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  1. Im a first year as well, currently approaching my third year of research. My recommendation is to try applying for summer programs. Most downtown hospitals have applications open. You'll be fighting against 3rd and 4th years but its worth a shot.
  2. For the University of Ottawa Med, their website says this, The equivalent of two full-year courses (or four semester courses) of the following Chemistry courses: i) General Biochemistry with or without laboratory session; ii) General Chemistry with laboratory session; iii) Organic Chemistry with laboratory session. Does it mean I need 2 full year credits from any of the three (e.g. 1.0 general, 1.0 organic), or 2 full year credits from all 3 (e.g. 1.0 General, 0.5 biochem, 0.5 orgo)? I'm asking this because I have 1 full year chemistry credit already and was wondering if I should take 0.5 distance studies Biochem credit during the summer (which I dont think has a lab) and then a half course some other time or 2 x 0.5 organic chemistry summer credits with labs. Also, what is Ottawa Med policy on summer courses? On their website, it says that "Marks obtained on supplementary courses taken outside the usual academic session or during a summer session will not be included in the WGPA calculation". Since chemistry is one of their pre-reqs, does that mean a summer chem course will count towards their wGPA? My program does not require chemistry so I wanted to plan carefully so I don't need to take any unnecessary L's. Recommendations/tips also much appreciated.
  3. Right i may have been a bit heavy handed. It is definitely misleading though
  4. https://www.trentu.ca/futurestudents/degree/medical-professional-stream?target=undergraduate Thoughts, feelings?
  5. "1 full-course-equivalent (FCE) of Humanities, Social Sciences, and/or Languages; 2 FCE of Life Sciences" For the 2 FCE of Life science, would doing a year 1 and year 2 biology course fufill that requirement or does it need to be an upper year (y3/y4)course? -many thx
  6. Is it bad if you have pubs when your're in high school but you stop pursing it full time (only summer) in university?
  7. That sounds really interesting. That being said, how far away are the high schools/grade schools. Im asking because I dont have a car so imma have to bus alot. Thanks!
  8. Hey everyone, I'm going to be going (most likely) to Western for Health sci and I was wondering if there are any recommendations that you all could give me about what kind of activities I should take up (or comments on your experiences from the things I listed). I'm not just interested in recommendations for doing things solely for 'resume-boosting' but more for things you found interesting and would suggest to others. Any comments/criticisms about my list welcome. A little about myself and things I DONT and DO want to do: DONT want to do -Don't want to join a pre-med club -Not overly athletic so maybe no competitive teams. Recommendations for casual beginner sport club appreciated (are those a thing?) -Not down to volunteer at a hospital on campus during the year (The one near western i mean) -Will add more as i think of them DO want to do -Want to find a campus job (recommendations I've heard include bookstore, food service etc). Any more recommendations would be great. -Want to join Western foot patrol/SERT (no first aid experience tho rip) -Start doing research undergrad (Not admitted to Scholars elective so not an option) -CIHR or NERC grant -Asiec-but not sure if an entire summer of overseas volunteering is something I support (voluntourism) or can even afford (insight would be great) -Join a cultural club (i heard CSA was 99% drinking so some input would be nice) What I've already done -Diagnostic Lab Volunteering -Hospital Translator -Fundraising -Started my own business -Worked food service (3 years) -Freelance commissioned writer -Research (2 co-authorship and 1 conference invite) -A position promised by PI for the summer and running their clinical stud(ies) in Toronto- (So if i don't do research during the school year, that's not a big deal either- Also don't want to be commited to 2 different teams/projects in two vastly distant cities) Overall, looking for an extra-curricular schedule that is compatible with a potential work and study schedule. I also don't want to be baited into a million clubs so insight is very mich appreciated. Many Thanks Your hkboi 888
  9. Ik that many of the UofT hospitals have rodent facilities that have full time staff but are very secretive
  10. To contrast this article, you got a doctor accused of trafficking 50k oxy pills http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/nova-scotia/drug-trafficking-doctor-nova-scotia-bridgewater-1.4052394
  11. somewhat related, If you have an IEP (from the special need department back in high school) for giftedness, do you get extended time for the MCAT if we show them. *Long stretch but I "think differently", or so the gifted school told me
  12. Hey there, ***Based on my own experience---take with only-Grain of salt as well. Feel free to object, belittle, etc. Clinical research at Toronto hospitals usually require a loonnngg term commitment because you never actually know when there might be patients/HC coming in. Some people on my floor that run clinical studies are are usually there for a long time 6months +. Also, I found my PI not through a uoft website, but rather the hospital research website because they are mostly practicing physicians and not teaching but they are still affiliated with uoft as assistant profs. (Now thinking about it, none of the physician scientists + assistant profs actually teach). Funny thing is, I was a healthy control and then I asked the PI if I could join and now im running it! hahahha ^Referring to belk above, the sick kids program is not very well organized. Usually, those 4 months internships are students that just follow a post-doc around and do some testing/ non-clinical research stuff (some post-docs are great, varys like crazy). As said before, those clinical studies are run by people who are there on a long term basis or people who have taken a year off after ug so that's something you might want to consider. ****also feel free to DM so we can discuss in private as Im not a med student or a resident (actually far from it)
  13. I'm going to my first conference with my PI. He's mentioned that our entire team is going (2 staff physicians, 2 medical students and me). What should I expect to be covered by our grants? Airplane ticket? Hotel stay? All expense spa and 3 mich star restaurants? Please advise.
  14. Hey SLC6A4, thanks for the input. I definitely know what I am getting myself into right now. Given the course structure of Western Health Science, I will get 1 bio and 2 electives which I will use for chem and physics/calc which will still be relatively science heavy. Also because I ultimately want a 3.7+ gpa, Im want to pursue health science as it is something that I would actually enjoy. Thanks for the warning, Ill be sure to look into it more though.
  15. @ the 8th hokage Thanks for the info! Not applying to Western med sci was also due to alot of other factors. 1) I didn't enjoy an environment where everyone wanted to be a doctor. I wanted to be in a program where people have alot of diverse career goals. 2) I truly believe that my passion is not to work as a researcher or to work in a lab. Having worked in a lab with post-docs, etc it's literally the most depressing thing in the world! After having my Loran Scholarship interview and other hs students, judges who were bank execs, doctors, etc, I realized that spending my time in my lab seems like a waste of my time and extremely boring. That's when my revelation came to me and I found out that I wanted to pursue health policy and how to better the system. Although this seems like a bit pre-mature, I truly believe I would enjoy health science over med sci. Thanks for everything!
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