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  1. I had 2 in mind to apply for after exams are done, but there deadlines passed in Early April All ideas welcome. Thank you!
  2. The emphasis puts on incredibly high GPAs is ridiculous. It seems like a wGPA of 3.90 won't cut it unless you're ECs are spectacular (maybe not even then). That's insane. God forbid you have a bad semester.
  3. It doesn't get deleted, it is temporarily removed so that the mods can go through it and remove all the non-stat posts. (It's back up now!)
  4. I wasn't sure about this when it was brought up but it makes a lot of sense for people who are looking for previous cycles' stat posts. Thank you for cleaning up the 2019 thread!
  5. Thank you, first thing I'm doing after midterms this week is looking into CANMEDs roles and then searching volunteertoronto.ca. I'm trying to think, off the top of my head, of accessible leadership volunteer positions. I can only think of something like a coach for a youth sports team. But I'm not athletic. Most other volunteer opps are done under a supervisor. Do you have any examples off the top of your head?
  6. Stats: 4th year UG, 520 (128 CARS) MCAT, expected to graduate this April with a cGPA of 3.87. wGPA varies I've kept a full course load through my 4 years including this one. My ECs are, in general, very bland: full-time research for one summer (4 months), research assistant for 2 years, hospital volunteering, a little bit of pharmacy volunteering. The only exceptional volunteering is being a volunteer coordinator for an organization at my university. It's a science outreach organization and I know it makes an impact on our community. I spend many hours a week on it as well as take on more stress than I'd like. Unfortunately, sometimes I'm 3 hours deep into going through spreadsheets on a Saturday and the thought comes into my head: "this is just one entry in my ABS " -- it's a bad thought, i know. I should be doing it because I love it -- which I do... but it's still just one entry in my ABS. I think I need to do more, particularly unique and community-centered volunteering. Any advice or suggestions on the direction I should take?
  7. why do you think dating a classmate is infinitely more problematic than dating a colleague?
  8. how does our "physician per 100,000 people" compare to other countries?
  9. dryorku

    Not sure what to do.

    Not sure if it's implied when you say "full time" but did you have a full course load in all of those years?
  10. the "I Spy" series by Walter Wick & Jean Marzollo
  11. Thank you. As much as it sucks to accept, I know this is the case. I'm trying to find something I can start now so the commitment is ~6 months rather than 4, which I know still isn't a "long term commitment". At any rate, any ideas about interesting/unique programs or organizations are appreciated. Maybe I'll see something that I think fits well for me, or it will inspire a different idea.
  12. Hey all. So I've accepted that I'm not getting an interview from UofT and figured I should start thinking about what I'll be doing this summer. I've done hospital volunteering & research, I currently "work" (10 hours a week) as a coordinator for a science outreach program. But I want to spend this summer doing one or two particularly unique activities, where I contribute a good amount of time and effort. I'm not saying "tell me what to do", but I would appreciate if anyone has some examples of things that they've done and enjoyed, or maybe they've heard other people do and thought "wow, that sounds interesting". Thank you good luck everyone
  13. dryorku

    More females than males in medicine?

    the patient-doctor interaction is extremely important. patients are more likely to follow doctors orders when the doctor treats them as a person than a list of symptoms. I agree it's sexist though! no decisions by med schools should be made on that basis. Also, most (if not all) medical advances are going to be made by researchers, not MDs.
  14. you mean in general? even going to Canadian schools?