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  1. drang

    Round 2: June 4

    Hello everyone, Did anyone get on the waitlist? Let me know if anyone has tips or experience being on the waitlist. Thanks!
  2. Okay now my turn haha Accepted/Waitlisted/Regrets: Waitlisted, Tier 2 (Does anyone know any information about the length of the waitlist or getting accepted off the waitlist?) In Province (IP)/ Out of Province (OOP): IP AGPA (x.xx/4.5): 3.93 MCAT (xx.xx/15): 512 Rural/Non-Rural: Had some rural job experience, had some S.E.S. points Advanced Academics (PhD, pubs, academic appointment): 0
  3. Thanks!! :) Those of us on the waitlist thank you very much!!
  4. It sounds like your MCAT and grades are incredible! I would suggest just focus on the interview. That must have been where you were lacking. I have known several people who, after practicing their interview skills more, got in the next year. Good luck!!
  5. drang

    Round 2: June 4

    As far as I know, it was only acceptances that were sent out on Friday.
  6. drang

    Round 2: June 4

    I have also heard similar percentages, like 70:30. Not sure what is the correct number.
  7. I got an invite! IP AGPA: 4.197 MCAT: 512
  8. drang

    2018 MMI Prep

    Hey, saw your post! I will send you a direct message. Thanks!
  9. drang


    Your MCAT score is amazing!!! You will definitely get in if you work on that interview!
  10. drang


    Hey! Hard to say because your GPA is pretty good. MCAT is about average for all those who applied in 2016 but lower than the average that was accepted in 2016. I hope you get one!!
  11. I found out today directly from Admissions that this goes into effect for this upcoming application year. So for all of us who are applying this September 2017 to get in Sept 2018 this will apply. A caveat- the biochem courses are only NOT required IF you have taken the NEW 2015 MCAT. If you took the old one, you still need those courses.
  12. I think that the best references come from people you have worked with/volunteered with who have experienced you showing your leadership, independent thinking and team work skills. So it doesn't necessarily have to be from university or even from something medical. I was always told that it's better to have a non-academic reference that has known you longer (let's say 2+ years) rather than an academic reference who has only known you for 6 months.
  13. My MCAT (New score written 2015) is 506: chem 124/cars 127/ bio 128/ psych 127 Should I retake? What should I focus my studying on, as in which section do you think I should improve on the most? I am trying to get in to U of M.
  14. Hi, Thank you so much for posting this because I have been hearing the same thing but wasn't sure if it was official or not. This year's application was the 2017-2018 year (because you would start September 2017). So I assume that means for those applying this September and wanting to start next September 2018 that it would be the 2018-2019 cycle. I think. Anyway please let me know if you find out any more information regarding this! Thanks!
  15. Hi, I am interested! What exactly would you be doing? Thanks