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  1. 1. A co-worker is having relations with another member of your medical team and you know about it. When is it right to speak out and take action – and when is it wrong? 2. Is it ever okay to offer personal assistance – or your personal information – to a patient or colleague in need? 3. Is it illegal or just unethical for doctors to receive gifts from a medical rep of a pharmaceutical company?
  2. Ontario applicant here, 2 verifiers have been contacted by UofA. Oddly enough they decided to contact my brother who was a verifier for a personal hobby. They have so much other stuff to choose, it must truly be a random verification process if this is what they chose to have verified haha
  3. You can see your GPA on the portal. It appears they've used last year's wGPA calculating where your lowest year gets dropped. Just to be sure, though, even though it says 'Cumulative GPA', this is our weighted/adjusted GPA right? It's way too high to be my cumulative GPA haha
  4. I don't want to purchase the wrong kind of practice test.. thanks e.g. https://apetest.com/edu/display/full-length-casper-3-medicine-wo-scoring/
  5. I am thinking of buying some practice tests. Any advice appreciated
  6. Is the book still good for general ethics and creating a formula for approaching difficult scenarios? I also wonder why the UWash bioethics page is recommended. I'm saying this based on when I wrote it last year, and I am thinking about how much reading these would have helped and my instinctual answer is "not much", but I'm not sure. I feel like the best practice would be just doing practice questions. What are your thoughts?
  7. Hey man, just wanted to let you know I was in a similar boat and ended up withdrawing my app from UofC today. Sucks. but it is what it is
  8. If that was the case there would be no disadvantage to only writing 4 essays. But Western explicitly says writing 4 essays will not make you a competitive applicant.
  9. That's exactly what I asked for. @Darce I would think it's the same for using parts of an essay from last year, though that is not exactly what I asked them about
  10. I actually had 'n/a' listed for duration, but 'awarded once' is better. I think you made a good decision!
  11. I emailed a few schools asking about this, and both said the same thing: if it is your own work that you are reusing then it is not considered plagiarism.
  12. Life sciences look fine, what discipline is Organizational Behavior?
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