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  1. Hi guys! Anyone in the GTA interested in starting a prep group for Casper?
  2. If anyone is coming to mac’s open session tomorrow, would you be able to share any notes that you write down? Thank you!
  3. Hi everyone, On Mac’s med admissions website they were talking about open sessions, and I was wondering if it they’re worth going to and what they’re like. Has anyone went to these before? How did you find them? And if not, is anyone planning to go to the Hamilton campus on the 9th for the session? Thanks!
  4. For Ontario, usually it's advised to have 1-2 academic references (and have the remaining 1 or 2 be non-academic). If you have a good relationship with a person supervising you during your writing position and you think that they can give you a great letter, it's definitely worth it.
  5. I feel like it depends on the passage. I made 1-2 mistakes in some of the more abstract/difficult passages during practice tests and would guess occasionally, but with passages that I felt more comfortable with (due to the author's writing style or the topic), I would usually get no more than 1 question wrong. In the end I got 128+, but going into the exam I didn't think I could score above 127. The exam definitely wasn't easy and I did make some educated guesses here and there, but sometimes your performance during test day can surprise you. Overall though, do your best on the AAMC practice tests, and based on that you'll see approximately where you stand in terms of CARS. Best of luck!
  6. Hi everyone, I've been doing private English and Math tutoring for almost 7 years now, and there's a family that I've been working with for about 5 years. They know me really well and like me quite a bit, and I'm sure that the mother of the child I'm tutoring would give me a wonderful reference. Would that be considered unprofessional/considered as a red flag though? I would love to use them as a reference, but because it's not formal tutoring under a company/organization I'm worried that it wouldn't look too good. What do you guys think?
  7. I see what you mean... But they can find out that I was enrolled in Athabasca right? If they can see that I was a student there but they don't find any transcripts, wouldn't that look a bit... Fishy? Do you think that might cause some problems?
  8. Hi everyone, I recently decided to take a summer course in Athabasca University, but due to several reasons I will be dropping it. However, because this is the only course I've ever taken there and I'm dropping it now, my transcript will be empty. I called the university and they said that they are not able to send any empty transcripts, so I'm a little worried. I know that when you're applying, you have to send transcripts from every post-secondary institution that you've attended, and that If you don't send all of your transcripts and they find out, it may cause problems. Although I've attended the institution for a few weeks, I've never completed any courses (and most likely will not do so in the future), so I'm going to have a transcript missing from my application. The university said all I can do is have them send a letter confirming that I enrolled as a student but never completed any courses. Will this work as a transcript instead? I just don't want any problems when applying..... TLDR - enrolled in a university for a summer course but will not be completing it, so I'm going to have an empty transcript and the university will not be able to send it over to OMSAS. Could this cause problems? And will a letter confirming my enrollment in the institution and my absence of completed courses be able to replace this transcript? All help and advice appreciated!
  9. That's really impressive! Gives me a little bit of hope. Thanks!
  10. With my current situation, Mac is unfortunately the only school I'll be able to apply to next year. Also, since my nursing degree is collaborative, my cGPA will only include courses from my last 2 years (the first 2 years will be P/F). Since I don't have that many courses, even one additional A+ can make a big impact... And you're right, I'd like to have some time to relax too, but this is my first time taking summer courses so I'm not too sure about how much time I might need. Have you ever taken full-time studies during the summer?
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