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  1. The Duck IS an amazing classmate (Source: I know them). Let's keep our hopes up in the meantime.
  2. I just spent the whole day contemplating whether anyone from the French stream heard anything back. Gonna stay optimistic, but I'm still prepping for my MMI on Friday (St. George's University of London). On a side note, so many things are happening in Ottawa this year that I would feel like I'm missing out if I become an IMG. A call from Chantal or Diane is pretty much the life-changing moment I hope will come. Looks like I won't be getting any sleep tonight *sigh*. Where my francophones at?
  3. Nothing yet. In another thread, someone stated that the office was closed until 1:00. Not sure if calls will be made now or tomorrow. Maybe someone can help clarify that?
  4. Here I was thinking they would have made the calls by now. I lost hours of sleep over this LMAO. Meh, at least it helps take off the anxiety of wondering why nobody posted about the waitlist movement on here.
  5. Result: Waitlisted Time-stamp: 7:41 AM wGPA: 3.94 Stream: French Geography: IP ECs: PM for details Current year: Bonus year after graduating last year Interview: Had a really friendly panel. Felt like there was some sort of connection with them: cracked a joke and they laughed, expressed a few mutual interests. Had a much better performance with roleplaying and ethical questions than last year. Had a few "I should've said this" moments after the interview. Kinda bummed out by getting waitlisted, and even more now that there isn't a good or bad waitlist. Third time applying and second interview here. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed for an email or phone call. Congrats to everyone that got in and good luck for those of us on the waitlist. Hoping the Duck's blessing will shine down on us all.
  6. INVITE!!!!!!!!! Date Stamp: 24/01/2017 - 03:09 PM Location: IP Stream: French wGPA: 3.94 Current year: UG completed last year, doing another year to round up prereqs ECs: Have a post in the "What are my chances?" thread in General Premed Discussions. PM me if you want to know more. Casper: Trained for the English one for Mac, and my typing speed is slower in French. It was enough for an invite though!!!!! I'm so glad I now have an opportunity to redeem myself for bombing my last interview at uOttawa. Wishing the best for those still waiting!
  7. I was interviewed in early March and I got my interview invite on January 28th. I hope that the invites come out this week. I'm already anxious waiting for the other schools :S
  8. Fashionably late to this thread. Time stamp: 9:55 AM Invite: No GPA: 3.96 Casper: Trained for it and even worked on increasing my typing speed. I felt like it went way better than last year. Guess it still wasn't enough. CARS: 127 IP Graduated with a Bachelor's in Health Sciences
  9. Regrets 1:24 PM OOP AGPA: 4.48 MCAT: 518 (131/127/131/129) Ticked off a few of the attributes, but nothing too significant. I wonder when they'll release the invite stats.
  10. TIME STAMP: Monday, 8:25 PM Interview Invite: Regrets Early/Regular Deadline: Regular AGPA (if applicable): 93.13 MCAT: CP/CARS/BB/PS 131/127/131/129 Year: 5th year undergrad ECs: Wrote them all down in a previous post. Geography: OOP NAQ: 10.42 (Whoa!) AQ: 35.99 TFR: 46.41 Biggest problem with ECs was that some were completed after June 1st, so a lot of good opportunities were dismissed from the application. Also wondering if they had to dismiss some of my ECs from NAQ scoring because of inability to verify. Oh well. I got my hopes up for other places, and here's hoping they'll give me a shot.
  11. Time stamp: 2:23 pm (EST) Result: Regrets wGPA: 4.0 (3.96 on OMSAS scale) MCAT: 518 (131/127/131/129) EC's: Decent ECs, couple of unique experiences that I thought would make me a unique and outstanding applicant. Essay: Most of my time spent on essays was used for these two essays. Put a lot of time in reviewing them, and I was happy with the end result. Weak Maritime connection. Visited for a week in NB, NS and PEI as a summer vacation a few years ago, so I milked that cow dry. Year: Undergrad (5th year: Graduated and doing another year in another program) IP/OOP: OOP
  12. OOP applicant (Ontario). So excited. Hoping to see you guys at the meet and greet.
  13. If you think you can make a good personal statement with that, then go for it. If you don't have any other options, then it's pretty much a given that you'll have to speak about it. Just make sure to relate it to the scholar cluster. Important note: Make sure you're not just listing the research experience, but describe it shortly while reflecting on what you've accomplished or learned through that experience.
  14. It depends on your school really. U of T offer a comprehensive (but not exhaustive) list of prereq subjects you can use, but the course codes themselves depend on your institution. For example, I can put two anatomy courses from the University of Ottawa (ANP1505 and ANP1506) for 1 full-course equivalent in the Life Sciences section, and these codes are not necessarily the same as U of T. Hope this helps.
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