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  1. Distancea

    WD on transcript vs bad grade?

    U don't need orgo for u of Ottawa if you take the other 2 Chem courses. Their website does an awful job of explaining this but I called and made sure that orgo wasn't mandatory as long as you took the other chems (I believe general Chem and Biochem?). This is also true of the MCAT. On average the CP section has 15% orgo questions but so much of those overlap with general Chem that I would say having a good idea of general Chem is more than enough to get a decent CP score.
  2. DM with your messages, current macmed.
  3. Distancea


    I know people with a lower gpa than yours in my class rn. Work hard on CASPER and u will have a very decent shot at the interview.
  4. Distancea


    With an average casper score your chances are actually really good.
  5. Average to below average will do.
  6. Mine was on March 24 th. I think there was also one a week before and a day after.
  7. Mcmaster does not consider your ECs in their acceptance. If you are really focused on Mac, i would highly advice that you try to apply with a higher CARS or a higher GPA(second undergrad), preferably both. Mcmaster took only 6 people out of 5000 with a GPA of 3-3.5. Mac takes about 10% OOP and that might make it even harder for you.
  8. Distancea

    Not the best MCAT score...

    Unfortunately this is impossible to tell. Have there been people in your shoes who got interviewed? YES. Will you get an interview? No way to tell. I know people who have got rejected with perfect CARS and a 4.0. all you can do is prep for CASPER as much as possible and give it your best chance. DM me if you need some advice on Casper.
  9. Distancea

    Mac and EC's

    Nope. Although having really cool ECs might come in handy during the interview if the interview questions happen to relate.
  10. Distancea

    What do people wear for class?

    Haha, thanks. I figured as much.
  11. Distancea

    What do people wear for class?

    How professional are we talking about here? Like tuxedo and blazer professional or something lighter?
  12. Distancea

    OMSAS Verifiers

    I was told that this is more so that the applicants do not "make up" verifiers. It's a lot easier to fake an email than an email, a phone number and an address.
  13. Distancea

    CPR course questions

    This is something you need after you have been accepted and they usually require BSL (same as HCP) at least for McMaster.
  14. Distancea

    Immunization form deadline

    Update for the future med students: You only have to submit the form by the deadline. If there are some things not completed they will let you know via email and you have until the start of classes to complete anything missing.
  15. Thank you guys for the help.