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  1. They should cancel group tours of the campus and allow IP applicants to attend in-person interviews. Thoughts?
  2. I wanted input for how you would proceed with this situation: You have a patient that you've just diagnosed with AIDS. He doesn't want to tell his wife. What do you do if he refuses to inform his wife? My questions are: 1. What are the doctor's legal obligations to prevent the spread of disease? 2. Can you break patient confidentiality in this case? 3. Are AIDS patients required by law to inform others that they are sexually active with about their status? Thanks!
  3. you sure that wGPA is correct? (last 2 years GPA) I'm trying to figure out their cutoff
  4. No, CASPer is worth 33% of your pre-interview score, they use it as a metric for scoring not a filter. A filter would be something like if CASPer > 70th percentile, proceed to file review.
  5. @benelli104if this is going to be the official thread, edit your post with the following (copied from a previous years thread) Invite/Rejection Time Stamp: DD/MM/YYYY - XX:XX AM/PM Location: OOO, IP, OOP Stream: English, French, Aboriginal, French (OOP (not QC)) wGPA: on 4.0 OMSAS Scale Current year:3rd year, 4th year, UG complete, Masters, PhD ECs: Description at your discretion Casper: General thoughts Invite/Rejection Time Stamp: Location: Stream: wGPA: Current year: ECs: Casper:
  6. please edit this to say wGPA/cGPA (cGPA won't matter for many people), and please add MD or MD/PhD in the Interview Date spot. You can also remove MCAT as they use a cutoff system, knowing scores won't matter
  7. And do they simply ask to verify your activity (UBC does only this) or do they ask the verifier to rate the applicant or write something about them (UofA does this). TiA
  8. CASPer is open ended, they look for not only how you answer but how you interpret the question and what you decide to address. Regarding the legal/illegal thing, I asked if it's illegal or not... what are you talking about?
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