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  1. Hi everyone, Here are the 2018/2019 brief personal essay topics: Privilege and oppression – what do these concepts mean to you? Describe what you view as the biggest benefits and the biggest challenges in how we communicate with one another since the introduction of social media? Dr. Danielle Ofri contends that “the single most powerful diagnostic tool remains the doctor/patient conversation, which can uncover the lion’s share of illnesses. But often the difference between what patients say and what doctors hear is vast”. Discuss and propose a solution. Provide an example of a time when undertaking critical analysis changed the way you considered an issue. Good luck on your applications!
  2. Hey guys, Just wanted to share that the Brief Personal Essays are out for this application cycle. There is a limit of 250 words for each question. These are the questions: 1) Write a letter to an editor of a newspaper to express your support of Canada’s role in promoting women’s reproductive health in developing countries. 2) Discuss the role of listening in cross-cultural communication to better understand the perspectives of people of different backgrounds. 3) How have you used your resilience and coping mechanisms to make the most informed and rational decisions when faced with difficult circumstances? 4) What type of feedback do you prefer to enhance your learning in and outside of academic environments? Why? Good luck! From, A Fellow 2T1er
  3. To the best of my knowledge, there is no limit to the number of activities that 1 verifier can be used for. I think you'd be okay in this situation, since 1) The teacher is still an objective reference (e.g. not a close friend or family member) and 2) These are activities done in high school. Typically, most schools will not care much about high school activities UNLESS you have continued that involvement throughout your undergrad, etc... It would be a bigger concern if you had only 1 verifier for most of your activities post high school
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    2017 Queen's Waitlist Poll

    The "class is full" email has finally arrived...
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    ABS Outline

    Very good point to make....sorry I missed that earlier. Because of this flexibility, there is no "cookie-cutter" application that is required for med schools (i.e. don't fill out your application thinking I need 7 spots for volunteering, 8 spots for extracurriculars, 6 spots for research, etc...). Don't define boundaries for the number of activities you need to put in a particular section! Fill out the application the way you feel it represents you best. I have several friends who got into med school (U of T and Queen's) without doing any research, or even volunteering/working in a hospital! IT CAN BE DONE! BE CONFIDENT IN YOUR CHANCES!
  6. It was mid-July last year when I applied (around July 14 +/- 2 days). Just keeping checking the OMSAS page from time to time. OMSAS likes to be really vague about the start date, for some reason. I don't agree with it, and I can understand how frustrating it can be for future applicants like yourself, OP.
  7. OP, I hate to be that guy but your decision primarily depends on your undergrad GPA. It's probably the most decisive factor for med school admissions. If your undergrad GPA is very competitive (>3.9 imho), AND you are probably sure that you will not build on your work as a Master's student (whether it's course or thesis-based), then doing a Master's adds very little value to your overall application (unless you think your productivity as a Master's student will be really good, and even that's an uncertainty for anyone in your situation). You're better off diversifying in other areas, like the ones mentioned above, without investing $$$ in the degree. If your undergrad GPA is lower than that, then the Master's degree will add value to your application. But choose carefully between a course and a thesis-based Master's. It depends on which areas of your application you want to improve. If research is your calling, then go for the thesis-based ones. However, if you're interested in temporarily working in industry, etc... (e.g. The M.Biotech program at UTM gives you an 8-12 month internship in a pharma/biotech company), then choose a course-based Master's. Good luck with whatever you choose!
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    Lower GPA acceptances?

    I'm not too sure about your first question, but most likely only your undergrad GPA is used. If they used graduate GPAs, then Master's and Ph.D students would have to be evaluated differently since Ph.D students have no courses, but Masters students do. If you do a Master's, I think you have to meet a minimum 3.0 graduate GPA but beyond that, I doubt it's considered. TAKE THIS WITH A GRAIN OF SALT, THOUGH! I haven't done graduate studies. I'm more sure about your other questions. You are still eligible to apply to U of T even if you haven't taken a full-course load. However, if at any point in your undergrad, you did not take a full-course load, then you are disqualified from the wGPA formula. Your cGPA will be used instead.
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    AODA Module

    Nvm got it working. Please ignore the previous post!
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    AODA Module

    Hey guys, I'm trying to do the AODA module online, but it keeps on getting stuck. I've tried quite a few times and I never get a chance to finish all 5 quizzes. Has anyone else experienced something similar and is there anything that you did to "unfreeze" it? Thanks
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    Lower GPA acceptances?

    Unfortunately, they keep the pre-interview file review score calculation a secret process. All I know is that for the selection process, it counts for 50% and your interview counts for the other 50%
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    Lower GPA acceptances?

