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  1. Distancea

    CPR course questions

    This is something you need after you have been accepted and they usually require BSL (same as HCP) at least for McMaster.
  2. Distancea

    Immunization form deadline

    Update for the future med students: You only have to submit the form by the deadline. If there are some things not completed they will let you know via email and you have until the start of classes to complete anything missing.
  3. Thank you guys for the help.
  4. Hey all, Anyone know whether having a car financed under my name would affect the amount of OSAP loans I would be getting? I called and all I could get was "I am not sure about that" from the financial aid department of McMaster. Anyone have had any experience with this?
  5. Hey guys, Do you know what happens if your form is not completed by the deadline?
  6. Distancea

    McMaster Waitlist Party

    See you in the fall!
  7. Distancea

    McMaster Waitlist Party

    Haha, no worries. The waitlist life is tough especially towards the end. But you worked hard and it paid off.
  8. Distancea

    McMaster Waitlist Party

    Ayyyyy!!! Knew this would happen haha. Congrats butterfly. Hope to see you in fall!
  9. Mac's average GPA is 3.84 and 129 CARS. You only need to work on CASPER and scoring average on that will guarantee you an interview. Check out my tips in your messages.
  10. Distancea

    McMaster Waitlist Party

    I would say there is probably 5-10 more spots as tomorrow is the deadline for us, the initial waitlisters.
  11. Distancea

    Cell Phone Plans

    How did you get that? I gave them a call the other day and they wouldn't give an mb over 2gb for $45/month. Needless to say, it was a BYOD.
  12. Email them again. I think they just started giving out the infinite instead of the gold.
  13. I just set mine up this week with Matt. Pm with any questions.
  14. Being a non-trad doesn't give you a direct edge pre-interview. Only way it can help you is maybe make you a more mature and wholesome individual which would show on casper and MMI.