applied to all programs it wouldn't affect your chances.
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