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  1. All of my CASPER tips including the big Casper document are linked here

  2. There are about 120-150 of us, first years in the group.
  3. Honestly youre most likely not going to see them beyond the sign-up. Just do your hometown if its convenient and you can just visit them if you need to (trust me, you wont) once you are back.
  4. My commute takes about 40-45 minutes consistently. Traffic is rarely an issue as i drive from mississauga to hamilton, against the flow of traffic. I do sometimes stay late and come to campus 2-4 days. Having said this, I have missed on social events in the pasts because it's hard to justify driving 100km for a lunch or a dinner only.
  5. I am a year under you, and I have gotten anywhere from 6 days to 14 days (in the winter). Your experience may have been different but this doesnt prove what I said wrong.
  6. We get 1-2 week breaks at the end of each medical foundation (every 2,3 months). You can also do international electives for 4+ weeks in the summer.
  7. Unfortunately not very likely. People usually don't simply drop out of an interview even if the particular school isn't their dream school as an acceptance is not guaranteed elsewhere. Your only hope is some OOP people who are unable to make it to the mac interview.
  8. From what i know Mac sends out interviews every year second Wednesday of January. This year that falls on the 9th. And as IMislove mentioned all the invites will come out first and rejections come out 10-15 minutes after that. Best of luck guys!
  9. You should have picked the day by this time. Interviews are coming out next week. This year they are on march 23rd, 24th and the 30th.
  10. U don't need orgo for u of Ottawa if you take the other 2 Chem courses. Their website does an awful job of explaining this but I called and made sure that orgo wasn't mandatory as long as you took the other chems (I believe general Chem and Biochem?). This is also true of the MCAT. On average the CP section has 15% orgo questions but so much of those overlap with general Chem that I would say having a good idea of general Chem is more than enough to get a decent CP score.
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