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  1. Oh boy here we go again...lol Rejected! GPA: 4.00 DAT: AA 20 PAT 17 Interview: felt like I was hungover after a college party Congrats to all the chosen ones. And to all the fallen brethren, see you next year, maybe?!
  2. No need to be jealous. I bombed the interview last year and didn't get in. I somehow managed to bomb it again this year! The important point to keep in mind in this stressful couple of weeks is that life goes on regardless and there's always next year
  3. Dominant lobster? I felt more like a hunchback tortoise!
  4. Last year, we found out much earlier. Feb 23. So, I assume the trend's gonna continue this year? Feb 22 is a Friday. That weekend, you're either gonna party or cut onions in the kitchen Haha
  5. GPA: 4.00 DAT: AA20/PAT17 Interview: Had mixed feelings about the interview as English was my second language. Result: Reject 2nd undergrad. Have a Master's degree from outside Canada. It was a nice experience. Congratulations to everyone who got accepted!
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