    3.93 is definitely competitive to get an interview at U of T. The class of 2T0 had an incoming average of 3.95, so you are not far below that. There are also many other components to the admissions process (LORs, ABS, Brief Personal Essays) Just to add, GPA is assessed competitively at U of T. It is the MCAT which is assessed non-competitively (i.e. you just need to meet the min cut-off of 125 on each section). Have a look at this video for more insight into the admissions process: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BbbBTaQizxs Good luck!
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    ABS Outline

    You are allowed a total of 48 entries which fall into 7 different categories: Formal Education, Research, Employment, Volunteering, Extracurricular, Awards and Other. For 4 out of the 7 sections (employment, volunteering, extracurricular and other), you will get a total of 150 characters (NOT words!!) to describe each experience. You will have to be informative but concise! The formal education section practically has nothing to fill out (just put the name of your degree). The awards section will ask things like: when you received the award, qualifications for receiving the award and the competition involved. The research section should only be used if you have publications/presentations, because you will be asked to input the title of the project, type of publication and your role in said publication. Hope that helps, and good luck with the application process (although don't worry right now, OMSAS applications will only open up in mid-July)!
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    Haha yeah me too! @Sauna
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    3.7 is just a rough estimate based on posts from people who received interview invites in past years....it varies from year to year @aray623 Yeah you are right....I'm mistaken there. Thanks for spotting that! I edited my original post to reflect this
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    I'll offer an honest appraisal of your chances: Ottawa: I'm afraid your wGPA is not competitive enough to meet Ottawa's minimum cutoff score. I wouldn't bother applying there U of T: This school actually likes research-focussed ECs (major props for the NEJM publication!!), so you may have a shot here if you describe your experiences well on OMSAS. But the GPA is on the lower side, so it'll be very competitive! I would apply here but don't get your hopes up too much. Western: You meet the GPA and MCAT requirements (assuming you scored min 127 on the science sections), so you'd probably get an interview! From there, just focus on doing well in your interview...it's the only thing that will be in your control! I also think you should consider Mac and Queens McMaster: Your cGPA is a bit lower than the average of the accepted class, but your CARS score does partially offset that. Your chances of getting an interview are quite high if you do well on CASPer. So definitely apply here and invest some time in preparing for CASPer (you can look at school-specific threads to see what people did to prepare for CASPer). Queen's: This depends on your most recent 2YGPA. If that is >3.7, then you should apply. Your MCAT score should meet all cutoffs (I also applied with a 516, with a 126 on 1 section and I got an interview). But again, the GPA is on the lower side. I'd say apply, but be reasonable in your expectations. tl;dr: Don't apply to Ottawa, apply to Toronto and Queen's (but it'll be competitive), definitely apply to Western and McMaster (your best chances are at these schools) Hope that helps! Good luck with the application process!
  17. From my experience, I did 4 practice CASPer tests online: 2 from MockCasper (1 scored, 1 not scored) and 2 from Astroff (both unscored) Do NOT buy any tests from MockCasper. The actual CASPer test is nothing similar to those practice tests. Astroff was surprisingly very good prep for CASPer...felt almost like the real thing (except I found the Astroff tests had slightly more complex scenarios). Astroff also has some pretty good packages for purchasing practice tests + scoring options (e.g. I found a package for $275 that provides 4 practice tests and you can get 1 of them scored)
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    Next Steps?

    I emailed enrollment services about this, and they said that updated forms will come out in early June (after the class of 2T0 finishes their first year). Hope that helps!
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    Gpa And Cars Chances

    Just want to share something from my personal experience. I had a 3.92 GPA and a 126 CARS (slightly higher GPA, slightly lower CARS) and I ended up getting an offer of admission to Mac on May 9. Admittedly, you'd have to do VERY WELL on CASPer, but regardless of your CARS score, you should always do the CASPer test with the mentality of giving it your best shot (don't underestimate its importance!). If you feel that you can definitely improve upon that CARS score and maintain your science section scores, then you should go ahead and do an MCAT rewrite.
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    Research During School Year

    I'm also interested in this topic, especially regarding the 20-month CREMS research program (same question as above....how feasible is it?)
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    2017 Post Interview Thoughts

    I think emails usually come at around 9-10 am EST, so probably 6-7 am PST (I'm pretty sure they send all emails within a few min of each other).
  22. I went through a very similar situation Email the admissions office first. They are very understanding about it. They will then tell you to indicate 'Not available' and list your reasons (med school interview conflict). Also list the dates for which you are available (April 8 and 9) so that they know which dates to reschedule you for. Hope that helps!
  23. Invite/Rejection: Invite Date Stamp: Feb 8 Interview Date: March 25, but have to reschedule it since it conflicts with another interview Location: IP wGPA: 3.98 MCAT: Met cutoffs Current year: 4th year UG ECs: Average - some research (no pubs, but a patent and a couple of poster presentations), some extracurriculars in the university, hospital volunteering, TA position, other unique activities. Essays: Was quite happy with them. Worked on them for a month and had them reviewed by a few people
  24. Invite/Rejection: Invite Date Stamp: Jan 31 Location: IP wGPA: 3.95 (general upward trend, though not by much) MCAT: 517 (131/126/130/130) Current year: 4th year UG ECs: Average - some research (no pubs, but a patent and a couple of poster presentations), some extracurriculars in the university, hospital volunteering, TA position, other unique activities. An invite from Queen's was quite unexpected, because I really felt that my activities don't stack up compared to most other applicants. BUT, I am glad to have gotten it!
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    Interviews 2017 Invite/reject

    Invite/Rejection: Invite Date Stamp: Jan 24, 2017 Location: IP Stream: English wGPA: 3.95 (general upward trend, though not by much) Current year: 4th year UG ECs: Average - some research (no pubs, but a patent and a couple of poster presentations), some extracurriculars in the university, TA position, other unique activities. Casper: Must have been good since I also received an interview at Mac with a 126 on CARS