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  1. I would try to explain your situation to the person in charge that you were sick several times. Personally, I think being fired from a volunteering position for being sick is unfair.
  2. Hi there I am heading into winter term of 3rd year and I need some advice regarding course selection. This fall, I took 2 3rd year courses, 1 2nd year course, and 2 1st year courses. However, the 2nd year course and one of the 1st year courses were science prerequisite courses that I did not take in my 1st and 2nd year (I am not in a traditional science program and I did not get any electives until this term). Next term, I have 1 4th year course, 1 3rd year course, and 3 1st year courses (one of them is a requirement for my program, one of them is a science prerequisite course, and the last one is a "bird"course). Totalling up, I only have 4 senior courses this year and I was just wondering if this is okay. I was considering replacing the "bird" course with another senior course from my major but none of the major courses offered this term interest me. Besides Western's 3/5 rule, (I took 6 2nd year courses in my 2nd year so I believe I am good for Western), am I at a disadvantage for not taking 6 or more senior courses in upper years? Thanks in advance!
  3. sportsMD23

    WD on transcript vs bad grade?

    The problem with taking biochem courses is that they usually require organic chemistry as the prerequisite course. I was able to take intro to biochem that did not have prerequisites but any other biochem courses require orgo. My raw GPA is 3.97 without any adjustments. I am just having a hard time with understanding the concepts and the final exam is worth 60% which is supposedly much harder than midterms which I did poorly in... Obviously, I have been putting in effort and time but I just don't seem to get it.
  4. Hope everything is going well. I am in my 3rd year and taking organic chemistry I this term. I am only taking the course to be able to apply to Ottawa and preparing for the MCAT. However, I am struggling in the class. I am seriously considering dropping the course, but I will get WD on my transcript. Dropping the course will make me illegible to apply to Ottawa med and UofT wGPA formula but keeping the course and potentially getting a bad grade will impact all other schools (except UofT)...My cGPA is great (3.97) and I have been taking a full course load each term. What are your thoughts? Thanks in advance!
  5. Thanks for the replies. I would say both jobs are a bit related since they are both offered through the Athletics department at my school...I am not really sure what to do!
  6. Hello everyone! Course selection for my school is coming up shortly for Fall 2018 and I will be taking 5 courses this fall, however one of the courses is credit/no credit course. I know that UofT takes away credit/no credit courses first and then lowest marks away when applying weighted GPA formula, but are there any other disadvantages of taking credit/no credit courses? (i.e not being able to apply due to not meeting full-course load requirement?) Thanks in advance!
  7. Hello everyone! I am heading into my 3rd year this fall and planning to apply to medical schools in my 4th year. I would like to get some feedback to improve my application, especially my EC. I am a resident of Ontario and will have pre-requsites for most schools in Canada except McGill. My ECs seem weak (I am assuming below average)... any advice on how to improve them? Thanks in advance! Year 1 GPA 3.98 (Full Time from Fall to Winter... Took 12 courses total in 1st year-> 2 courses in the summer) Year 2 GPA 3.97 (Full Time from Fall to Winter... Took 10 courses) cGPA 3.973 MCAT Haven't written it yet... writing it next summer! Extracurriculars (BIG concern) Part time staff for University Athletics/Recreation Hospital volunteering (2 years... 200 hours) Retirement home volunteering (3 years... 250 hours) Orientation leader Exercise trainer for cancer patients (did for 1 term and will continue) Annual physical activity event coordinator (40-50 ish hours) 1st year program representative and eventually became program executive representing entire program student body (within faculty student society) Faculty ambassador (volunteer at open houses, give tours to prospective students) Volunteer teaching assistant (did for 1 term and will continue) Dissection program volunteer (20 hours) Intramural sports (40 hours) City youth council (2 years... 150 hours) Research assistant (received NSERC USRA this summer) A few other research awards and merit-based scholarships totalling approximately $30K Thanks again!
  8. Hi there! I recently finished 2nd year of undergrad and enjoying my summer so far. I just wanted to get some advice from this forum regarding the MCAT. It seems like most people take the MCAT after 2nd year but am I at a disadvantage if I take it after 3rd year instead? I was considering taking the MCAT after 2nd year but I will be working full-time this summer (NSERC) and also taking one course. I also haven't taken Organic Chemistry (I have taken cell bio, general chem 1, 2, physics 1, 2, psych, human physiology, and biochemistry). Should I study for the MCAT this year while working full-time and take it or should I leave the MCAT for next year? If I take the MCAT this year and end up taking the MCAT again due to a poor score, am I at a disadvantage for taking it multiple times? (I am considering US schools as well) I would love to apply as a 3rd year student but I personally think my EC's are a bit on the weak side... which makes me hesitant to take the MCAT just so that I can apply as a 3rd year student Exercise assistant for patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment Orientation leader Hospital volunteer Retirement home volunteer Research assistant (first volunteered, now doing NSERC this summer) Dissection program volunteer Anatomy teaching assistant City Youth Council Volunteering at open houses, faculty events etc as an faculty ambassador Faculty Head Councillor Intramural sports A few academic awards and scholarships totalling around 30K I would appreciate any feedback and have a great summer everyone!
  9. sportsMD23

    Physics II for MCAT?

    My Physics II is about oscillations, waves, sound, electricity, magnetism, and optics. I believe my school offers two versions, one is calculus-based and one is algebra-based which is the one I was planning to take. Obviously, I have not taken the MCAT yet but is the material tested on the MCAT a lot more basic/simple than the lecture materials of university courses?
  10. sportsMD23

    Physics II for MCAT?

    Hi all, I am a second year undergraduate student and I am planning to write the MCAT during 3rd year summer. I was just wondering if I should take Physics II to prepare for the MCAT? I have taken Physics I and did well but I really do not like physics... I have an elective next term and I am not sure if I should take Physics II or a bird course instead. I am just worried that Physics II will be challenging and might affect my GPA. I would appreciate any input! Thanks in advance
  11. sportsMD23

    ECs and MCAT guidance

    Thanks for your reply! You mentioned that my EC's are on the weak side and I appreciate the honest feedback. I was just wondering what ECs would be considered strong or impressive as a first year student?
  12. Hi everyone I am going into my second year as of Fall and I need some guidance for ECs and MCAT. As of now, I'd say I have about 500 hours of ECs (including the activities that I continued since high school). Below is a list of some of the activities I have done so far. Exercise assistant for patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment Hospital volunteer General retirement home volunteer Research assistant Dissection program volunteer + volunteer anatomy teaching assistant Volunteering at open houses, faculty events etc Intramurals Here's my concern. I know it's quality over quantity for ECs but do you think it is wise to quit some of these activities and start new activities? Although I enjoy doing these activities, I believe my ECs will be very weak if I only had 7 entries for my application. I don't want to add new activities without quitting some of the activities because I personally believe that will be too much to handle on top of maintaining a competitive GPA. Any suggestions? As for the MCAT, I was recommended by many to write it after 2nd year. That was my plan initially but I was wondering if it would be better for me to write it after 3rd year. I am not in a traditional science program that usually requires orgo, physics etc. I don't get any electives until 3rd year so I won't have orgo 1, orgo 2, and physics 2 completed, but will have cell bio, general chem 1, general chem 2, psychology, sociology, physics 1, and biochem completed by the end of 2nd year. My new plan was to take online orgo 1 and physics 2 next summer while doing full-time research and take the MCAT after 3rd year. How does my plan sound? Thanks in advance!