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  1. I am not a new grad, but first year practicing in Toronto after working in USA for two years. My average collection per month is ~$30 000 this year for working part times in two different offices working 4.5 days a week. One of offices currently I work for suddenly hired 3 foreign trained dentists who is willing to do scaling so my workload and income has been cut. I agreed that your income depends on the the patient flow and number of recall exams you do. But your diagnostic skill and ability to educate patient to do the treatment after you make the diagnosis also affect your billing.
  2. I am not lamenting about the shortage of dentists in rural area. In fact, I don't think there is shortage of dentist in Canada at all. The increasing number of foreign trained dentists through equivalency process has been increasing every year. More foreign trained dentists get their license through equivalency process than domestic dental school grad. https://ndeb-bned.ca/en/resources/historical-pass-rates some of those foreign trained dentists I work with are clinically more experienced than me. Cases that I usually refer to specialist are given to them to complete. Yes, some of these dentists may over treat but some of domestic dentist may over treated. My issue is that NDEB equivalency is nice cash cow for the government. The government is also setting up testing center oversea.
  3. 264 licenses were granted in 2014 , 242 license were granted in 2015, and more are coming this year according to https://ndeb-bned.ca/en/resources/historical-pass-rates I am practicing as an associate dentist in Toronto graduated from dental school in 2012. I have seen my boss getting more and more dental associate applicants recently got their license through equivalency process. Many of them are willing to work during odd hours like Sundays and doing scalings in my boss's office because there are no patients available. Most of them were recent immigrants settled down in GTA and have kids, so their chance of moving to rural area to practice dentistry is basically zero. I noticed that because most of them are fresh off the boat immigrants , they can't relate to the patients growing up in Canada, so most of them are only treating patients of their same race in their community. Most of them are experienced dentists back home so my boss hires them to do specialty procedures like complex endo or 3rd molar exo's referring out less to the specialists. I also don't understand how some of them can pass the equivalency exam with limited English. One of them asked me what is full mouth series on her first day of work with my boss. So my conclusion is that you just need to be a good exam taker to become licensed though NDEB Equivalency Process and most of them will stay in major city like GTA to practice dentistry. Therefore, the Equivalency Process doesn't solve the shortage of dentist in rural Canada. It's just a cash cow for the dental association who granted them dental license. What is your thought and observation about NDEB Equivalency Process?
  4. Thanks for starting this topic to help us newbies out. I am just wondering what sources are available for new associate to look for jobs? I know https://www.dentistry.utoronto.ca/practice-opportunities and ODA's classified are pretty good. What other sources are out there for us to looking for associate jobs? Thank you
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