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  1. masterandmargarita

    Casper Prep

    Feel free to disagree with me but I actually like Casper. I feel like it's a test that helps "filter" people for medical school. There really isn't a sure way to study for it and it can draw on a wide variety of topics but I feel like more "well rounded" people with life experience, knowledge of ethics and those who have a genuine interest in medicine for the "right" reasons (e.g. not prestige or money) do better on it. Of course this is totally subjective and I could be wrong but interested to hear what others here thing.
  2. masterandmargarita

    Tips for MCAT preparation prior to first year?

    Way too early to even think about the MCAT imo. Focus on enjoying your Summer, then focus on getting and maintaining a high GPA (which most people agree is "king"). Worry about the MCAT in 3rd or 4th year. If you're worried about the sections you mentioned you can take electives in psych/soci, there are prep courses for the MCAT as well which cover cars. I'd recommend taking a biomedical ethics course (usually in the philosophy department) which I personally think can really help you with Casper.
  3. masterandmargarita

    Politeness / A$$ Kissing

    I'll be honest, the first time, it's fine. Cool. Whatever. "Thank you for being so receptive" I would think to myself (if I were an interviewer of course). The second time I would just want to slap the transparent bastard.
  4. I don't have a lot of experience with this and I am still doing undergrad myself, but there are a couple med schools (Queens and Western if I'm not mistaken) that have formulas which look at your best two years and last two years I believe. Can we get a year by year break down of your cGPA? If you have one very strong year and another year that is maybe "average" you might have a shot at one or 2 schools if you have strong MCAT scores and good EC's. But definitely to apply widely you'll need a second degree I think with ideally a 3.8+ GPA. If you're very set on medicine you can always consider going to the US/International. But I should add that is a whole other conversation and carries more risk/high cost.
  5. masterandmargarita

    Don't Know Where To Go From Here

    My advice is to audit the classes over the Summer before you formally register in them in the fall. Start preparing now. Use khan academy, go to the lectures, if need be get help from a classmate or tutor and when you start in September you will have the upper hand.
  6. masterandmargarita

    Extenuating Circumstances

    I am very sorry for what happened to your family. I think med schools will definitely take your situation into account. I would also encourage you to speak to your school counselor and possibly the dean to appeal to have the grades removed from the transcript. Many schools have academic concession/leniency rules for extenuating circumstances such as this.
  7. Here in Vancouver definitely Cantonese, Tagalog, Korean and Arabic mainly because there are very large populations of these groups here but I would imagine it varies. I really want to learn Russian anyway
  8. masterandmargarita

    Plan A Failed... Where Is Plan B?

    If it's any consolation I am absolutely fed up with my major (psychology) and am planning on switching to another BA program. Good luck.
  9. Do schools in Ireland or the UK all require certain science pre requisites and the MCAT or does it differ?
  10. Although I think OP's rant was unnecessary I think he speaks for a lot of people who can't get into med school despite being stellar applicants. I am still pre med and have not applied but I can only imagine the frustration of getting rejected 3 or 4+ cycles. There are a couple good points raised. How many physicians would still do their job if their salary was much lower? Could the government do more to improve healthcare?
  11. This is why I love Spaniards hahaha
  12. masterandmargarita

    Advice For Med School Hopeful

    It's definitely not impossible for you to get into a medical school. Don't give up!
  13. masterandmargarita

    Advice For Med School Hopeful

    Do really well in your 4th year, consider a 5th year if you need to. Some schools like Queen's will look at your last 2 years, others with drop your lowest year providing you did 30 credits (UBC I believe). You definitely need a higher MCAT score, try to get some more ec's. Good luck.
  14. masterandmargarita

    Applying With A Msc In Pt Degree

    Your degree doesn't matter to any med schools
  15. masterandmargarita

    Applying With A Msc In Pt Degree

    Your degree doesn't matter to any med schools