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  1. PearlDestination

    Really lost and need some advice. Please help!!

    Hi Bambi, I don't mind doing an extra year in undergrad. I just want to boost my gpa so I will do an extra year and make myself competitive during this time. I am now choosing between my acceptance from biological science of Guelph, Life science from Waterloo and Health studies of Waterloo. Thanks a lot for your advice again!
  2. PearlDestination

    Really lost and need some advice. Please help!!

    Hi Meridian, Thank you for your advice. I literally needed someone to said that to me to clear my dilemma. I will keep in mind your advice to not do anything that will limit me from applying other med schools.
  3. Hello, this is my first post, and I am sorry if there is too much extra info. Please give me some advice on what should I do to best get back on the path to Medical school. I just finished my second year Biomedical sciences at a university away from home because of a full scholarship that was offered. But, circumstances that are really out of my control affected my academics, and my gpa is suffering and I am very worried. First year: Fall 3.67 and Winter 3.58, Summer 4.00, Second year: Fall 3.53 and Winter 2.78 and overall cGPA is 3.52. I know it does not matter now, but I had mid to high 90s in all 4Us in high school. There was also some difficulty with taking full course load there because of certain policy of the scholarship. I was not familiar with medical school rules here in Canada at that time. I should have researched more and reached out to more people . Anyways, I am pretty sure I can boost my gpa as almost all of the circumstances that affected my gpa were really out of my control. I am really not a C+ student. Now I am thinking about transferring to UWaterloo (near home), and might get offer for Biomedical sciences or Health studies- pre clinical specialization. What I am worried about transferring is how will med schools look at the certain courses if Waterloo will not give me transfer credits such as Biochem course (I got C+). Would I be penalized if I have to repeat those courses? Is it a good idea to transfer and do really best in two/ three years at new place and then get amazing MCAT? or should I just get myself together and do best for last 2 years at the current university? Would transferring complicate things? I have some ECs though, but I am not sure how good they are. I did tutoring for about 4 years , medical interpreter in Asia for 1 year (full time) , language supply teacher and volunteer for about 3 years now. I also was main speaker at a high-profile event at university, and also have a human rights kinda publication. Should I improve on my clinical-wise ECs or research? I really don't want to give up my dream. My aim is to get into McMaster as it is closest to my home, and I have family responsibilities too. I am sorry for such a long post. Truly appreciate everyone for reading this, and all the help and advice.