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  1. Fortunately, I was able to pay off all my loans already and so OSAP is not my concern as of now. I am working hard to practice CARS everyday but really not sure what I should do for next year!
  2. I tried to look for the missing pre-reqs online, but no luck I have been definitely focusing on CARS since I started studying for MCAT this year. I am not doing a 5th year to bring up my GPA but just to take the pre-reqs and strengthen my ECs. I am not sure I should do a non-degree or stay for a 5th year given the pros of each option.
  3. Hello there! Hope everyone is doing well and most importantly safe! As a 4th year student, I was supposed to graduate after this term. Unfortunately, I did not get any interviews this year and I am currently studying for MCAT (re-taking it sometimes this summer). My initial plan after graduating was to get a full-time job related to my science degree and make some money while I wait for application cycles. However, given the coronavirus pandemic circumstances, I am concerned with finding jobs with my science degree. Regardless of working full-time or not, I still need to come back to school to take some pre-requisite courses so that I can apply more broadly next cycle. I will be taking the pre-requisite courses on a part-time basis (only need 1-2 courses really). I am worried about red flags that may be raised if admissions committees see that I did not graduate on time even though I already have more than enough credits and will only be taking 1 course. So I am debating between graduating and returning as a non-degree student or postpone graduation and stay for a 5th year. I came up with pros of each option and I would really appreciate any advice and suggestions. Pros of graduating and returning as a non-degree student -DEGREE (hopefully it will get me full-time jobs, fingers crossed) -I was notified that I was a runner-up for Valedictorian for this year's graduation and not graduating means I may lose this "title" next year. -not sure about this one, but I would assume non-degree student taking 1 course looks more favourable than staying as a 5th year student taking 1 course (please correct me if I am wrong!) Pros of not graduating and returning as a 5th-year student -a possibility of being the president of a club that I am passionate about (you must be an undergraduate student to be the president, you can't as a non-degree student) -a possibility of being selected as a Valedictorian (I will be running for it again if I return as a 5th year, you get selected based on a speech) -a possibility of doing NSERC USRA (you must be enrolled in an undergraduate program prior to submitting the application, you can't as a non-degree student) -can work on-campus part time jobs (my boss does allow you to work 1 term after graduating, but being a 5th year student means that I can work all-year around from September to April) As you can see, the majority of pros of not graduating is a possibility and uncertain. I have no idea whether I would actually get NSERC award, become the president of the club or be selected as a Valedictorian. I am returning to school next year to take a few pre-requisite courses, NOT to boost my GPA (cGPA is 3.95>). If anything, I am looking to strengthen my ECs and become eligible to apply to more schools by completing the pre-requisite courses. I just hope taking 1 course won't be looked down upon by admissions committees. Thank you for reading my post and have a great week!
  4. Hello everyone, I wanted to know if the deadline to submit OMSAS applications is always on October 1st of every cycle? The deadline for this year's cycle was October 1st and last year was also October 1st so it seems like the deadline is always the first day of October? Thanks!
  5. Sorry, I forgot to clarify, the 3 options that I mentioned (full-time work, part-time research, and Masters) will all begin in September after I write the MCAT. I will be devoting the entire summer to MCAT (besides upto 10 hours of ECs/work per week).
  6. Thanks for the reply! However, is it often beneficial to do masters for med school admissions? For example, UofT has a separate pool for grad student applicants and it seems like the competition is "easier" although I could be wrong.
  7. Hi all, I am in my last year of undergrad and I will be graduating after this term. Unfortunately, I did not receive any interviews this cycle (only applied to 1 school as my MCAT was AWFUL). My plan is to rewrite MCAT this summer but I am not sure what to do afterwards while I wait for upcoming application cycles. I am torn between 3 options which are working full-time (unrelated to medicine), research assistant part-time, or pursuing 2-year Masters (thinking of Public Health). These options will all begin in September after I re-write the MCAT. Pros of working full-time -make some money -get real-world and valuable life experience -can apply again next cycle Cons of working full-time -not many opportunities for career growth and development in this job Pros of part-time research -possibility of publishing, posters, presentations etc -make money although less than full-time -can apply again next cycle Cons -not many hours compared to full-time -this research assistant position is in a field that I am not interested in Pros of doing Masters -get another degree (opens up many doors after graduation) -possibility of publishing, posters, presentations etc -can continue extracurriculars/volunteering on campus to improve my application Cons -can't apply next cycle -research isn't really my passion Stats: cGPA: 3.98 MCAT: 128/LOL/128/128 ECs: I'd say average? It is a mix of research (no pubs/no presentations), community/campus involvement, clinical experience, student council, TA, a few academic and research awards/scholarships, on-campus jobs, intramurals etc... I apologize for the long post but I would appreciate any advice and recommendations! Thanks everyone!
  8. I thought the minimum wGPA for Ottawa English stream was 3.85?
  9. I am entering my 4th year of undergrad this fall and applying to medical schools this fall. Although I am hoping for the best to get accepted anywhere, I wanted to plan what I should do next year if this upcoming cycle isn't successful. Stats: cGPA 3.98 MCAT: Writing this summer, but plan to rewrite it next summer if the score is poor ECs: average I was thinking of either working just random jobs, volunteering, or do course-based masters (I am not sure if doing master's will help with medical school admissions). Any thoughts? I am also graduating next spring but if the upcoming cycle isn't successful, would doing a 5th year help? Thanks!
  10. Thanks for the response. I lived in the Maritimes for about 5 years before moving to Ontario. Obviously, I am not eligible for IP status anymore but I am not sure if this is a strong enough Maritime connection to write the MCAT earlier to apply as an OOP?
  11. Hi all, I am planning to apply to medical schools this upcoming Fall and I have pre-requisite courses for all schools in Canada except McGill (missing physics labs and Orgo II). I am also planning to graduate next Winter. If the upcoming application cycle isn't successful, I am considering to return to school to take both physics labs, Orgo II (+lab), and a stats course. I am a bit hesitant to take these pre-requisite courses in my last year of undergrad since these courses are known as being GPA killers at my school and I really would like to protect my undergrad GPA. I am planning to apply to US schools as well if my chances for Canadian schools are looking slim. I believe US schools(most of them calculate cGPA and sGPA) will include these part-time study courses into GPA calculations (NOT in the year of application, but the year after), but how about Canadian schools? I will be taking 1.5 courses in the fall and 2 courses in the winter term. (Physics I lab and stats in the fall term and Orgo II, Orgo II lab and Physics II lab in the winter term- labs count as a half course). Would these courses not be included at all for GPA in Canada because it's part-time studies? (I am guessing schools like Mac and Memorial will include them since they calculate cumulative GPA?) Thanks!
  12. Is there any advantage of early application for UBC medicine? Early application is due on August 1st whereas all other applications are due on September 13th. It turns out that early applicants receive an interview invite a day early (if they are to receive one), but does applying early affect the chance of admissions in any way? Thanks in advance!
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