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  1. I know they haven't been posted yet, but has anyone heard from any current students etc what the stats were like?
  2. Heard a rumour that writing your MCAT in say, January will yield a higher score because they calculate the percentile based scoring with the people who wrote the test on that day? Due to the fact that not many people write in January.. Is there any truth to this?
  3. A fellow Marauder! I can relate to this so much. Obviously the odds aren't on our side, but it's also not impossible to get in! GPA is one aspect of the application, and I think if you put in the effort over the rest of your degree it'll work out!
  4. Do you guys know of anyone who has ever moved provinces (or territories) to gain residency status for medical school applications? I have yet to apply, but my friend has been rejected 3 years in a row and is considering moving up north to one of the territories to gain residency at BC, alberta, sask, and possibly NOSM and eastern schools. I mean it seems like she could do it but you'd have to live up there for atleast 3 years to reap any benefits. Seems a little extreme... any thoughts?
  5. I think you hit the nail on the head here. The program and dean have the right idea in mind, it's just that it's unfair to other students. There's little to no regulation governing what happens in the program and you're right, alot of choosing own grades etc takes place. Most of the things that happen in health sci would NEVER be allowed at another program. It's a little sad that this takes place, considering how on the grade scale of things, most students in McGill life sci who got in, were just as deserving than a mac health sci. At the end of the day, health sci is a shady program that keeps a lot of things behind closed doors and only looks out for its own students. But I guess that's how it is
  6. Have to admit the grade inflation helps. Most people in order to take bird courses have to use elective space, but health sci bird courses are built within all years of the program.. The fact that in health sci, your "biochem" requirement is fulfilled by research one single protein or pathway and presenting on it in groups is bogus compared to the comprehensive knowledge and education that you get in a real biochem course. There are many programs in Canada that house the thousands of students who get rejected from health sci every year. All of these programs are filled with students with 90% HS averages, and the med acceptance rate is almost comical compared to health sci. I'm just arguing that grade inflation is in the BHSc programs best interest because it allows them to boast high med school admissions rates of it's graduates, which in turn makes it the most applied to, and most competitive undergrad degree in the country.
  7. http://fhs.mcmaster.ca/bhsc/documents/Spring2015GRADList.pdf I used to think these statistics were exaggerated and blown up by the program staff, but now seeing where their graduates go first hand, these stats seem VERY accurate. I'm going into my 5th year at mac and I've seen this countless times. Which begs the question, what the hell are they doing in this program that gives these students such an advantage? There are countless "premed" programs in the country with %90+ admissions averages, yet these programs do not see 25% of the class gaining med admission after 3rd year, nor do they see over 50% of the class gaining med admission overall.... These statistics seem to be real proof of the grade inflation that goes on in this program. There's no way that the supplementary application questions (Which are not validated or standardized in any way as an admission process) are able to predict who will succeed in school. These "sup apps" are graded by three 4th year BHSc students out of 7, and that is how admission is made. Some would call this a random process, because it truly is. We don't see these types of statistics from UBC, U of T, McGill, etc.... Not to mention I've never seen a program with so many students from private highschools before... Another interesting topic. Grade inflation at private schools? Perhaps so. Interested to hear some thoughts on this. Maybe I'm reading this the wrong way, etc.
  8. From any research I've done on this it seems pretty firm that a 3.8 is required for an undergrad applicant, in order to have their file reviewed. So from the way I understand it, they screen out everyone below 3.6, and then screen out those below 3.8, and then review files of everyone above it..
  9. Cutoff for life sci I think hovers around 89%, but could have changed since I applied. You certainly can take healh sci courses in life sci, and I would recommend it as they have been consistently some of my easiest and most interesting courses. Only caveat here is that if you're bitter about not getting into health sci I know a lot of life scis that find it annoying to be around health scis all the time. Doesnt bother me much, but something to think about.
  10. Yeah I figured, looking at the website on the profiles of current students- they all seem like extremely qualified
  11. "Applicants with a PhD conferred by the application deadline, supported Aboriginal applicants, and supported MD/PhD applicants will have their BC residency requirement waived." - from the website Does this mean if I apply to MD/PhD then I will be considered IP?
  12. well I mean health sci is extreme, but I think life sci is very fair and reasonable to those who put in the work. Don't pick a school because one allegedly grade inflates more than the other, just pick based on the school and program. Like I know med sci has different specializations than life sci. Also Life sci you get to specialize after 1st year, whereas med sci it's after 2nd year. All these are important things to consider. Pick the program that offers the courses and specializations that catch your eye is what I'd say. And again, life sci is fair if you put in the time!
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