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  1. Time Stamp: January 10th, 1:07 pm Invite/Reject: Invite!!! GPA: 3.99 (OMSAS) CARS: 128 Casper: I honestly did not feel confident. I tried my best but I felt like I was at lost with my words! Apparently, it went okay! Geography: IP
  2. My heart is pounding and it's not even 100% sure that they'll be released today
  3. Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone had any experience with the MedX conference in Toronto coming up. Is it worth it? I would have to travel from out of town to get to it so iI want to make sure that it is a worthwhile event! Thank you.
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    Hi everyone, I am going into my first year of undergrad. I am currently enrolled in the biomedical biology program but am wondering if it might be better to transfer into the nursing program. My goal is to become a doctor, not quite sure what branch - maybe psychiatry. I've heard that nursing students are looked down on during med school interviews as they are training for one profession and attempt to go directly into medicine after that. Is this true? Also, does anybody know if typically whether a nursing program or a pure science program (such as biomedical biology) brings down your marks more? Thank you so much.