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  1. YesIcan55


    This is one of those posts that seems so satirical that they put in those MMI Music Videos about applicants on premed101....
  2. YesIcan55

    Income and Lifestyle

    This thread is so comical and sad....a family doctor makes in the top 1% of income earners in Canada...so if you are struggling so much....what about the 99% of Canada...which make up 99% of your patients...this thread is exactly why its dangerous to let in 20 or 21 year olds to medical school from third or fourth year undergrad with no sense of the realities of the working world...
  3. YesIcan55

    wGPA rounding?

    I hope you're trolling, if not then ...
  4. Why is everyone still giving this person the time of the day? They are 99% a troll and assuming they aren't a troll the level of immaturity and short-sightedness they are showing regarding Casper is comical and shouldn't be entertained.
  5. I sincerely hope you aren't in medical school because you sound like a major dick.
  6. YesIcan55

    Worried About Debt

    some people come out of undergrad with more than 30K in debt, wow...not sure if there are more trolls here lately or this is real post
  7. Not every household in Canada is dual income for a variety of reasons....second of all lets go by assuming that they are. Making 80K a year as a dual income while trying to raise 2-3 kids and think about buying a house? Good luck. The vast majority of Canadians are not privileged. I am sorry if I took out my frustrations on you. I just wish medical schools did more to consider applicants with more diverse life paths instead of just looking at numbers when sadly many people who are let in to the system have money as a big motivator and look down on other professionals/citzens while many others are let out. It is a constant cycle where the privileged like to maintain their position and make the system harder for others to enter and making it easier for people like themselves to get in. The only people that suffer the most are the patients who will directly or indirectly have providers who cant relate and emphasize with them.
  8. The median income in Canada is 40K. Read that again. 40K. Half of Canadians make less than 40K. So, yes truly middle class people have a lot of money difficulties in this country let alone work problems. But to you, middle class is driving an entry level BMW instead of a Porsche clearly.
  9. I was not saying anything about doctor's pay. They could make ten million dollars if I care. I was talking about your misguided, ignorant, and clearly sheltered views about the life and circumstances about other professionals (teachers, accountant, engineers, etc) and your clear superior attitude about the medical professional. It's people like you why a lot of Canadian medical schools are having initiatives to consider more holistic applicants with diverse backgrounds in their classes. That way they can understand the real life aspect of the lives of their patients and not think in the back of their mind "Im a MD, I deserve all this money and I am superior to you because I studied in my 20's and you didn't because you were partying in Cuba" hur dur
  10. you're extremely ignorant and you are part of the reason that some doctors get such a bad rep. I am actually disgusted by what you said. I personally know many examples of hard working, intelligent, people who have stressful lives and did not get to "party every single weekend and go on Caribbean vacations twice a year in their 20s." There are so many people that spend 4 years in a biology undergrad, followed by a 2 year Masters, followed by a 5 year PhD, followed by 2-3 year Post Docs (14 years of post secondary- all of their 20's, into their 30's) to fight for scrapes at a job in academia or research. The job they get after 14 years of post-secondary pays a mere fraction of anyone in medicine. They are the ones slaving behind a microscope working to advance society vs the dermatologist who makes one million a year giving people lip fillers and botox. So don't give me that BS. Even the people who decide to work after a 4-year undergrad are not out there doing what you say they are doing. There are countless people who finish engineering (much much harder than a bio degree that most medical students do anyway) who can not find any job. I know mechanical engineering graduates working at superstore living with their parents. Even the ones who can find work live in constant distress that they will be laid off. This goes as well for teachers who have to sub every day for years to even get a 50K job. My teacher friends tell me the gas they spend to drive 1 hour away from the city (and back) just to teach a half day at a school outside the city is almost half of what they made that day. Is teaching not important? I could go on and on about young professionals in almost every field. They can not afford to take a day trip to another province let alone party in an international location. The privileged position of finishing medical school and residency and then getting a job A LOT A LOT other people more than other people and having inherent prestige makes it easy for you to put down other people. You really need to get a grip on reality. EVERY doctor makes the top 1% income, some even in the top 0.5%. I am really heated and could go on but I am going to compose myself because I don't want to be banned.
  11. how did you graduate with honours with a 2.7..?
  12. SWOMEN advantage is probably the best advantage for medicine to have in this country.....choose any degree and get a 3.7 in only two years and a 125 CARS (both very easy to do) with no consideration of ECs....and you are guaranteed an interview...and then from there you have a ~ 60-95% chance of being offered a seat. If you are one of the 5-35% SWOMEN interviewees who does not get a spot post interview work on your interview next year and you have similar chances of admission. UNREAL SWOMEN applicants should feel very very lucky
  13. YesIcan55

    Calling other professions Dr?

    some people in this thread (and forum) need to get off their high horse...an MD is not some magical credential that is above all else. Getting a PhD takes more time, is more difficult, and receives a fraction of the rewards afterwards...the ignorance in the bloodied statement irks me a lot...if only people knew the difficulty of becoming a professor in Canada they would show more respect
  14. you're wrong about the fact that US doctors make more than Canadian doctors. You're wrong about the idea that US MD costs aren't as prohibitively expensive as they actually are. And you're wrong about that one would be wasting 4 years of their life trying to get into a Canadian school. Having that mindset means you think getting into medical school as the only one or number one thing you would find fulfilment in life....it's always good to have side interests / jobs/ education you can pursue and so you don't feel like you're putting life on hold..