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  1. Lololololololtim

    Where to improve more: ECs or GPA ?

    Gpa is #1 priority.
  2. Lololololololtim

    What Am I doing Wrong?

    I definitely wouldnt want to be your peer. Not bc of your grades but your attitude.
  3. Lololololololtim

    Missing 1 orgo course... options?

    If the Athabasca transcript doesnt indicate that you were exempted from their labs, then you wont have a problem since ottawa will just see that youve completed the required course. If it does, ask admissions.
  4. Lololololololtim

    Missing 1 orgo course... options?

    As long as you have it done by June you can still apply this year.
  5. Lololololololtim

    Activities Started Before Age 16

    No, you should use 10. Im not sure why you would think that.
  6. Lololololololtim

    Questions About Reference Letters

    I would honestly not talk to your acquaintance anymore for advice. Youve also noticed how dumb it sounds. 1. Your referees are not idiots and wont straight up only list good qualities without backig them up or describing examples. 2. Reference letters are supposed to be good and as long as they convey some genuineness. 3. Weaknesses can be included for a dynamic letter but to say praises (written comprehensively) in your reference letter will take away points in your evaluation is dumb imo.
  7. Lololololololtim

    Valid wGPA Question

    Im pretty sure you need to be taking a full course load during your 4th year to be eligible for wgpa even if youre applying after 3rd year and only year123 are being assessed for gpa.
  8. Hello everyone, I'm planning to do LifeSci Specialization at Queen's. I understand that it is relatively harder than lifesci major but I'm interested in the research portion of it so I'm thinking of giving it a go. In terms of med school, i know most schools don't care what degree etc. youre taking, but would the fact that youre doing a specialization make you stand out even just a little bit? Assuming specs, gpa etc. are even, would they rather pick a lifesci ssp student or a major student if they had to choose? Thanks